Must Try Beauty Products for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Look? Here’s a List of  TBM Beauty Products to Help You Get Ready for Date Night!




Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s time to fall in love, so here are some beauty products to use!  We know what it’s like to stress over what to wear on a night out, so we’ve got you covered with natural skincare and beauty products.


Here are some of the best indie brand products to add to your shopping list:


  1. SELFIE MASK (5 pack)TBM selfie mask


Its name says it all–because what’s a night out without a little facial pampering? Arya Cosmetic’s Illuminating Oxygenating Selfie Masks are the key to a perfect complexion and plump, youthful skin. Loaded with collagen and hyaluronic acid, this mask aids in quick cell regeneration and removes dead skin cells, leaving you with a fresh canvas for the next steps of your skincare routine.  It’ll have you ready for a selfie, from all angles, all evening long.


  1.        Neroli Isle Face ElixirTBM neroli face elixir


Did you just get back from a vacation in the Caribbean? Choiselle’s Neroli Isle Face Elixir will have you feeling this way. The serum is formulated with Acai, Watermelon, and Papaya to hydrate, exfoliate and brighten your skin. Take natural skincare to the next level with added Soursop, Orange Blossom, and Hibiscus, which work to protect your skin from harmful free radicals. Suitable for all skin types.


  1.       Debra Hydrating Lip Gloss

TBM debra lipgloss

This innovative lip gloss from Lumesh delivers hydration AND shine without the sticky, greasy feeling most traditional glosses have. It’s long lasting and a beautiful rouge color for a long night out. Lumesh is known for creating beauty products that work for all ethnicities and complexions.  Show off your lovely cupid’s bow and make Cupid jealous with this extravagant lip color.


  1.    Tough Girl Power Lifting Tough Wearing Mascara



TBM tough mascra


This mascara DOES NOT BUDGE! I repeat it DOES NOT BUDGE! From Tough Girl Beauty Basics, this product is all about giving your lashes the maximum lift, curl, and fill so you can have thick, beautiful lashes on your busiest days and during the hardest workouts. Pair this with the Lumesh lipgloss above and you have the perfect look for a night out.


  1. Tough Girl Energizing/Setting Spray

TBM toughgirl setting spray

Seal the deal with Tough Girl Setting Spray. Whether it be on a night out or something to freshen up your skin, this energizing spray leaves you with a healthy glow throughout the day. Infused with watermelon, cucumber, and mint–a refreshing beverage for the skin.



Let’s get in the mood for love, all darn month.




3 Common Themes Leading to Innovation

While at Columbia University’s 2016 Commencement this week, I had the absolute pleasure of hearing advice from Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, as well as Lee C. Bollinger, Columbia University President. I wanted to share this information with you because the same common themes that emerged from their speeches, have also emerged in my dialogues with executives in the Health and Personal Care Industry. Three common themes include:

1. Sustainability – We need to become more mindful about unsustainable products and focus on opportunities to mitigate any negative impact product waste has on the environment. This is especially important in personal care where products have limited shelf life, and packaging components have the potential for reuse.

2. Globalization – We need to utilize the global economy to facilitate innovation and build tolerance. Externally, the personal care industry markets the idea of authenticity as beauty to consumers. Internally, within organizations, however, more can be accomplished through the use of technology, which has the ability to breakdown silos and enable more collaborative cultures. We need to start building and facilitating global networks to enable knowledge sharing in the global online world we now compete in.

3. Disruption – We need to challenge existing ways of doing things and try to make a difference to customers as well as the environments in which we operate. Health and beauty consumer product companies are in need of digital transformation in a time when rapid technological change undermines traditional sources of stability.

The Beauty Marketplace® (HB)’s mission is to contribute to the growth and development of organizations and entrepreneurs in the Health & Beauty industry. Our 10,000 contact network and growing can be segmented into contract manufacturers, packaging and ingredient suppliers, corporate executives at multinational organizations, independent brands, spas and personal care company owners.

HB’s goal is to facilitate collaboration among the contacts in our network, as well as present you with opportunities to help you grow you business.

As Ban Ki-moon so eloquently stated this Wednesday, “Keep your head above the clouds, but feet firmly on the ground”. Looking to the future, let’s continue to collaborate and remain open to implementing change. Feel free to message me if you are open to innovate or would like to discuss more about these topics!

Have a Beautiful Day,


What Knowledge is Required for You to do Business?

Knowledge is defined as a familiarity, awareness or understanding of facts, information, descriptions, or skills. In order maintain the competitive advantage, many brands, companies, and organizations are using internal knowledge to capitalize and fuel innovation. Avon, for example, recently created a new Innovation Manager role in their organization, to keep them ahead of the curve enabling the company to have as much knowledge as possible on what’s next. Mintel, the research organization, makes a business of supplying the industry with the latest in research information and market analysis.

Internal knowledge can be in the form of big data, employee’s minds, social media statistics, and various technology or trend forecasting presentations, for example. Since The Beauty Marketplace represents members of the Health and Beauty business to business community, we are wondering what knowledge is most important to do you job most effectively…? Please post your reply and tell us about what you do and the information or knowledge you find most useful in your role.

Have a Beautiful Day!



The Beauty Marketplace’s January Breakout Talent of the Month is Fitness Expert Marc Perry.


Marc Perry first caught The Beauty Marketplace’s eye via his promotional fitness flyers he would distribute in a popular health food restaurant in Manhattan called Natureworks. After doing more research, we discovered Marc and his BuiltLean program have all the elements of a Breakout Fitness Talent: Mass market appeal, an interesting background story, and an effective branded workout regimen.

Marc Perry is a Yale graduate and former finance analyst who ditched Wall Street for a career in Fitness in order to teach people the truth about body transformation and a healthy lifestyle.


The Beauty Marketplace was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask Marc some questions as he was preparing for the New Year and below is what he had to say.

The Beauty Marketplace: Elaborate on what ultimately motivated you to take the entrepreneurial leap and leave finance to become an expert in fitness.

Marc Perry: I had a lot of motivations, but deep down I knew I was not reaching my potential in finance and I never would. I wanted to build something that could positively change the world. Fitness is something I’ve always loved and has been very important to me. I reasoned that helping people achieve their fitness goals and inspiring others to get excited about fitness is a mission to which I can happily dedicate my life.

The Beauty Marketplace: What are both your fitness and career goals heading into 2015?

Marc Perry:

My career goals this year are:
1) To write at least one article per week and produce at least one video per month
2) Hire a full-time employee to help manage the operations and marketing implementation for my company
3) Develop more revenue streams that can scale while refining and creating more products and services

I have several fitness goals, here are a few:
1) Touching my hands behind my back on both sides
2) Pistol squat with both legs
3) 100 snatches in 5 minutes with 24kg kettlebell
4) Become SFG certified
5) Become NASM-CES certified

The Beauty Marketplace: We think you are on to something with workouts for busy professionals! Can you identify any fitness trends you have noticed that you think may increase in popularity heading into 2015?

Marc Perry: One trend that I think is very beneficial to everyone including busy professionals is the functional fitness trend, which will continue to become more important When I say “functional fitness”, I don’t mean doing biceps curls while standing on a bosu ball, but emphasizing quality of movement and exercises that directly translate into improved strength and performance like a kettlebell swing, push-ups, or pull ups. Approaching the body as a bunch of separate muscles to train individually is an inferior approach for longevity and athletic performance than using the body as one piece – in my opinion.

The Beauty Marketplace:  What are some of your favorite Health and Fitness brands?

Marc Perry: Some fitness brands and products I like:
Spartan Race
Mobility WOD
Captains of Crush Grippers

The Beauty Marketplace:  Do you have a grooming routine or any specific products you use or tips to share?

Marc Perry: When I first moved to New York City, I’m not sure I knew what grooming meant. My toiletry bag was pretty empty. But as I’ve gotten older and after some advice from a woman I dated, for cleaning my face I use proactive, a vitamin C serum by Anthony, and a Nivea Q10 moisturizer. The moisturizer in particular makes a significant difference in how my skin looks. Other than that, for dental hygiene I brush my teeth, floss using floss picks, and use Listerine. For my hair I use a hair gel from Dramatics NYC called Drama Putty and shave every morning.

Be certain to head to Marc’s website to check out his BuiltLean program as well as his articles and videos with plenty of fitness tips! Click HERE to view

Have An Honestly Beautiful Day!




The Beauty Marketplace’s January Breakout Blogger of the Month is Alexandra Morbitzer of FitLatina

Allie Morbitzer also known as The FitLatina is a feisty personality who is as passionate about building her brand as she is about conducting a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging all her readers, not just the Latina community, to join in with her on a healthy way of life.


Alexandra Morbitzer is the founder of Fit Latina.  As a lifelong athlete, she grew up in a family that put a high importance on wellness and being active. Passionate about creating healthy life styles that stick (and work), she founded Fit Latina in April 2012 after discovering a lack of available fitness, nutrition and wellness resources and community space that focused particularly on Latinas.

Fit Latina is a culturally relevant social media platform and website aimed at opening and engaging dialogue among women about creating and developing a healthy lifestyle without totally losing cultural identity.  On the page, women can find tips, recipes, inspiration, information, sample fitness plans and encouragement while connecting with others.  Fit Latina has been featured on Being Latino online magazine, New Latina, Latina and in El Diario La Prensa.

Alexandra also created The Fitness Initiative in which she hosts and oversees donation-based fitness and wellness events in New York City and Philadelphia that feature work outs led by certified fitness professionals.  These events are donation based and support local charities aimed at providing low income youth with means and opportunity to discover physical activity.  She plans on expanding to other cities within the next couple years.

FitLatina2Alexandra is based in New York City.  FitLatina presently has 3,285 and growing Twitter followers and 3,337 Likes on Facebook.

Connect with her on Twitter @AlliChasesBliss and check out Fit Latina on Twitter (@FitLatina), Instagram (@TheFitLatina), Facebook ( or visit the website (

Want to nominate a health and beauty blogger you know to be the next Breakout Blogger of the Month? Email us at

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D&D Organics


Here’s to an Honestly Beautiful 2015!

The Beauty Marketplace’s January Breakout Brand of the month is D&D Organics.

The Beauty Marketplace chose D&D Organics at January’s Breakout Brand of the Month because this is a wellness nutritional product that supports the increasing trend toward an active lifestyles and a mobile, fast paced, global society.


D&D Organics

D&D Organics is ahead of the fitness curve and one of the only powdered food sources on the market. Comprised in powdered form of Gluten-Free 100% Organic Oat Powder, Egg Whites, Cocoa Powder, and Stevia Extract, this product is not a supplement, but the most cost effective organic meal on the planet. “From the gym to the board room or vice versa, the D&D organic products are able to provide your body with optimal nutrition to enable optimal performance and functionality,” said Brand Founder, Eugene Dinescu.

D&D Organics



Eugene and his twin brother, Vince, founded the D&D Organics brand. The brothers are collectively known to the fitness community as the The Dinescu Twins.
DD Twins Workout

D&D (Dinescu & Dinescu) Organics is the first complete real food powder sourced from 100% USDA organic ingredients that can be mixed with water or your favorite beverage as a meal replacement, pre-workout, post-workout, or a tasty snack. This product is not a supplement, but an actual powdered food source that can be lived off of and used as a meal. Each bag is all food, made with a unique technology, and comes directly from a farm. Arguably, one of the best pre and post workout products on the market.

The Dinescu Twins came to market with D&D Organics in 2014, but the ingestible product has actually been a work in progress for the past ten years. The Vincent Dinescu’s  main objective was to break foodstuff from macro to micro in a powder format so he would ensure he was obtaining optimal nutrition during his workouts, as well as busy days and nights enrolled in Columbia Business School.
D&D Organics can be purchased online as well as in a variety of gyms, fitness centers, CKO kickboxing locations, and in a growing number of specialty organic food stores. View their website HERE

The WHY:
For the person looking for a healthy life style or the fitness enthusiast who wants to maintain optimal fitness and focus levels.

The brand and product is meant to coincide with a fast paced healthy lifestyle. The Dinescu twins are fitness enthusiasts who love training and being healthy. While working toward a business school degree with minimal time to eat, Vince developed this product with brother Eugene as his first case study, and both twins noticed exceptional results.

“Most people who utilize D&D organics will loose weight and get stronger. Nothing will beat D&D after a workout! It will take users to the next level in their goals,” -Eugene Dinescu DD Twins in Suits






The Beauty Marketplace had the fortunate opportunity to lunch with one of the Health and Beauty industry’s leading minds in the world of technology and contract manufacturing – Founder of Innovated Target Marketing, Frank Penna. The Beauty Marketplace likes to think of this contact as the father of the innovative ingredient. The next time you are looking at the ingredients in your favorite cosmetic and skin care products, there is a sold chance this insider had involvement in the discovery of the technology behind such components. Heavily involved with the development of such components from the University level, Frank noted the trends on the verge you can  anticipate to be seeing more of. They include…

  • Nutraceutical Products – addressing fatigue and wellness
  • Reef Safe Sunscreens – Did you know reef is one of the most delicate organisms on the planet? Reefs on islands with high tourist volumes wearing excessive amounts of sunscreen are now causing harm to all the reefs particularly at popular cruise ship destination ports like Barbados. Governments on some islands are looking to enact a law for the requirement of Reef Safe Sunscreens in order to preserve their natural resources.
  • Electrically Charged Products – made with an energy source developed within the government. The charge in such products stimulates collagen production from the stem cell level
  • Marine Life Ingredient Sources – everything begins and ends with the sea and your skin is about to experience the benefits. Stay tuned!

Have An Honestly Beautiful Day!


Birchbox – the company responsible for setting the Beauty Box trend into motion, offers a monthly box of personalized beauty samples to their subscBorchbox SoHoribers recently set up brick and mortar retail shops . The Birchbox business model proves advantageous for consumers to find personal care products they love, and for Indie Beauty brands to gain exposure in a saturated marketplace.

The Birchbox Shops are in key global destinations including France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. The Beauty Marketplace paid a visit to the Birchbox New York location yesterday which proved to be the ultimate beauty lovers paradise!

Merchandise was conveniently categorized into sections including Lips, Cheeks, Eyes, Skin, Hair, Men’s, Nails (were even categorized by color), etc… making shopping simple and fun. A station in the back of the store allowed the creation of a BYOB take home Birchbox Box on site, and a downstairs second level offered services encompassing hair, nails, and make-up application.




All in all, the Birchbox store is a destination every beauty junkie in search of new products should visit. Be sure to make a point to pop by to one of the global destinations, or if you cannot make a physical appearance, be certain to get the Birchbox experience online.

Have An Honestly Beautiful Day!

Michael Kors


Michael Kors

Michael Kors is yet another celebrity designer all set to jump on the beauty bandwagon with his new line of nail shades he is launching for Fall. To celebrate, the brand’s 667 Madison Avenue store is treating shoppers to free manicures on August 14th, 21st, and 28th between 10am and 6pm. This isn’t your standard polish change—treatments will feature Kors’ signature skincare products, including the label’s popular Shimmer Dry Oil Spray.

Electric Hair Masque


For our July Breakout Brand, The Beauty Marketplace selected a hair care line we have had our eye on ever since first being introduced at the international beauty exhibition, Cosmoprof Bologna, in April 2013. The brand we are referring to is called Electric – an independent and exciting British hair care brand offering a luxurious salon professional product range.

The Beauty Marketplace knows Electric has the winning combination of  marketable attributes which make a brand a success: eye-catching packing, an effective product line, and keen company direction. Electric was founded and is steered by Creative Director powerhouse and salon industry veteran – Mark Wooley. Mark and the Electric International Art-team are highly sought after by global brand leaders such as L’Oreal Professionnel, The Fellowship for British Hairdressing and Denman International, among many others.


Mark’s passion for hairdressing is at the very heart of Electric. The brand’s mission is to create superb hairdressing in striking settings within key cities. Mark and his Art Team travel educating and demonstrating ground breaking trends and Techniques all over the globe. The Beauty Marketplace reached out to Electric’s Mark Wooley asking him to share with our reader’s some Summer Hair Trends/Styles. Here are his top three:

1. The Technical cut – Broken weight line
Created by Mark Woolley last year, the broken weight line cut has featured heavily this year as a style of cutting. The look is reminiscent of Natalie Portman’s iconic hairstyle in Leon but with an edgier yet feminine aspect to it where texture is the key to finishing the look. Natalie-Portman-LeonCelebrities such as Jessie J and Miley Cyrus debuted the look very recently and have featured heavily in the media.







2. Technical Pony Tail
The pony tail is perfect for keeping long hair off the face and out of the way when the weather is warmer. There are many variations of the low ponytail which is so versatile and easy to create. Here are our favorite ways to wear:

  • Experimenting With Height – A perfect low ponytail should be below the ears and bump-free! Try layering the ponytails and fastening at the nape of the neck, like above. This is a more modern take on this style staple.


  • Experimenting With Partings – Whether you prefer a middle, side or an EXTREME side parting, the low ponytail looks amazing with any of them (maybe recreate the 90′s and do a zigzag if you can’t decide??).


  • Experimenting With Movement – A ponytail slightly to the side is a great way of showcasing your long locks without having your hair down and is great for those ‘couldn’t be bothered with my hair’ days. The slicked-back ponytail could be the answer if you don’t enjoy hair in your face, perfect for holidays as well as a hot and sticky office!Part and Pony

3. The Faux Bob
One of the key trends for the summer will be the faux bob. This style will give your hair a summary edge without you having to change it drastically. It works for any length hair, with just a small amount of product and a few pins. If your hair is thick and long, you may need to make a ‘foundation’ for your hair with a low bun using the underneath of your hair, then letting the rest down to drape over the bun, tuck under and secure with pins. Those with thinner or shorter hair, you can just simply backcomb the underneath section to create the base, then tuck and pin the rest under.


Electric’s latest product launch is Volume Liquid Mist which is fortified with moisturizing wheat proteins and hydrating meadowfoam to deliver strength and structure to the hair while creating long lasting volume and support with no hint of residue. This product is excellent at refreshing volume on non-shampoo days by simply spraying on to dry hair, combing, and re-styling.






With 2,341 likes on Facebook and 2,862 followers on Twitter at the time this post was written, it is easy to see why Electric is the UK’s most exciting and rapidly expanding Hairdressing brand.

Electric Hair Masque

Drawing on two decades of experience in the industry and years of intense research and development, Electric is very proud of the Electric Hair care range. For more information head to Electric’s Website


Have An Honestly Beautiful Day!