May’s Breakout Brand of the Month

Lately the wear and tear of my busy schedule and the demands of my life have been creeping up on me. As I am sure many of you can relate, I have been feeling worn out and fatigued as my ToDo list just grows longer and longer. During instances like these, I find it really important to retreat, even for just a little while, so I can unplug and regain my focus for what is next on my agenda. The brand I have found most useful during these moments of retreat is The Beauty Marketplace’s May Breakout Brand on the Month – Lisa Hoffman Beauty

Most notably recognized as the wife of Hollywood elite, Dustin Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman is really establishing a name for herself as she takes the beauty world by storm with her high end, worldly products for Skin, Spa, and Scent.

Simplicity is key: Lisa Hoffman is committed to the continuous development of products that simplify the beauty process, making products easier to use and convenient to carry. Lisa provides products that represent the best ingredients science and nature have to offer.

Lisa spent years travelling the world with Dustin and their 6 children becoming well informed on beauty secrets from around the globe. As she travelled, Lisa Hoffman methodically uncovered the most essential skincare ingredients. Lisa was the driving force behind some really unique skin formulations.

After six years in development, Lisa Hoffman launched her very own self titled beauty line dedicated to, none other, then excellence and simplicity. Every product in the Lisa Hoffman line is designed not only able to yield the most exceptional results, but also make the application process as simple as possible.

The Lisa Hoffman beauty regimen comes in regular sizes, or easy-to-travel-with tubes, broken down in numbered order, which you follow step by step. My favourite products through the entire process are Lip Exfoliator and Lip Moisturizer from the Spa Facial Collection. It is not very often you see products focused on the lips. In my opinion lips are one of the most integral features we often do not give enough attention to or take enough care of. Lisa Hoffman tends to the lips with luxurious, nourishing formulas taking skincare to an advanced level.

From the Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Collection, I love the Body Oil. Start to finish this 5 step Shower Collection pampers you from head to toe. The Body Oil is ideal for slicking up your skin and then slipping on a sun dress for a warm Spring or Summer evening. Unique and rare ingredients sourced in Rainforest Regions from around the world, Lisa Hoffman’s shower products identify new scents never before known to the fragrance world.

Lisa Hoffman has also partnered with Givaudan for the creation of her fragrances Japanese Agarwood and Madagascar Orchid. The innovative VARIATIONS concept features pulse point oils specifically formulated to satisfy your shifting olfactive senses throughout the day. DAYTIME and EVENING variants cased in eco-friendly packaging were envisioned by Lisa’s daughter.

Lisa’s passion for purity, sensory experiences, and environmentally responsible practices led her on a scent trek to the forests of Kyoto, Japan where the rare and highly valued Agarwood tree was discovered resulting in her limited edition and newly-released, JAPANESE AGARWOOD fragrance duo
Utilizing advanced headspace technology, Givaudan perfumers were able to capture the scent in its natural habitat by absorbing the molecules emitted from the tree and surrounding environment.  The technology allows for the truest impression of the scent and ensures that neither the tree nor the delicate balance of nature is ever disrupted. 
Lisa Hoffman is so proud to present this new fragrance duo which – just like her skincare – essence, packaging, and development, embody the Lisa Hoffman brand’s passion for sustainability and commitment to quality.

You should be so eager to try Lisa Hoffman’s signature scents and skincare because simplicity really is key! Please visit for more details.

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