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Mary PalmieriMary Palmieri is the Health and Personal Care industry’s leading management consultant.

In 2009, Mary launched the business-to-business (B2B) Health and Personal Care blog The Beauty Marketplace, (www.theneautymarketplace.net), while working in Media and Entertainment. By 2013, The Beauty Marketplace evolved into a part-time e-mail marketing company to a network that now contains over 10,000 B2B industry contacts.
While enrolled in Columbia University, innovating the Health and Personal Care industries was Mary’s educational focus. Her passion is to help businesses organize for the future by staying healthy for the long term as rapid technological change undermines traditional sources of stability.

Mary’s personal mission is to help innovate Healthcare and Consumer Product companies in need of digital transformation.

Mary makes regular television, radio, and event appearances highlighting the industries emerging talents, trends, and technologies. For more information, please contact: info@thebeautymarketplace.net