BLOWOUT Amsterdam Style


I am currently making my way through Europe on a three city tour. Packing for three weeks, prior to leaving, was such a challenge; I made the executive decision to forgo a blow dryer in order to lighten the load in my suitcase.


Stop 1:  Paris. While in Paris, I gave myself daily, self-imposed blow outs with the hotel’s provided hair dryer. Let’s just say the end result was not your typical salon worthy blow dry.


Stop 2: Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, I have been staying in my own personal flat. While the property is amazing, my current residence, not being a hotel, lacks the luxury of an included hair dryer. Ideally, I had planned to go shopping for one, but between commuting to work and fighting off a nasty cold, locating a hair dryer for purchase became an impossible task during the work week.


So, over the weekend, before heading over to Stop 3: London, I decided to treat myself to an Amsterdam style blowout at the famed London originated salon – TONI&GUY.


TONI&GUY is an international icon founded over forty years ago at a single salon in London. Bruno Mascolo and his brothers under the guidance of three generations of creative talent and vision have built the TONI&GUY name into a powerful brand. The TONI&GUY Salons and TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy’s provide more than a hairstyle; they offer a complete fashion lifestyle. TONI&GUY’s worldwide presence has allowed the company to experience tremendous growth and continue the vision to consistently build the brand. TONI&GUY standard of quality is achieved by consistently updating their stylists and technicians with the latest trends and hairstyling techniques.

Because of TONI&GUY’s commitment to quality and reputation, I knew I was finally in good hands, when I walked through the doors of the TONI&GUY AMSTERDAM Salon, located in Magna Plaza in Amsterdam’s Dam Square.


The salon was a warehouse style space, painted in black and white, with clean, open mirrored stations, leaving room to focus on creativity. Trendy, hip, good looking hairstylists, all dressed in black were ready to provide their most optimal service.


I started my appointment with a brief consult and cup of tea, followed by a deep conditioning treatment from TONI&GUY’s Label.m brand which treated my dried, split ends.


I was heading to a friends birthday party later in the evening so I told my stylist I wanted something voluminous and bouncy, that would last me dancing through the night. She did a nice job translating my vision!


My appointment was at 4. By 5pm I was out the door. Looking hot and ready to go!


My Amsterdam blowout is certainly NY approved. So, if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, or any major city for that matter, be sure to make a reservation at TONI&GUY! For locations visit:


Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,


<33 Mary


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