The latest in cosmetic procedures target a women’s need to fit into and comfortably wear her shoes. A new procedure named, Loub Job, (the “Loub” in Job no doubt pertaining to, Christian Loubitoun, the most popular name in woman’s foot wear at the moment for the well-heeled jet-set crowd) involves an elective medical procedure in which the balls of the feet are padded with collagen, dermal fillers, or fat. Additionally, injections may be made into the heels or toe pads of the feet.

The buzz surrounding this procedure came on the heels (no pun intended) of Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West. West, 36, and Kardashian, tied the knot over the weekend. In preparation for the big day, Kim allegedly invested in the procedure.

The procedure itself can be found at some local medical spas and typically costs $500 to $600 and takes approximately 30 minutes. More women than you may suspect are getting the procedure. In fact, the International Business Times reports that foot filler requests in the U.S. are up by nearly 21 percent from last year.

The longevity of a Loub Job varies patient to patient with typical benefits, including less pain while wearing heels, lasting about eight months. The question remains…. Is the procedure honestly worth it?

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