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We did it! We pivoted our business from content to commerce and the e-commerce shop is now live: www.thebeautymarketplace.com TBM (The Beauty Marketplace Inc.) is an online store with the mission to support the Health and Beauty industry’s emerging brands and entrepreneurs. TBM provides inside access to the beauty industry. The collections on our SHOP […]

3 Common Themes Leading to Innovation

While at Columbia University’s 2016 Commencement this week, I had the absolute pleasure of hearing advice from Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, as well as Lee C. Bollinger, Columbia University President. I wanted to share this information with you because the same common themes that emerged from their speeches, have also emerged in my […]

Innovation & Sustainability

The idea of innovation captivates business leaders and sustainability advocates alike. As global trends — environmental, social, political, technological — continue to shift the foundations of our current business models, incremental innovation will become less effective in enabling companies, industries and whole economies to adapt and succeed. There is an urgent need for fundamentally different […]

What Knowledge is Required for You to do Business?

Knowledge is defined as a familiarity, awareness or understanding of facts, information, descriptions, or skills. In order maintain the competitive advantage, many brands, companies, and organizations are using internal knowledge to capitalize and fuel innovation. Avon, for example, recently created a new Innovation Manager role in their organization, to keep them ahead of the curve […]

Anna Rawson is in Full Swing

The Beauty Marketplace was lucky enough to have a phone conversation today with professional female golfer, Anna Rawson, who is has as much brains and business sense, as she has beauty. Take a look at her website here: http://www.annarawson.com/. Anna is a fellow Columbia University colleague of The Beauty Marketplace Founder, Mary Palmieri. Anna is […]


The Beauty Marketplace had an enlightening call with Suk Chan Candle and Scent Developer, Founder of Soukenberi – a personal fragrance line for you and your space. From clean, refreshing, and invigorating Eucalyptus Tea, to light and lifting Lemon Sandalwood; Soukenberi fragrances captivate your senses. Suk Chan has an interesting career path which began in R&D […]


Developing a fragrance is a work of art that takes detailed craftsmanship, sourcing of the finest ingredients, and is a subjective personal experience requiring a careful curation of one’s brand and identity. Creating marketable fragrances, packaged ever so eloquently, for the leading luxury and niche brands on the market requires true skill, talent, as well […]

BRAND OPPORTUNITY: ICMAD to Honor The Most Innovative in Beauty

The The Beauty Marketplace mission is to contribute to the growth and development of emerging brands and entrepreneurs in the Health and Beauty market. When our company is presented with opportunities we identify as ways to advance your brand and business moving forward, we want to be certain we communicate these opportunities to you! Are […]