Innovation & Sustainability

The idea of innovation captivates business leaders and sustainability advocates alike. As global trends — environmental, social, political, technological — continue to shift the foundations of our current business models, incremental innovation will become less effective in enabling companies, industries and whole economies to adapt and succeed. There is an urgent need for fundamentally different approaches to value creation within companies, brands, and organizations. Sustainability is a great place to start.

Sustainability will have lasting effects that will drive to protect the beauty of the environment as well as the value of an organization. In ecology, sustainability is the capacity to endure; it is how biological systems remain diverse and productive indefinitely. In more general terms, sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes.  Due to significant cost savings and the ability to reuse resources, sustainability is a priority interest for many organizations, particularly in the Health and Beauty industry where byproducts, such as the ethanol used to make perfumes, are capable of being reused to create commodities such as renewable fuel.

Why Is Sustainability Important?

The most negative environmental impact is due to the use of our resources without an outlined design for the output. The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 committed the United States to sustainability, declaring it a national policy “to create and maintain conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.” In the years since NEPA was enacted, the public’s interest in sustainability has broadened, and now encompasses sustainable manufacturing practices.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing also enhances employee, community and product safety.

A growing number of companies are treating “sustainability” as an important objective in their strategy and operations to increase growth and global competitiveness. This trend has reached well beyond the small niche of those who traditionally positioned themselves as “green,” and now includes many prominent businesses across many different industry sectors. In many cases, these efforts are having significant results.

There are a number of reasons why companies are pursuing sustainability:

  •    Increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste
  •    Respond to or reach new customers and increase competitive advantage
  •    Protect and strengthen brand and reputation and build public trust
  •    Build long-term business viability and success
  •    Respond to regulatory constraints and opportunities

Companies engaged in sustainability efforts include those of all sizes, ages and sectors. ( Organizations like Nestle and Wal-Mart, are making sustainability part of how they buy and sell merchandise around the world. In doing so, they’re taking a leading role in addressing the most important issues facing the consumer goods industry, helping their suppliers create a more resilient supply chain and delivering the 3 “R’s” of sustainability – reduce, reuse and recycle. ( )

How the Beauty Industry is Cleaning up

Sustainability is a major concern within the cosmetics and toiletries industry with companies across the spectrum pursuing more environmentally friendly initiatives. Beauty companies have historically received much criticism for unethical and non-environmentally friendly business practices that include animal testing, unsustainable sourcing and chemical pollution.

According to Organic Monitor, the beauty industry is cleaning up its image by investing in a raft of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & sustainability initiatives. However, pressure from consumers, the media and retailers such as Wal-Mart with its Sustainability Index, cosmetic and ingredient companies are making progress in becoming ‘good corporate citizens’.

From natural cosmetics firm Burt’s Bees to global giant Unilever, from premium brand Nuxe to mass market brand Ushuaïa (both of which have launched organic lines), the entire beauty industry seems to be jumping on the green bandwagon. Even ultra-chic brands, such as La Prairie and Chantecaille seem to be concerned about protecting our planet. While La Prairie is giving EUR 1 to the Ocean Features Society for each sale of its Advanced Marine Biology Cream, Chantecaille is donating 5% of sales from its La Baleine make-up collection to The International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Packaging is receiving much interest because of its high environmental footprint; many cosmetic companies are looking at packaging reduction. For instance, Caudalie has saved 7.6 tons of paper by simply printing instructions on the inside of packaging instead of leaflets. Lush has gone further by offering 55% of its products with no packaging at all, while Aveda uses PET bottles made of 100% Post-Consumer Regrind (PCR) content.

Several beauty companies, especially large multinationals, are taking a holistic approach to sustainability that enables them to tackle various issues simultaneously. Such companies are lowering the environmental impact of their cosmetic products by using greener formulations, reducing packaging and also cutting greenhouse gas emissions, waste, energy & water consumption; they are also looking at social dimensions, such as ethical supply chains and corporate philanthropy. These efforts are being acknowledged: L’Oréal was listed in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World in 2008 and 2009. Avon Products, Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder Companies and Colgate-Palmolive were all in the top 40 of Newsweek 2009 Green Rankings, an environmental ranking of America’s 500 largest corporations. (Source:

Various ways exist for organizations to address the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability. The industry can make a difference in terms of ingredients, formulations, packaging, CSR, operations, and green marketing.

The Beauty Marketplace was fortunate enough to encounter a company that works with Health and Beauty companies to become more sustainable. Premiere Facility Management based in Woodland Park, NJ, studies the underlying problems that companies encounter in an attempt to become sustainable, and creates technologies that help maintain those processes. Ranked by Waste Recycling & News magazine as one of the largest U.S. and Canadian companies based revenue from the collection, processing, and sale of recyclables which lists Premiere at $5.5M in 2012. Bob Frustaci, President of Premiere says, “our business works with companies who have to deal with waste, excess inventory and other unused materials on a daily basis”.

For more information on pursuing more environmentally friendly initiatives, please feel free to reach out and tell us about your company:


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What Knowledge is Required for You to do Business?

Knowledge is defined as a familiarity, awareness or understanding of facts, information, descriptions, or skills. In order maintain the competitive advantage, many brands, companies, and organizations are using internal knowledge to capitalize and fuel innovation. Avon, for example, recently created a new Innovation Manager role in their organization, to keep them ahead of the curve enabling the company to have as much knowledge as possible on what’s next. Mintel, the research organization, makes a business of supplying the industry with the latest in research information and market analysis.

Internal knowledge can be in the form of big data, employee’s minds, social media statistics, and various technology or trend forecasting presentations, for example. Since The Beauty Marketplace represents members of the Health and Beauty business to business community, we are wondering what knowledge is most important to do you job most effectively…? Please post your reply and tell us about what you do and the information or knowledge you find most useful in your role.

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Find Your Performance Truth

As entrepreneurs and executives with such fast paced lifestyles, one can easily become caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day to day tasks, activities, and distractions that get tossed our way seemingly every second. Focus is the ultimate key to success. In order to maximize our ability to perform and utilize our most valuable resource of time most effectively, we need to identify our individual performance truth. What is a Performance Truth?

For those of you in the Philadelphia area on Thursday, August 13, 2015, The Philly Ad Club will be hosting a workshop on Finding Your Performance Truth to help you perform at your fullest working potential. The presentation will also discuss how the digital world presents challenges to traditional business hierarchies and creates performance obstacles at both the individual and organizational level as well as:

• Today’s “knowledge workers” are motivated and organizational design enables motivation and productivity
• Practices at the individual and organizational level combine to respond to modern challenges and create a culture of institutional mindfulness
• Collaboration and organizational learning contribute to a sustainable competitive advantage and performance improvements
• Organizations can manage accountability through qualitative data
• Organizations such as Zappos, Holocracy and XL Group are creating cultures of mindfulness, transparency, shared accountability, and service responsiveness to provide opportunity for innovation, individual productivity, and company success

This workshop is perfect for Business Managers and Owners, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Middle Management, Business Students, and those looking to improve productivity at both the individual and organizational level. Click here for location and more details:

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Electric Hair Masque


For our July Breakout Brand, The Beauty Marketplace selected a hair care line we have had our eye on ever since first being introduced at the international beauty exhibition, Cosmoprof Bologna, in April 2013. The brand we are referring to is called Electric – an independent and exciting British hair care brand offering a luxurious salon professional product range.

The Beauty Marketplace knows Electric has the winning combination of  marketable attributes which make a brand a success: eye-catching packing, an effective product line, and keen company direction. Electric was founded and is steered by Creative Director powerhouse and salon industry veteran – Mark Wooley. Mark and the Electric International Art-team are highly sought after by global brand leaders such as L’Oreal Professionnel, The Fellowship for British Hairdressing and Denman International, among many others.


Mark’s passion for hairdressing is at the very heart of Electric. The brand’s mission is to create superb hairdressing in striking settings within key cities. Mark and his Art Team travel educating and demonstrating ground breaking trends and Techniques all over the globe. The Beauty Marketplace reached out to Electric’s Mark Wooley asking him to share with our reader’s some Summer Hair Trends/Styles. Here are his top three:

1. The Technical cut – Broken weight line
Created by Mark Woolley last year, the broken weight line cut has featured heavily this year as a style of cutting. The look is reminiscent of Natalie Portman’s iconic hairstyle in Leon but with an edgier yet feminine aspect to it where texture is the key to finishing the look. Natalie-Portman-LeonCelebrities such as Jessie J and Miley Cyrus debuted the look very recently and have featured heavily in the media.







2. Technical Pony Tail
The pony tail is perfect for keeping long hair off the face and out of the way when the weather is warmer. There are many variations of the low ponytail which is so versatile and easy to create. Here are our favorite ways to wear:

  • Experimenting With Height – A perfect low ponytail should be below the ears and bump-free! Try layering the ponytails and fastening at the nape of the neck, like above. This is a more modern take on this style staple.


  • Experimenting With Partings – Whether you prefer a middle, side or an EXTREME side parting, the low ponytail looks amazing with any of them (maybe recreate the 90′s and do a zigzag if you can’t decide??).


  • Experimenting With Movement – A ponytail slightly to the side is a great way of showcasing your long locks without having your hair down and is great for those ‘couldn’t be bothered with my hair’ days. The slicked-back ponytail could be the answer if you don’t enjoy hair in your face, perfect for holidays as well as a hot and sticky office!Part and Pony

3. The Faux Bob
One of the key trends for the summer will be the faux bob. This style will give your hair a summary edge without you having to change it drastically. It works for any length hair, with just a small amount of product and a few pins. If your hair is thick and long, you may need to make a ‘foundation’ for your hair with a low bun using the underneath of your hair, then letting the rest down to drape over the bun, tuck under and secure with pins. Those with thinner or shorter hair, you can just simply backcomb the underneath section to create the base, then tuck and pin the rest under.


Electric’s latest product launch is Volume Liquid Mist which is fortified with moisturizing wheat proteins and hydrating meadowfoam to deliver strength and structure to the hair while creating long lasting volume and support with no hint of residue. This product is excellent at refreshing volume on non-shampoo days by simply spraying on to dry hair, combing, and re-styling.






With 2,341 likes on Facebook and 2,862 followers on Twitter at the time this post was written, it is easy to see why Electric is the UK’s most exciting and rapidly expanding Hairdressing brand.

Electric Hair Masque

Drawing on two decades of experience in the industry and years of intense research and development, Electric is very proud of the Electric Hair care range. For more information head to Electric’s Website


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Yoga Toes


Feet are the most neglected part of the body. As a former dancer, I personally understand the importance of foot care and taking care of one’s feet for health benefits. Sandal season and Summertime is the moment of the year when we all start paying more attention to our feet, but taking care of this most used portion of our bodies, is something to be considered all year round.

Did you know Eccrine, or Sweat, glands are the most numerous on the soles of the feet? The Eccrine glands are the pores responsible for excreting toxins out of, and cooling our bodies. If we do not take consistent care of our feet, the soles become callused, and our bodies will be unable to regulate our internal temperature, or release toxins properly which can lead to overheating, exhaustion, or breakouts on other parts of the body where internal toxins must find release.

So, in looking out for the health and sustained wellness of our readers into Summertime and beyond, The Beauty Marketplace has compiled a list of our favorite foot care products and treatments:

1. FootMate – a system comprised of a rejuvenating gel foot scrub and an on-the-floor brush which allows you to scrub your feet while standing in the shower. Footmate is one of the most innovative ways we’ve seen to scrub your feet, but what we really love about this product is it is made in America, and a portion of the proceeds support our veterans via the Wounded Warriors Homes Organization


2. Emjoi Micro-Pedi –  a battery operated pedicure device that helps sooth and remove calluses works wonders on smoothing the surface of the feet.


3. Yoga Toes –  after a night in heels nothing eases our feet better than these! A bunion prevention toe separator; these padded foot pain relievers work while you sleep so you can slip back into those toe torturing shoes the next day!

Yoga Toes

4. Kerasal – this company’s Callus Removing Cleansing Pads deliver a sanitary and innovative way to treat calluses. The pads have an abrasive side for softening calluses with a built-in cleanser on the other to disinfect and prevent callus build up.


5. Reflexology – for all you alternative medicine fans out there, the feet offer an important opportunity to improve health through reflexology. The existing belief is areas on the foot correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. By manipulating these areas via massage and pressure, one can experience a balancing of bodily energy and overall wellness. Find a reflexology practitioner near you, by clicking HERE


The above products will take you through sandal season as well as well into the year. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Feel free to write to us to tell us what you think or offer suggestions on other products brands to try.

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A huge trend in the beauty industry at the moment is long, extravagant eyelashes. Women are willing to invest in eye lash extensions, splurge at the Sephora counter devoted to false and creative drag-queen style adhesives, and medical aesthetic companies, such as Latisse and RapidLash, offer chemical growth substances to facilitate longer lash growth.

As we were following the long lash trend, The Beauty Marketplace discovered a budding start up out of MIT we were so impressed by, we decisded to name them June’s Breakout Brand. The The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Month is Wink Natural Cosmetics.


Founded in June 2013, Wink Natural Cosmetics is solving beauty problems, such as short eye lashes, with real science and natural ingredients. Megan Cox, Founder of Wink, developed their first product,  an eyelash and eyebrow enhancer, because she was investing thousands of dollars on eyelash extensions which were only damaging her lashes. Wink Eyelash EnhancerAfter looking into other lash growth serums and options, she was turned off by the scary chemical side effects thus prompting  her to create her own serum that was both safe for use, as well as effective. Wink Natural Cosmetics’ eyelash enhancer offers a natural and hypoallergenic solution to reactivate dormant hair follicles found on your lashes and brows, delivering a more lush and fuller look.

After developing an all-natural formula, the product began testing and produced great results. According to  Wink’s website, “4 out of 5 of the testing participants had lashes that were 10-20% longer, 100% of them really experienced fuller lashes. All in all, a hypoallergenic formula was developed that: a). was made with the finest all natural ingredients, b). could make your eyelashes longer, c). could grow more lashes and d). could regrow your eyebrows.” What’s better than that?!

According to Ms. Cox, a second product is on the way and slated for a 2015 release. The product, a 2-in-1 brightening and anti-aging eye cream with gold peptides, is currently in testing. Keep checking The Beauty Marketplace and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more information on the release.

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The Beauty Marketplace just received our copy of “Milady: Skincare and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary” from industry veteran and author Joseph Dinardo. Joseph, a 37 year Cosmetic Industry veteran, penned the book along with his colleague, Varinia Michalun. Dinardo told The Beauty Marketplace, “(Milady) was a perfect way of sharing some of the pearls I have learned over the years with others on my way out and their way into the field of skincare”. The guide offers simple straight forward talk that combines common sense with science in a simple to read format.


The “Milady: Skincare and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary” is more than just a dictionary of cosmetic ingredients, but also a guide to understanding skin types and physiology, as well as how cosmetic products interact with the skin. The book is in three parts: Part 1 including a basic explanation of skin anatomy, Part 2 containing an alphabetical listing of more than 2,600 cosmetic ingredients with definitions, and Part 3 offering the Botanical Latin terms for commonly used ingredients.

What The Beauty Marketplace loves about this book is the guide is useful to industry professionals as well as consumers. Beauty industry executives whose goal is to develop innovative skincare lines and improve the efficacy of existing products will find the dictionary of terms useful as a reference and tool for new formulations. If you are a beauty product consumer who would like to be more knowledgeable on how different ingredients interact with the skin, you will also find the dictionary educational.

Milady, the book’s publisher, is the Premier Source for Education Resources in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barbering, Nail Technology, Makeup, Massage Therapy, Salon & Spa Management and Business Training. Serving the Beauty and Wellness Industry since 1927. For more information click HERE

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Yes, that’s right, you read correct! What does the future hold for the cosmetics industry? You should anticipate printing your color cosmetics from a 3-D printer. Read about the ingenious Harvard Business school student who developed the concept that is about to revolutionize the way the cosmetics industry does business. Read the full Business Insider article below….


Grace Choi was at Harvard Business School when she decided to disrupt the beauty industry. She did a little research and realized that beauty brands create and then majorly mark up their products by mixing lots of colors. “The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bulls—,” Choi said at TechCrunch Disrupt this week. “They charge a huge premium on something that tech provides for free. That one thing is color.”

By that, she means color printers are available to everyone, and the ink they have is the same as the ink that makeup companies use in their products. She says the ink is FDA-approved.

Choi created her own mini home 3D printer, Mink, that will retail for $300 and allow anyone to print makeup by ripping the color code off color photos on the internet. It hooks up to a computer, just like a normal printer.

She demonstrated how it works, then brushed some of the freshly printed makeup onto her hand. She answered a lot of the tough questions about how she’ll move beyond powders to creamier products and team up with traditional printing companies in the video below.

To see how Mink Choi’s makeup-printing machine works, click HERE











Produced by the Scent Marketing Institute – the leading authority on scent-supported marketing, Scent World is the premier scent and sensory marketing conference and tabletop presentation. Featuring two days of  lectures and presentations on new scientific perspectives as well as successfully implemented sensory strategies by leading minds in scent and sensory market research, technology, trends and applications.

The tabletop exhibition area is where top global companies will demonstrate the latest sales and marketing tools for your brands, products and services.


June 12-13, 2014


The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City


You should attend if you would like to learn how the sense of scent can enhance your brand experience, customer retention, and ultimately, increase sales.

You should exhibit if you are a company who would like to position your sensory brands, products and services in front of innovative marketing decision makers. (See a list of the companies who have attended past events HERE)

The Beauty Marketplace network gets a 15% attendee discount when you use the code SW1415-HB

Click HERE to register to attend

Want to exhibit? Email us at so we can point you in the right direction!

super 7 serum


The The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand for May is a new player ultra luxe skincare market: A brand is called IMMUNOCOLOGIE.Imm logo


A leader in the BioCosmeceutical Market, giving brands like Le Mer and Le Prarie a run for their money, Immunocologie works with the biology of the skin and offers medicinal properties pertaining to anti-aging.


Immunocologie is the only skincare line based on the science of the skin’s immune system. “Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and your immune system is the essential driving force in sustaining vibrant, healthy skin. When you are totally healthy and live in a perfectly pure environment, your skin functions at an optimal metabolic rate, protecting and repairing itself as best as humanly possible. But, we don’t live in a bubble,” says Karen Ballou of Lucas Brand Equity, the equity group at the head of Immunocologie.


Every day, internal and external factors affect your skin’s metabolic rate and compromise it’s health. Common skin-hampering internal factors include getting sick, lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, allergies and aging. Top external factors are free radical and negative ion exposure brought on by UV rays, pollution, extreme weather changes and electronic device emissions.


Immunocologie has brought together the world’s leading chemists and research scientists in the field of Biocosmeceutical Technology and human immune health to create a regimen specifically designed to support the natural processes of your skin’s immune system. Immunocologie uses bio- available plant based actives to help skin cells generate the same “positive skin response” that your skin would experience if internal and external conditions were perfect. The regimen was developed in France and is based on an exclusive French Bio-ferm process, which employs active ingredients to stimulate your skin’s natural immune response, preventing and repairing damage on a cellular level, encouraging a healthy metabolic rate and regulating cell turnover. All active ingredients are backed by in vitro clinical studies.


The core ingredient found in all Immunocologie treatments is the brand’s signature Vital Oligo Complex, containing 15 essential elements crucial for the proper functioning of skin cells, and encapsulated in a delivery system that allows it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Plant-derived peptides and oligopeptides, super anti-oxidants, nourishing oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals are all key components of Immunocologie skincare formulations.


Immunocologie emphasizes the importance of positive ion therapy. “Pollution and electronic devices, like cell phones, computers and TVs, proliferate negative ions which bring imbalance to your skin. Your skin needs positive ions to function properly. As an example, positive ions are in water—think about how good your skin looks and feels when you walk along the shoreline or after a rainy day when the air is humid,” says Ballou.


Recent studies indicate skincare emulsifiers, a common skincare additive used to stabilize creams and lotion by breaking down oils, may  also break down natural oils in your skin, negatively impacting skin barrier function.  All Immunocologie products are free of
emulsifiers and heal the skin from within.


Sustainability is paramount to Immunocologie. Since the brand sources natural ingredients from all over the world, Immunocologie operates according to the Nagoya Protocol – a global agreement whose objective is ensuring a fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the use of genetic resources.


The Super 7 Elixir Face is the brands breakout product. Made using Snail Mucin. Also known as Snail Slime, this ingredient  is commercially obtained from the common garden snail species Helix aspersa, which produces a secretion rich in proteins of high and low molecular super 7 serumweight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging. Immunocologie face serum is a daily, strongly effective serum that regenerates skin cells to bring balance to the skin.


Immunocologie already has a cult following of socialites and celebrities. The brand can be found at Clyde’s on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and at Whites in East Hampton. Be sure to visit their website at