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The first two months of 2012 came and went faster than you can say the word swimsuit. Now, as we look toward spring, it is time to get our bikini bodies and diets whipped into gear, and I know just the person/brand that can get you there.

The The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand for the Month of March is Chady Dunmore. What drew me to Chady was her story, in addition to her intrinsic ability to whip any body, no matter the shape or size, into impeccable shape.

Chady Dunmore knows first hand the challenges, women in particular face, and what it takes to motivate them. Chady battled kidney disease her entire life. After having a struggle to get pregnant, she weighed in at 207 lbs. She started training at home, while her baby was asleep, and began to lose the weight. She then took on a new chapter in her life and started competing in the fitness industry, without relying on fad diets and extreme exercise routines.


Chady Dunmore is one of the most well respected fitness experts in the world. Dunmore is a two-time bikini world champion and a top fitness model who has graced covers of Oxygen, Fitness RX, and more. She gives diet and workout advice to some of the largest print and broadcast outlets, and teaches sold-out fitness camps all over the country.

Chady Dunmore 

In preparation for the summer and to maintain that perfect bikini body throughout the season, Chady Dunmore will be hosting a fitness camp in New York City on March 24, designed to whip guests and locals into shape. Click here for more information or the see when Chady will be in a city near you:



Since Chady has developed workouts that can be done in your hotel room while you travel, she is the curator of Fit@Andaz which will offer guests personalized, in-depth workouts focusing on specific areas of muscle development, weight loss, nutrition and circuit training in the Andaz West Hollywood Fitness Center. She has created exclusive in-room fit kits featuring BLK water.


Chady is also the face of Nexercise – a new app which allows people all over the world to compete against Chady, or train with her, and win prizes for keeping up with their fitness goals–fifteen minutes at a time! Want more information? Click here: www.nexercise.com/

The philosophy behind The Beauty Marketplace is highlighting the products, places, and people which make you not only look and FEEL your best. Chady Dunmore is one of those people. Let her story motivate and inspire you to get and stay in shape!


Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,


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