Pretty Is, as Pretty Does – December Breakout Brand

When I think of the holidays I think of being with my favorite folks, all loving and toasty by the fire.
When I think about Love & Toast, I think about an honestly effective natural, and super cute bath and body line I just had to deem The Beauty Marketplace’s December Breakout Brand of the Month.

Brainchild of Margot Elena, Love & Toast joins the family of impossibly stylish fragrance brands Lollia and TokyoMilk. Love & Toast is an adorably whimsical, colorfully packaged, to die for brand that should be on everyone’s wish list. Developed with the belief natural formulas should function and not fail, Love & Toast’s hand cream is created to quench thirsty skin with moisture-rich natural ingredients, that absorb quickly and form invisible protection.

 Love & Toast believes that science and nature are not only compatible, but are inextricably intertwined. It is Love & Toast’s goal to utilize the best of both worlds to create eco-logical hand creams, fragrances, and balms, healthiest to our bodies. I carry a tube of the Love & Toast hand cream around with me wherever I go. The Love & Toast fragrances are also honestly divine, made from thoughtfully selected essential oils and botanical blends.   

Love & Toast creator Margot Elena opened her first bath and body boutique in Lawrence, Kansas in 1993. At her boutique Margot Elena created custom blended perfumes, handmade soaps, and natural facial products. As her business grew, new identities were created. Beginning with Bloom and Lollia, brands were sold nationwide to retailers. As demand increased, it became difficult to supply the batches made by hand. The transition to serve wider demand required intense research and development, and here began Margot’s long term commitment.

Margot has spent the last several years developing Love & Toast’s natural formulas that meet her exceedingly high standards. It is a brand well worth the wait! A return to her roots as well as love of bath and beauty, Love & Toast is Margot Elena’s current brand showcasing her signature style.

For Love & Toast, pretty is as pretty does. Since it is far more important to do good then to look good, a portion of every Love & Toast sale goes directly to Regional Chapters of Girls Inc. – providing vital education and services to millions of American girls, particularly girls in high-risk, underserved areas. Along with Girls Inc., Love & Toast encourages girls everywhere to be “Strong, smart, and bold”.

Have an Honestly Beautiful Holiday,

<33  Mary

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