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With the passing of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, having watched all the movie stars sashay down the red carpet in their glamorous gowns, tuxedos, and jewels;  most of us cannot help but watch in awe as our inner starlet starts to surface. We all, to some degree, have a starlet or diva hidden within the depths of our own personalities, where we long to be primped and pampered, like a movie star. One beauty brand in particular pays special homage to our inner divas, with clever product names related to Old School Hollywood glamour, and packaging design reminiscent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This glamorous brand is March’s The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the MonthStarlet Glam


Starlet Glam creates luxurious, handcrafted, hypoallergenic bath and body products designed to dazzle, using gorgeous micas for shimmer, and ultra fine glitter for a hint of sparkle. 100% vegetable base, all products are handcrafted in small batches and made fresh to order. I honestly have never used bath products that smell so fresh and delicious!  


Starlet Glam’s Red Carpet Sugar FixSugar Body Polish and Princess Velvet Body Icing smelled so sweet, I honestly was tempted to run to the nearest bakery in order to satisfy my sweet tooth. The Cherry Almond Silk Goddess Hand and Body Lotion smelled like fresh pastries, making me smell so irresistible, you would want to eat me right up.


For all you ladies born with glitter in their veins, Starlet Glam’s Little Black Dress Shimmer Lip Balm and Burlesque Showgirl Shimmer Shower Gel are must haves! Date night anyone?


One woman definitely born with glitter in her veins, is Starlet Glam’s founder Peggy Paliotta. In her spare time you will find Peggy doing some glamour modelling, so this is a woman who honestly knows a thing or two about channelling her inner diva.


Peggy has always had a passion for beauty products and all things pink and glamorous, like Starlet Glam. Her passion and addiction to Old Hollywood led to the creation of her elegant bath and body products.


After browsing a magazine article about handmade lip balms and soaps back in 1998, Ms. Paliotta thought, “Hey! I can do that…” And launched her own line while living in NYC. A new start in Rhode Island, where the resources tend to be a little more fresh, resulted in an innovative line of products, which are now known to consumers as Starlet Glam.


Starlet Glam’s bestseller is a corset shaped soap, titled the Bombshell Marilyn Corset, inspired by  none other then Marilyn Monroe, to whom Peggy honestly has some resemblance.


The diva-liscious product line was handed out in gift bags at the Academy Awards as well as The Golden Globes and American Music Awards. Now, you too can get sudsy with the stars when you purchase March’s The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Month – Starlet Glam. Available online at






 . So go ahead and spoil that inner diva!


Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,


<33 Mary


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