Interview with boss babe Patchie Valerio

Patchie Valerio is the founder of her company Microblading & Modern Ink LLC where she performs beauty services such as microblading and other semi-permanent makeup procedures. She worked in Sephora as a senior artist before venturing to become her own boss. We decided to interview this empowering woman on what beauty means to her and her journey on being her own boss.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means expressing your own individuality. It’s a form of self-expression and it doesn’t matter how as long as you feel 100% yourself and confident.

Who/What inspires you?

Everyone inspires me. People who start opening their own businesses and take control of their own lives inspire me. It’s hard opening a business! I am also inspired by my own business –  I get to work during my own time and do art everyday.

What’s your story on how you opened your own business?

I started freelancing in 2011 and doing makeup for brides and proms. I then became a senior artist in Sephora (the height of my career) and started thinking about what I wanted to do next. I knew that a main goal of mine was to be able to do something I loved while controlling my own schedule at the same time. My mom introduced me to microblading and everything else happened so fast. My girlfriend guided me to get my tattoo license and now (about a year later) she is my business partner. It took a lot of sacrifice – I was working 7 days a week doing brows at 7am and then working at Sephora from 2-11pm. Today, I’m able to say that I can control my own time, do what I love, with who I love.

What advice do you have for people struggling with finding their definition of beauty? 

Beauty is never cookie-cutter. It’s individual. This might sound weird but enjoy the struggle! Enjoy the struggle of not knowing and the process of you finding your own definition of beauty. It’s honestly the best part and it’s so rewarding when you finally find it.

What advice do you have for people who want to grow their own business/chase their dreams? 

Growing a business takes A LOT of sacrifice. If you’re scared, you’re on the right path. Research the field that you want to be in and do it for the right reasons. Do things NOW because whatever you do today impacts the future. Another trick is to condition yourself to always think out of the box.


If you’d like to check out Pat’s work, you can find her on instagram @browsbypatchie.

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Spring makeup look

Spring has officially sprung and we decided that it was time for a spring makeup look. We asked our friend Tatiana who is a makeup enthusiast to teach us how to create the perfect spring look.


    1. Begin with a washed and moisturized face, do your eyebrows. Since this is going to be a glam look, we need the eyebrows to be glam – a bold, sharp “Instagram brow”. 
    2. Concealing brows is MANDATORY  because concealing will make the brow sharp, clean, precise, and bold.
    3. At this point, you will decide if you want to do your eyes or face makeup first. Keep in mind, doing eyeshadow will lead to fall out shadow landing on your face so you can decide on what to do first. I am comfortable either way so I just put my base foundation on, my eyes, then completed the rest of the face last.
    4. To create a base for your eyeshadow, apply a thicker coverage concealer (or eye primer) and set with loose setting powder.
    5. Taking a yellow shade, apply loosely on the crease as our transition color.
    6. Taking an orange shade, apply lower/ under the yellow.
    7. Taking a more concentrated orange, apply in the crease to create depth.
    8. Use a thick coverage concealer to conceal center of the lid.
    9. Once the concealer is settled and dry, pack on a pink shade, leaving a thin line in the crease.
    10. Take a yellow liquid eye paint and trace the line along your crease.
    11. Apply a winged eyeshadow and dot under the wing with a white liquid eye paint.
    12. Apply the yellow and orange shades to the bottom lashline.
    13. Curl lashes, prep with mascara to top and bottom lashes, and finally apply false lashes.
    14. Using chapstick as a glitter adhesive, apply a small amount into the inner corner of the eyes and apply a white glitter.
    15. Do face makeup as you would.

Products used:

    1. Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer
    2. Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless
    3. Setting Powder: MakeupRevolution Luxury Banana Powder
    4. Contour/Bronzer: TooFaced Dark Chocolate Bronzer
    5. Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter
    6. Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
    7. Eyebrows: Anastasia Dipbrow Gel in “chocolate”
    8. Mascara: L’oreal Telescopic Mascara
    9. Lips: Urban Decay Bullet lipstick in “Uptight” / Maybelline Lip Liner in “Raw Chocolate” / Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in “Fenty Glow”
    10. Eye Palettes: The “Zulu” Palette by Juvia’s Place / Morphe Brushes 35O Palette
    11. Eye Liner: Maybelline eye studio master precise liquid eyeliner
    12. Chapstick
    13. Glitter: MAC cosmetics

If you are as obsessed with Tatiana’s makeup skills as we are, you can find her on Instagram @hokulansz.

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TGBB mom-gives-kiss-to-her-child_bda2343e-e9ff-48c1-9b46-555fde8ab9b4

Tough Girl Beauty Basics is an emerging indie beauty brand engineered with long-wearing technology made to empower women on the go. If you’re a busy mom, college student, or simply someone that’s always moving–this brand is for you.

“In the midst of the athleisure movement, I realized there wasn’t a brand completely dedicated to the active lifestyle of today’s woman.  Spending most of my time working in the city and going to the gym after work, I would get frustrated to see my face smeared with runny eyeliner and flaking mascara while working out.  My gym friends and I, who were all having the same problem, agreed that it was time to create a brand of makeup that would last through our stressful days and tough workouts. That’s when I decided to recruit a product development and packaging team to develop Tough Girl Beauty Basics!” -Jo-Anne Greco

I had the opportunity to interview Jo-Anne Greco, founder of TOUGH GIRL Beauty Basics, about her up and coming beauty brand made for the toughest girls. Jo has over 25 years of experience working in the beauty industry. After spending several years on the customer side of the desk working with packaging and purchasing, she switched gears and began working with manufacturers and suppliers of color cosmetics and primary packaging, servicing top tier customers.

Here’s more on our in-depth talk about the brand:

Tell me about TOUGH GIRL.

Jo: “We started working on the brand approximately three to four years ago, launching in June of 2018.  In the midst of the athleisure movement, I realized there wasn’t a brand completely dedicated to the active lifestyles of today’s woman.  It was frustrating to be at the gym watching my eyeliner and mascara smearing under my eyes. Socializing after a workout was almost impossible unless you had an extra make-up kit with you to reapply what just slipped off!  That’s what pushed me to recruit my amazing team of product and package developers to create Tough Girl Beauty Basics. The product line is portable, convenient, easy to use, and helps to keep you feeling and looking fresh throughout your tough days.”

The line consists of a long-wearing eyeliner that doesn’t budge, a volumizing mascara for dramatic effect, an energizing setting spray infused with watermelon, cucumber, and mint, and a multi-use lip and cheek tint. For the fitness enthusiast who loves a good workout, there is also a plush Tough Girl towel perfect for the gym or removing makeup. The products can be purchased a-la-carte or in predesigned kits which are cost-effective.

You can read more about TOUGH GIRL and find the products mentioned above here, along with the rest of the brand’s products.

What inspired you to create your company?

Jo: “I was inspired to create the Tough Girl brand based on my frustration, and my community of gym friends frustrations, with make-up that wasn’t performing well.  We all agreed that we were having to reapply, remove, or fix our make-up too often, post workout.  It became a personal goal of mine to create a brand to address this issue.  With Tough Girl products, we’ve given time and confidence back to the active woman!”

group of women

Additionally, Jo stated that this inspiration also comes from working alongside incredibly independent and strong women who push themselves to overcome their weaknesses and adversities no matter what, which is what drives the passion to create at TOUGH GIRL.

How do you distinguish yourself from other beauty brands? What makes you unique?

Jo: “I believe that TOUGH GIRL products are unique in that they are long wearing and allow women to stay fresh and beautiful throughout their busy day,  enabling them to stay focused on their daily tasks without the worry of not putting their best face forward.”

How do you define beauty?

Jo: “To me, beauty comes from within.  A woman who is strong, confident, pleasant to be around, and comfortable in her own skin is a truly beautiful woman.  It doesn’t matter if you have the prettiest hair, eyes, or body, it’s about how you feel about yourself, what you project, and how you treat others.  With our products, we want to enable women to feel and look their best throughout their busiest days. As many of us know, when we look and feel great, we are more confident and productive in everything we do.”

Which of your products is your bestseller?

Jo: “Our Tough Wearing Eyeliner in “High Impact Black” is our best seller. With its precision tip,  our eyeliner allows you to go super thin or as thick as you like for a more dramatic look. Many fitness models have posted about how they love the way it doesn’t budge, even during their toughest workouts.”


The Tough Wearing Eyeliner can be purchased here.

Are your products suitable for acne prone skin/ people with skin allergies?

Jo: “The products are not considered to have treatment ingredients.”

Do you have plans to extend your products to skincare?

Jo: “Yes, as the brand becomes more successful, we would love to develop treatment products for active women.  At the moment, the closest item we have to a treatment product would be our Energizing and Setting Spray. This product is infused with watermelon, mint, and cucumber, which provides a quick refreshing boost at the beach or gym; or use it as it was originally intended, to set your make-up and go about your busy day.”

Can your products be purchased internationally?

Jo: “Not at this time; right now we just have US distribution.”

Lastly, what advice would you give to a young, aspiring entrepreneur?

Jo: “My advice would be to start working on your dream as early in your career as possible.  It is important to network and find someone that can mentor you and give you valuable advice based on their past experiences, saving you time and empowering you with priceless guidance. Many of us, like myself, spend most of our careers working for and making money for everyone else. I truly believe if we work as hard and diligently for ourselves, we can all be successful and realize our dreams. Surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed and help you to realize your dream.”

Be on the lookout for new products from Tough Girl on The Beauty Marketplace’s website. The company is working on extending the shade range for the Lip and Cheek Tint and the Tough Wearing Eyeliner. A new concealer and foundation stick is also on the way, along with the possibility of a new treatment product.


Have any more questions or comments? Feel free to send them to


Beauty Is Strength – An Interview With Christel Fung

Christel Fung is an adventurer, nature-lover, and paradise seeker. She is a registered client at TBM and loves the acai mango face lotion because it helps her combat her dry skin from being outdoors all the time. She says it also helps that it smells amazing! We reached out to Christel to ask her what her take on beauty is and how she displays this in her everyday life.


What does beauty mean to you?

I think that everyone is beautiful and special in their own way. Everyone has their own superpower and I think that what makes a person beautiful is their ambition and goal to be the best version of themselves. These goals don’t have to be too extravagant like climbing Mount Everest, it can simply be trying to be the healthiest or fittest version of themselves or even learning how to make a cup of coffee.

The world around us is full of magic and it is important to remember that we all have magic in us.

The world around us is full of magic and it is important to remember that we all have magic in us.


How do you display beauty in your own life?

I live my everyday life aspiring to be the best version of myself. I try to be happy overall and I do this by having a positive mindset from the minute I wake up, finding and unlocking my potential, and traveling. I also try to seek paradise in everything that I do like appreciating my bed or sand in my toes when I’m on the beach – it’s the little things that count!


Who / what inspires me?

There is no one person who inspires me, I gain inspiration from different people from all over like when I’m traveling. I like to pick out different pieces from people that inspire me and try to fit those traits in my own life.  An example of a group of people who inspire me is elderly people who are happy and living their best lives. An example of this would be an old couple that I met when I was hiking in Norway. This couple told me that they hiked that particular trail every single week (trust me, it’s not an easy trail) and they are 82 and 86 years old! When I grow older I aspire to be like them – I want to still be able to be run, dive, and travel when I’m old.


How did you first get into fitness/healthy lifestyle?

Jumping across rocks, rolling in the grass and sliding on ice, all in one place. I think I have found my favorite place to hike. The only thing with no trees, is that there is no where to hide if you need to pee.

Jumping across rocks, rolling in the grass and sliding on ice, all in one place. I think I have found my favorite place to hike.

I started swimming competitively when I was young and I was part of the national swimming team till I was in college where I started participating in triathlons and bikeathons. Because of swimming, I’ve been trained to lead an active lifestyle through sleeping early, eating healthy, and being very disciplined. I love to try new things now and have expanded my interests to diving, cycling, and hiking. I started traveling for competitions and now I want to see the rest of the world.


If you want to follow Christel’s travel adventurers, you can follow her at @_paradiseseeker_.

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How To Slay a “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Trends for makeup looks come and go, but one that will always be in style is the classic “no makeup” makeup look. As much as we love to have fun and play around with makeup here at The Beauty Marketplace, our vision is to ultimately celebrate simplistic beauty. The “no makeup” makeup look is perfect for every day wear!

Tatiana Cabasag is a full-time undergraduate business student and full-time makeup lover. When she’s not at school or work, she’s playing with makeup – whether it’s doing creative eye looks or perfecting her base makeup routine. Tatiana is a registered client and her favorite product is the Michelle Blendable Lip/Cheek Stick because nude lipstick is her go-to product. We reached out to Tatiana and asked her what her version of the “no-makeup” makeup look looks like.


This is a tutorial video on how to apply the makeup step by step:

The steps are as follows:

    1. Begin with a clean moisturized face, then fill in eyebrows. Tip for more natural brows: fill in lighter in the front and darker towards the tail. Fill in using flicking movement to create hair-like strokes.
    2. Concealing your brows is optional depending on how well your eyebrows cooperate.
    3. Take the concealer and apply a generous amount in a triangular shape with the point beginning near corners of eyes – be careful not to make it too cakey! Apply a small amount on the lower center of your forehead, dot your chin, and a light-handed line down the bridge of the nose. Let the concealer sit for about 15 seconds before blending. Brush eyebrow gel upwards and outwards while letting concealer sit.
    4. Use your finger or a traditional beauty sponge. Tip: blending with your finger warms up the product which allows better and more natural blending into your skin. If you’re using your finger, begin tapping motions from inner nose/eye corner and work your way outwards. You may use a sponge to do a final blend. If using a sponge, start blending bottom of concealer on the cheek and work your way outwards then upwards near eyes. Blend forehead, chin, and nose. Feel free to conceal any blemishes.
    5. Using a wet beauty sponge, apply a light layer of powder under eyes and blend in, do not bake. Continue for other concealed areas. Avoid too much powder so you don’t cake. Lightly brush over face with powder as well.
    6. To bronze/contour, dip a brush in the pan and tap off as much excess powder you can so the application will be subtle. Use more product if you want it to be more noticeable. Take a stippling brush to blend further. Blend towards and into hairline on your forehead for a more natural bronze.
    7. Set your face with setting spray. Spray a generous amount so that the makeup and skin will melt together. Be careful not to touch your face when it is wet or the makeup will come off. Fan off your face to dry quicker (with hands, a paper, or you can even sit in front of a fan)
    8. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara
    9. Use a “nude” lipstick that is close to your lip color. Stipple onto lips rather than smearing. This will alter/tint your lip color rather than mask it.

Products she used:

    1. Concealer: BareMinerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in “medium”
    2. Setting Powder: MakeupRevolution Luxury Banana Powder
    3. Contour/Bronzer: TooFaced Dark Chocolate Bronzer
    4. Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter
    5. Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
    6. Eyebrows: Colourpop Eyebrow pencil in “brunette”
    7. Eyebrow gel: Essence eyebrow gel
    8. Mascara: L’oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara
    9. Lips: Urban Decay Bullet lipstick in “Insanity”

If you are as obsessed with Tatiana’s makeup skills as we are, make sure to follow her on Instagram at @hokulansz. 

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Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep – An Interview With Katherine Holtz

Katherine Holtz is a mother and a successful sales manager at a big company in the Bay Area. She is someone that all of us here at The Beauty Marketplace admire and so we interviewed her about what beauty means to her.


What does beauty mean to you?

To me, there isn’t just one beauty standard, beauty stems from the inside. An example of this is a person’s morals and what they value – beauty manifests from there. The ability to be yourself, to be comfortable in your own skin, to take risks, and to be okay with going against the grain and making your own decisions even if there are against the norm is what makes a person beautiful.


Do you think women have to give up their femininity in order to be successful?

My definition of femininity encompasses physical and emotional aspects like how women dress and how soft their personality is (in terms of how emotional they are). I would say that I am pretty emotional, but I’m not girly in the sense that I don’t wear lipstick or lipgloss. I consider myself to be a self-prescribed tomboy and there are definitely more feminine women around me in the workplace. Overall, I don’t think that femininity has to be dialled up or masked in order for a woman to be successful.


What is your beauty/skincare routine?

I have freckles all year round and I love them so I try not to cover them up. I use Kate Somerville products for skincare – I have pretty much all of her products! Sunscreen is my holy grail because I am more prone to skin damage due to my freckles. As for makeup, I use Clinique products and my everyday routine is just applying a light layer of airbrush concealer, bronzer, mascara, and powder.


Are there any aspects of beauty that you see problems with?

As a mother of a little girl, I know that there’s a problem concerning the beauty standard of body shape. There was an incident at school where my daughter defended her classmate because another little girl said mean things to her with regards to body image. This is definitely due to the influence of the media today and I think that people should just work to be the best version of themselves and not have to be concerned about what others think of them. I also think that we should be all-inclusive towards people of all body shapes and sizes, skin tones, features, etc.


Who/what inspires you?

This may sound kind of strange but I’m inspired by the average person. There’s a family (2 parents and 4 daughters) that runs a farm. They were originally from the Bay Area but were courageous enough to move up north to chase their dreams. The reason why they inspire me is because they are all very down to earth and focused on giving back to others.  Celebrities don’t generally inspire me but if I had to pick I would say Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard. The reason I’d choose them is that they are honest and open about the hardships their lives in the media. Often times, celebrities like to make their lives seem perfect on social media but Kristen and Dax open up about the imperfections in their lives.

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5 Spring Looks That Will Give You Major Fashion Inspo

All of us here at The Beauty Marketplace absolutely love spring!  What’s not to love? There’s sunshine, flowers, and most importantly – spring fashion!

We reached out to one of our registered clients, Kyla Lewis, to put together 5 of her favorite spring looks and share them with us. Kyla is a full-time clerk who takes pride in her fashion style. She believes looking good helps you feel good! Kyla’s favorite product from TBM is the LashControl Length & Volume Mascara. Mascara is the one makeup product that she can’t live without and she never leaves the house without one in hand.

How would you describe your fashion style? 

I would say that my fashion style is trendy… I like to keep up with the latest fashion trends and keep myself up to date on what everyone else is wearing. My fashion inspiration would probably be Shay Mitchell. They way she accessorizes and puts her outfits together is always perfect.


Look #1

The perfect brunch outfit☕️

The perfect brunch outfit☕️

“This is a casual and comfy off the shoulder romper from Amuse Society, paired with my favorite white chunky block heels from Urban Outfitters. For accessories, I have a cute boho crochet bag (also from UO), must have sunnies in the style “Jezabell” from Quay, and some unique jewelry from Kolohe Ocean Gems to top it off.”


Look #2

A great outfit for getting coffee with the gals👯‍♀️

A great outfit for getting coffee with the gals👯‍♀️

“Next, I have a boho chic plunging neckline maxi from a little boutique called Je T’aime. I styled it with some brown chunky heels from Urban Outfitters, a brown leather belt from Plato’s closet, a beige fish net bag (also from UO), and some gold/clear specs from Amazon. ”


Look #3

An outfit perfect for any occasion✨

An outfit perfect for any occasion✨

“This outfit is perfect for hanging out at the mall or going on a lunch date. Here, I have a cute cropped eyelet strapped top from Homecoming Honolulu with my favorite distressed light wash boyfriend jeans from Brandy Melville. I accessorized with a cute boxed shoulder bag from Zara, my brown chunky heels, and my jezabell sunnies!”


Look #4

Dress this look up or down to fit any occasion💘

Dress this look up or down to fit any occasion💘

“This floral overall jumpsuit is from Je T’aime and is flared at the bottom. To top it off, the open back makes it even more trendy! I paired it with some taupe peekaboo heels and my boxed shoulder bag from Zara.”


Look #5

The complete dinner date look 😉

The complete dinner date look 😉

“Last but not least, this floral high-low dress from Je T’aime is both stylish and comfy. To complete the look, I coupled it my white crochet bag from Urban Outfitters and my taupe peekaboo heels.”


If you love Kyla’s style as much as we do and want to see more, you can find her on Instagram at @kyrolewis and on Twitter at @kyrolewisyaw.

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Olivia Bormann – Authentically, Unapologetically Beautiful

A close friend of mine, Olivia Bormann, is a queer woman of color who works in higher education in the Bay Area. As someone who is successful and looking to live her life authentically and unapologetically, I decided to do an interview with her on the topic of beauty.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is whatever makes you confident and happy. To me, it’s not mainstream. It’s dynamic, it’s individual. It’s not just the makeup that I wear but also that I’m strong physically and emotionally. For me, beauty is all encompassing and is respectful in the sense that it respects people’s gender identities and presentations.

What is your beauty routine?

I have combo skin – it’s really annoying. I’ve tried using fancy skincare products but they didn’t work for me at all. I use Cetaphil and mild cleansers since my face is so sensitive. In the morning I use moisturizer with SPF of course. At night, I ALWAYS make sure I remove whatever makeup I’m wearing, wash my face, put on Vitamin E oil, a thick night cream, and then my retainer. Once in a while, I use a charcoal or exfoliating face mask.

As for my makeup routine, I do minimal makeup because of my sensitive skin. I use eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. Sometimes foundation but I don’t like how it feels on my face.

Who / What inspires you?

Rihanna. I just want to be her. She intentionally chose to make 50 shades of foundation and to be all inclusive. People who are unapologetically themselves and are not afraid to be who they are inspire me. I want to live my life authentically and be unapologetically myself but sometimes I’m not – sometimes I’m scared to be and that’s something that I’m working on and trying to get better at.

What does living authentically and unapologetically look like to you?

Living life unapologetically is just what it sounds like — not apologizing for who I am. That means what I look like, who I love, what I’m interested in, what I like to do in my spare time, how strong minded I am, how opinionated and emotional (and always sharing my opinions and emotions).

What is your advice to anyone who is struggling to find their own definition of beauty?

My advice would be to try to think about beauty in your own unique sense. If you’re looking for cues from the outside world, you’re not going to find them. It has taken me a long time to realize that how I look and how I want to present myself can be dynamic and not just one thing. Look to people who you feel good about and admire. Figure out what you like because you like it and not because someone else or the rest of mainstream society does. 


We should all not be afraid to celebrate our own unique individuality when it comes to beauty. And we should all strive to live our lives as authentic and unapologetic as Olivia. If you have any questions or want to reach out to Olivia, her instagram is @mxoliviakat.

Olivia Bormann - makeup

This is a picture of me wearing my favorite lipstick and fun eyeshadow.

Olivia Bormann - rugby

This is a picture of me during the last rugby game of the season last year. I chose it because I think I’m beautiful when I’m covered in mud after playing rugby for 80 minutes.


Must Try Beauty Products for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Look? Here’s a List of  TBM Beauty Products to Help You Get Ready for Date Night!




Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s time to fall in love, so here are some beauty products to use!  We know what it’s like to stress over what to wear on a night out, so we’ve got you covered with natural skincare and beauty products.


Here are some of the best indie brand products to add to your shopping list:


  1. SELFIE MASK (5 pack)TBM selfie mask


Its name says it all–because what’s a night out without a little facial pampering? Arya Cosmetic’s Illuminating Oxygenating Selfie Masks are the key to a perfect complexion and plump, youthful skin. Loaded with collagen and hyaluronic acid, this mask aids in quick cell regeneration and removes dead skin cells, leaving you with a fresh canvas for the next steps of your skincare routine.  It’ll have you ready for a selfie, from all angles, all evening long.


  1.        Neroli Isle Face ElixirTBM neroli face elixir


Did you just get back from a vacation in the Caribbean? Choiselle’s Neroli Isle Face Elixir will have you feeling this way. The serum is formulated with Acai, Watermelon, and Papaya to hydrate, exfoliate and brighten your skin. Take natural skincare to the next level with added Soursop, Orange Blossom, and Hibiscus, which work to protect your skin from harmful free radicals. Suitable for all skin types.


  1.       Debra Hydrating Lip Gloss

TBM debra lipgloss

This innovative lip gloss from Lumesh delivers hydration AND shine without the sticky, greasy feeling most traditional glosses have. It’s long lasting and a beautiful rouge color for a long night out. Lumesh is known for creating beauty products that work for all ethnicities and complexions.  Show off your lovely cupid’s bow and make Cupid jealous with this extravagant lip color.


  1.    Tough Girl Power Lifting Tough Wearing Mascara



TBM tough mascra


This mascara DOES NOT BUDGE! I repeat it DOES NOT BUDGE! From Tough Girl Beauty Basics, this product is all about giving your lashes the maximum lift, curl, and fill so you can have thick, beautiful lashes on your busiest days and during the hardest workouts. Pair this with the Lumesh lipgloss above and you have the perfect look for a night out.


  1. Tough Girl Energizing/Setting Spray

TBM toughgirl setting spray

Seal the deal with Tough Girl Setting Spray. Whether it be on a night out or something to freshen up your skin, this energizing spray leaves you with a healthy glow throughout the day. Infused with watermelon, cucumber, and mint–a refreshing beverage for the skin.



Let’s get in the mood for love, all darn month.




The Beauty Marketplace Holiday Gift Guide



The holiday gifting season is upon us! Cue the mad dash to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Rest assured, the experts at The Beauty Marketplace have great options to help. This year, everyone on your list will be left glowing and full of gratitude.






  1. Busy Beauty Kit By Tough Girl Beauty Basics

We always want to look our best, but with busy schedules it may be hard to make that a reality. This amazing kit comes complete with all the essentials to get you on your way. Included in the water resistant cosmetic pouch you will find the Energizing/Setting Spray, Power Lifting Tough Wearing mascara, and the  multi-use Tough Girl Lip/Cheek Tint. Whether you are running to the store, or an important meeting, the Busy Beauty Kit will get you looking and feeling your best.


  1. Joy Chakra Boost by ADORAtherapy, Inc.

As we move further into the holiday season, the more Joy the merrier! Full of uplifting floral notes of rose and jasmine, this scent comes with the added bonus of positive intentions. Joy is a great gift for anyone in your life, particularly those you cherish most. Vegan and USA made, this all natural scent can be applied on chakra centers, wrists, or neck for an elegant addition to any day.



  1. Bath Bomb – Frankincense Myrrh by LEVEL NATURALS

Give the gift of indulgent self-care this year! Perfect for anyone in need of an extra dose of relaxation, these bath bombs combine Frankincense and Myrrh for an aromatic experience. Made in the USA with all-natural essential oils, they turn an ordinary bath into something extraordinary. Available in a package of six, which gives the lucky person who receives them multiple uses. 



  1. Selfie Mask (5 Pz) by Arya Cosmetics

The Selfie Mask is here to remedy a lackluster complexion that may have been influenced by holiday indulgence. Your skin will look brighter, and your complexion more full from ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen. Perfect to gift individually to a group, or as a package of five to one lucky person. This peel-off mask is so effective, you won’t be able to resist taking selfies afterwards.


  1. Rise & Shine Gift Set by Zaman Skincare

Zaman Skincare is well known for quality, and unique ingredients. This set is no exception, and perfect for the woman on the go! The amazing Rise & Shine serum combines anti-oxidants and hydrating properties that keep your skin fresh and moisturized in one simple step. This set also comes with a beautiful white Onyx roller to help the ingredients penetrate further, boost circulation, and get you glowing.