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At the start of the New Year we all want to put our best face forward. So when 2013 kicked off, I was on a mission to find the most luxurious and effective skincare line available. My search came to an end once I used – the The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Month – Moor Skin & Body Care.MOOR Product Line

Straight from Austria’s renowned Neydharting Moor comes Europe’s most complete line of spa-strength skincare – Moor Skin & Body Care. A new Austrian skincare line, rich in heritage, Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care is a comprehensive line of anti-aging face and body care products designed to rejuvenate and restore the skin with the powerful healing benefits of the Neydharting Moor in Austria.

Over 30,000 years ago, as the Ice Age ended, a lake was formed in the Austrian region of Neydharting from the melting ice and water. A rare mixture of active plant properties, isolated and remote from the outside world, was able to expand and grow undisturbed for hundreds of years, eventually transforming into the world famous Neydharting Moor.

As early as 800 B.C. ancient Europeans believed the Moor contained therapeutic and healing properties and powers. European nobility built villas and spas on the Moor’s shores to enjoy it’s benefits. Louis XIV, Napolean, and Josephine – all become Moor devotees.

Before long, people everywhere were flocking to Austria to experience these magical waters and spas since nothing on Earth could compare to offer the same skin and health benefits. Now, Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care has captured this miracle for you.

Moor Skin & Body Care is the only brand in the world legally allowed to use the proprietary Peat and Peat Water from the Neydharting Moor, world famous landmark. The Peat and Peat Water have proven anti-aging qualities containing over 1,000 naturally sourced botanicals, herbs, and nutrients – 300 of which have proven anti-aging properties.

I began sampling these products a little before the start of the New Year, and today I can honestly say I believe the hype. Do you? Try the line for yourself!

Currently, Moor Skin & Body Care is sold at the Moorbad Neydharting Clinic in Austria, as well as in 30 South African Spas and Hotels – 3 of which are rated the most prestigious in the country. Just launched in the U.S. this fall, products can be ordered at www.moorskincare.com


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