Start the New Year with Lily B – January Breakout Brand

If you fall into the category of women whose skin type has moved beyond the acne prone years, but are not quite ready for a reparative anti-aging remedy, then I have found a brand for you! The Beauty Marketplace’s January Breakout Brand of the Month – Lily B.

Lily B. is a new, all-natural skincare line developed for young women. Lily B., the first collection from Lily Blue, LLC, launched at an exclusive yacht party on the French Rivera during the Cannes File Festival. Formulated with natural botanicals and sea sourced ingredients, the line features five all-natural skin care products designed for women ages 22 to 38.  

Lily B.  Founder – Liz Bishop – says the philosophy behind Lily B. is to provide natural, effective products designed to balance, nourish and protect your skin, while ensuring your skin looks and feels it’s very best.

I first tried all five products in the Lily B. line when I was vacationing in London over the New Year. I can honestly assure you, despite the harsh and chilly London weather, my skin stayed hydrated and looked supple the entire trip! The Rose Hip Infused Cleanse Facial Wash, Red Tea Defense Booster Hydrating Serum, Multi-Action Rescue Ultra Eye Cream, 24/7 Defense Daily Moisturizer, and Botanical Rich Protection SPF 30 Ultra Defense sun block – all work best when used together.

If you can only afford just one or two items from the Lily B. line, my picks would be the Rose Hip Infused Cleanse Facial Wash and the 24/7 Defense Daily Moisturizer. The Rose Hip Infused Cleanse Facial Wash has moisturizing properties, perfect for harsh weather conditions, like London in the winter. The best part is the cleanse doubles as an honestly efficient make-up remover! The 24/7 Defense Daily Moisturizer is the ideal follow up to the foaming cleanse.

With over 20 years of cosmetic and pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and product development experience, Ms. Bishop is uniquely qualified to bring Lily B. to today’s younger skin care consumer. Liz Bishop founded Lily Blue, LLC and began developing Lily B. in 2009, dedicating research and production to the new line in order to offer skincare products to younger woman with “in between” skin.

All in all, I honestly loved Lily B.’s line so much, I have adopted the Lily B. skincare system into my New Year’s beauty routine and, if this product applies to you, I feel you should too!

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

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