TBM is officially a portfolio firm in the Nex3 Incubate program


Thrilled to announce TBM is officially a portfolio firm in the Nex3 Incubate program. Way to go!! So #grateful for our amazing team and brand partners! We are excited for the next stage of #growth … #TeamTBM #babyunicorn #beauty #tech#beautytech #indiebeauty #entrepreneurship
Nex3 Incubation – https://nex3.com/portfolio/


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What’s next for BeautyTech and should VCs be investing?

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Last Monday, took place in New-York the first @BeautyTechNY meeting gathering the new rising founders along with inspiring investors in the beauty and fashion industries. Read more


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An Interview with Entrepreneur Mary Palmieri – Devathon

The Beauty Influencers featuring

The Beauty Marketplace Inc. (TBM), is an e-commerce platform specializing in globally-sourced, independently-owned, niche beauty brands created by Honest Beauty LLC Founder Mary Palmieri, TBM has opened applications for brand partners in advance of a consumer launch in Q3 2018. Read at https://www.thebeautyinfluencers.com/2018/06/03/beauty-marketplace/

American Spa Featuring

The Beauty Marketplace (TBM) has unveiled a new e-commerce platform called The Beauty Matchmaker, a resource for beauty lovers to get matched with brands and products that meet their specific needs. The platform, slated to launch in the fall of 2018, is now accepting applications from independent beauty brands who are interested in being listed on the platform. Read at https://www.americanspa.com/news/discover-indie-beauty-brand-right-you-beauty-matchmaker

IKNS talk

Mary Palmieri (’15SPS, Information and Knowledge Strategy) shares her journey from New York City beauty blogger to Female Founder of an early-stage Silicon Valley tech company, and how The Beauty Marketplace is solving the problem of a highly fragmented beauty market by building an interactive online marketplace that will help consumers define their beauty characteristics and discover their ideal match.

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We did it! We pivoted our business from content to commerce and the e-commerce shop is now live: www.thebeautymarketplace.com

TBM (The Beauty Marketplace Inc.) is an online store with the mission to support the Health and Beauty industry’s emerging brands and entrepreneurs.

TBM provides inside access to the beauty industry. The collections on our SHOP site are curated exclusively by industry insiders — people who work in the industry day in and day out.

Each month, TBM will feature new brands and products.

There are so many products out there! Our goal is to help you feel less overwhelmed by doing all the work to sample all the products, and deliver a curated product mix of the brands we trust, and the brands we think will be the Health and Beauty industry’s next rising stars.

Purchase these products before anyone else! FALL/WINTER 2016 BRANDS TO WATCH

Like many of the brands featured on our site, The Beauty Marketplace Inc. is a new company, but our Founder, Mary Palmieri, has been blogging about breakout brands for years, and we are finally bringing these brands to you to SHOP.

We are entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs, and we encourage you to come with us on our journey by following our blog site and social media channels!

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Changing of seasons represent progress and evolution, and our company has gone though many changes and evolutions of our own in order to respond the needs of our business to business network.

We have many updates to bring you up to speed on:

We changed our name!
From Honest Beauty to The Beauty Marketplace Inc.

Why the change?
Noticing the shift to digitization and online shopping, the decision was made to pivot our business model from content to e-commerce. The Beauty Marketplace Inc. was formed with the intention of becoming the Amazon for independent health and beauty brands. We are in the process of speaking to brands and developing our platform to meet industry needs.

Please Be Patient With Us As We Restructure Our Business
As of June 1, our proof of concept pilot program is now live, and we are in the process of recruiting brands to be vendor partners in our marketplace and provide feedback as we test our business model. Please email info@thebeautymarketplace.net for more information.

Spread The Word
In the meantime, shop our new website www.blog.thebeautymarketplace.net and share the link with family and friends. Since this is our MVP(Minimum Viable Product) pilot site, we want people to shop to not only support our independent brands featured on the site, but also provide feedback from a user experience perspective. Please feel free to e-mail me directly to share your ideas/suggestions: mary@blog.thebeautymarketplace.net !

The Beauty Marketplace Inc. – where beauty meets technology – was founded to fill the distribution gap for independent health and beauty brands by developing an online retail platform and marketplace.

Our mission is to innovate the Health and Beauty Industry by fostering the growth and development of emerging brands and entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us any anytime with your business needs!

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Here’s to a a successful Fall season!

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