Carve and Slice Your Hair


As a girl with curly hair I now have a hairstyle to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Wanting a new look just in time for the holidays and the impending New Year, I decided to turn to The Curl Experts themselves – Ouidad.


Tired of having your thick curly hair looking too bulky and triangular in shape? Head into Ouidad and ask for their signature Carving and Slicing technique. The Carve and Slice method preserves and enhances the curl pattern, removing the bulkiness typically associated with curly hair.

Before After

Ouidad has flagship salons in New York and Santa Monica, as well as Ouidad certified salons nationwide.


So this Thanksgiving holiday, before you Carve and Slice the turkey, do the same to your hair, and you will undoubtedly be the hostess with the mostest!

Have an Honest Beautiful Day,

<33 Mary
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Birthday Done Jerseyliscious Style


It is no secret Jersey knows how to party! As a reformed Jersey Girl myself, who has done my own fair share of partying, I must say on Sunday, November 13th, Tracy DiMarco of the Style Network’s Jerseyliscious, and her reality TV star cohorts, brought out all the stops, at Tracy’s Birthday Benefit celebration which took place at The Loft in The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, NJ.

The event was to celebrate the Jerseyliscious star’s birthday. The kind hearted, high haired hairstylist, used her birthday as an opportunity to give back to children’s charities such as the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which works to save children benefiting from terminal illness.



Guests were spoiled with sweets from ALM Dessert Bar ( specializing in cocktail flavoured cupcakes, and sampled gelato from Sotto Zero.

 After a live musical performance from fashion forward recording artist, Ceresia, famous for her “Stilettos” single, a fashion show highlighted the hottest, must have, Tracy DiMarco approved, Jersey Girl looks from Tracy’s very own stylist, Meital B, owner of Reve Boutique ( 


“I am so excited, I think this is a huge turnout”, Tracy said, surrounded by her family, boyfriend, and friends including: Drita D’Avanzo from Mob Wives, the infamous Angelina Pivarnick from Jersey Shore (seasons 1 & 2), and Jerseyliscious cast mates: Gigi Liscio, Briella Calafiore, and Anthony Roberts. 


A good time was had by all, and all, in the name of a good cause! Events like these make me proud to be a Jersey girl. Hats off, and my highest hair goes to Tracy DiMarco of Jerseyliscious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Be sure to check out for all things Jersey!


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<33 Mary


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Get MOTIVEated with The Beauty Marketplace NOVEMBER Breakout Brand


“I don’t stop when I’m tired; I stop when I’m done.” This was one of the quotes displayed on Loren Ridinger’s (@lorenridinger) twitter feed recently, and let me tell you, that is a quote Loren lives by. Talk about AMBITION!


In addition to being a successful internet and fashion entrepreneur, as well as the Co-founder of, Loren is now on the fast track to conquering the world of mineral cosmetics, with her MOTIVES Mineral Cosmetics brand new line titled AMBITION.


I was fortunate enough to sample the entire MOTIVES AMBITION Mineral Cosmetics Line, and the fact that I just simply cannot get enough of any of the products in the entire collection, forced me to deem MOTIVES Mineral Cosmetics  – the The Beauty Marketplace NOVEMBER BREAKOUT BRAND OF THE MONTH.


Some of you may recognize Loren from her appearances on some episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians. In one episode, on a Kardashian trip to New York City, Chloe had her birthday party filmed on Loren’s, and her husband J.R’s, yacht. In one scene in this episode, Loren is seen dishing out some really “MOTIVE-ational” dating advice to Kim in the back of a taxi.  


It is no wonder Loren’s mineral cosmetic line is titled AMBITION by MOTIVES. Just head over to her website – – for all the motivation and inspiration a woman could need. Loren’s website is what really attracted me to her initially. She shares many of the same values of my The Beauty Marketplace philosophy, and honestly motivates and inspires me everyday. Her new mineral cosmetics line does the same!


Geared specifically to successful, determined women trendsetters, who refuse to let others define what they are supposed to be, AMBITION by MOTIVES is comprised of pressed powders, blushes, eye shadows, and lipsticks in radiant colors with long-lasting skin benefits. “Beneficial, not just superficial”, as Loren describes. Made from micronized minerals, Motives Custom Mineral Powders contain pure pigments that feel light and natural on the skin. These products, when combined, benefit the skin and leave a silky smooth, flawless finish that gives the complexion a naturally radiant and healthy glow.


I keep all the MOTIVES products right beside me in my desk draw at work to freshen up before an important meeting, or before a night on the town. The bright and stunning colors of the MOTIVES Sparkle Pot Eye shadows are my Honest FAV. I also love the natural looking MOTIVES Mineral Pressed Blush – make sure you try them all!


“We all aspire to achieve greatness and, by believing in ourselves, we can make our dreams become a reality. My hope is when all women wear these products, they will feel empowered,” Loren has said. Mission accomplished!


AMBITION – the newest MOTIVES Mineral Cosmetics Line and MOTIVES Custom Mineral cosmetics, all favored by celebs and make-up artists, are available at , as well as through certified Motives Consultants, also found online.


Have an Honestly Beautiful and MOTIVE-ational Day,


<33  Mary




Stages are IT


The HBA Global and Spa social media communities have spoken and The 2nd Annual The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the YEAR, by a landslide victory, went to Stages of Beauty.


STAGES OF BEAUTY is a new skincare company with a full line of products specifically formulated by age. Stages of Beauty’s mission is to fulfil all the diverse and changing needs of a woman’s skin throughout her life. More information?


Thank-you so much for all who took the time to vote and congratulations to all the monthly nominees! It is such an honest pleasure to be among the first to get to discover and familiarize myself with such promising and authentic brands.


Be sure you FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @MaryJPalmieri as I am now actively seeking next year’s batch of the people, places, and products, I can deem the next The Beauty Marketplace BREAKOUT BRAND.


Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,


<33 Mary



Get Your Glow On With The Beauty Marketplace JULY Breakout Brand


I love the summer sun! Nothing is more enjoyable than basking in the sun’s shining rays, warming your face, calming your body, and tanning your skin for that nice summer glow.

However, as much as I enjoy those radiant rays, I cannot help but worry about the detrimental effects sun exposure can have on one’s complexion. In order to counteract spending time in the sun, I set out to find a product that would help me fight sun damage, as well as the signs of aging, sun damage can cause.

Goldfaden logoThe product I found most capable of putting my sun damage woes at ease is The Beauty Marketplace’s July Breakout Brand – GOLDFADEN SKINCARE.

Around since 1967, Goldfaden is hardly a Breakout Brand, but has recently become a favorite among celebs like Jennifer Lopez – famous for her glow. Goldfaden was developed by Florida-based Dermatologist, Dr. Gary Goldfaden, known for his natural approach and signature Organic Red Tea-based formulations.

Dr. Goldfaden is dedicated to exploring the newest ground-breaking developments in skincare, and discovers the latest trends including topical melatonin, Stem Cell, and DNA Technology. My favorite product from the line – Goldfaden Skincare Product LineGoldfaden Sleep Renewal Night Cream – offers a unique signature formulation including Melatonin – a natural compound that regulates the sleep process. Aiding the body in a more restful night’s sleep, skin cells are allowed to perform optimal rejuvenation during the night while the body is relaxed. 

Using a unique, organic stem cell found in a rare Swiss apple, Dr. Goldfaden developed another honest favorite Goldfaden 3-in-1 Daily Moisturizer which keeps skin hydrated, moisturized, and nourished. Perfect for a gorgeous dewy and bronzed summer glow!

Now that August is fast approaching, stock up on as many Goldfaden products you can find, head outdoors, and enjoy the rest of your summer. Be confident knowing you are beautiful, and Goldfaden is on your side!

The Goldfaden skincare collection is available at select boutique druggists and beauty emporiums in the skincare and natural markets. For information on the complete Goldfaden product collection and distribution, please visit .

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

<33  Mary

Lather Up for the The Beauty Marketplace June Breakout Brand


Just in time for the official start of summer, I had the honest pleasure of having breakfast, and mingling at the uber-chic Mondrian SoHo’s Imperial No. 9, with my fellow Beauty Bloggers and the Founders of SUNBOW SUNSCREEN. Sunbow is the first ever sunscreen uniquely marketed to children vs. adults. This is one of the main reasons I have decided to name SUNBOW the The Beauty Marketplace JUNE BREAKOUT BRAND OF THE MONTH.

Innate and clever Marketers, hailing from the Music Industry, company founders Andy Gershon and Joel Menzin, cleverly linked up with kid crazy Nickelodeon to design Sunbow’s packaging. The packaging features some of Nickelodeon’s iconic character brands. With Dora the Explorer, Diego, AND SpongeBob gracing your sunscreen bottles and sticks, how can a kid resist?

Not only does Sunbow feature a kid favorite Nickelodeon character on each of their products, but the actual lotion goes onto the skin in super fun pink, blue, or yellow colors. The lotion goes on in color, yet dries clear, making application fun for kids, but not detrimental for parents. 

What I honestly love most about Sunbow is the brand fosters education. Each product in the line features an almost hidden gem of a fun fact, on the back of each bottle or package. Parents can use this little tid-bit of information to engage their child, and teach them something new as they bond on the beach or near the pool. 

Designed with the health and well being of children in mind, Andy decided to develop Sunbow all because of his young daughter, who hated the process of applying sun block. (Who can blame her, unless you have the hot tanning butler at the Ritz Carlton South Beach applying your lotion?) So, Andy partnered up with Joel and set out on a mission to develop a sun block that is easy plus fun to apply, and a lotion you should only need to apply ONCE. 

Before they knew it Andy and Joel had a three product line: Sunbow Zinc Oxide Cream / Sunbow Sunscreen Spray / Sunbow Sun Stick. My honest favorite is the Dora the Explorer Pink, BUBBLE GUM SCENTED (that’s right – bubblegum – Mmmmm), Sunbow Sunscreen Spray offering maximum coverage with minimum application time. The Sunbow Sun Stick is an innovative way to apply, and perfect for face. Just drop the SpongeBob Sun Stick in your purse or beach bag and you have an adorable, conversation starting accessory all summer long. 

Sunbow delivers a water resistant, all natural product, offering seven sku’s formulated with micronized Zinc Oxide formulas to provide a strong UVA/UVB barrier, without the chemical actives such as Oxybenzone or Octinoxate – found in many other brands. 

This summer, log-on to to pick up your child’s or your favorite Sunbow products, and as an added bonus use Sunbow’s website to educate your children on the importance of applying sunscreen, in a way that does not make it seem like a chore. For all your sunny days, use Sunbow! Products also available at . 

***Special thank to: Kristen Somody Whalen/Courtesy of Sunbow, for the photos from the event!

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

<33  Mary

What Stage Are You

Have you ever realized most skincare companies tend to market the same line to a 50 year old woman as well as a 20 year old? My mother and I use the same brand of moisturizer despite our difference in age! Don’t you find this odd?

One brand recently made the keen observation age was hardly taken into account when prescribing a skincare line. Making age the #1 variable when developing their products, this brand decided to build their company around the premise of age-specific skincare. The innovative concept of age-specific skincare is what lead me to name Stages of Beauty – The Beauty Marketplace’s May Breakout Brand of the Month.

Stages of Beauty is a new skincare company with a full line of products specifically formulated by age. Stages of Beauty’s mission is to fulfill all the diverse and changing needs of a woman’s skin throughout her life.

Stages of Beauty founder – Jasmina Aganovic – is a MIT-trained Chemical & Biological Engineer who was increasingly frustrated with the skincare products she tried, and began researching the needs of skin throughout the aging process.

“Other skincare brands treat mothers, daughters, grandmothers like we are all the same”, observed Ms. Aganovic. “However, today we know that age is the most important determinant of skin’s needs”. Stages of Beauty is revolutionary because the ingredients used are specifically chosen to meet the challenges of the skin at a certain period of time.

Stages of Beauty introduces women nationwide to treatment creams, cleansers, and scrubs prepared to meet their skin’s needs in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s and beyond. Stages of Beauty products are divided into four targeted lines based on the age categories listed above:

1.    Women in their 20s use Radiance. Radiance contains antioxidants to repair and protect skin against future damage and premature wrinkles.

2.    Women in their 30s use Harmony. Harmony uses ingredients which address the fact skin regeneration now takes twice as long. This product will even out skin tone and help increase collagen and elastin production.

3.    Women in their 40s use Elegance. Now facing a new foe – thinning skin – skin in its 40s demands ingredients to improve elasticity, tone and firmness. Elegance targets the latter as well as signs of photo-aging and sun sensitivity.

4.    Women in their 50s and beyond use Grace. Grace’s skincare ingredients are hydrating and firming, battling the effects of the body’s changing hormones. This product will combat the rapid decline in surface immunity and the degrading moisture barrier.

Since I am in my 20s enjoying a hectic lifestyle of sun worshiping and working here in New York City, I found Stages of Beauty Radiance moisturizer particularly beneficial. Representing the other age demographics, we have different decades of women here in the office who each sampled their own age appropriate Stages of Beauty product line. Each commented on feeling fully moisturized all day long!

No matter what stage of beauty you may be in, you can try out Stages of Beauty sample creams for a FREE 14 days by claiming a sample online at . Stages of Beauty also offers a no-hassles 30-day money back guarantee! How’s that for honest? Log online or call 877.869.3162

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

<33  Mary

April Breakout Brand

The eraclea launch party at The Standard Hotel in NYC was an affair to remember. Not only did I rub elbows with NY notables such as Standard hotel owner Andre Balazas, and Ford Models Founder Eileen Ford, but I also had the opportunity to be among the first to try eraclea’s début line. What impressed me more then the launch party, were the results I noticed almost immediately after using the eraclea product line. The nearly instant gratification eracleaprovided, led me to name eraclea the The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Month.

What makes eraclea unique is the delivery system. Referred to as the HylaSpongeSystem, a revolutionary system that maximizes the benefits of hyaluronic acid, the system is the result of decades of hyaluronic acid research.  The HylaSpongeSystem is a breakthrough complex composed of patented HylaSponges which are water-insoluble, water-filled microsponges composed of polymerized hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid). The HylaSponges act as a second skin, hydrating the surface layer, and delivering superior and lasting hydration toward the deeper layers of the skin. The moisture-intense “second skin” the HylaSponges create, protects, fills and smoothes the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating your skin to the core.

Eraclea® was founded by industry vets Dr. Janet L. Denlinger and Morgan Hare. Dr. Janet has over two decades of experience in physiological, biological, biochemical and primate research. Denlinger is also a co-founder of Biomatrix Inc., a biotechnology research, development and manufacturing company she founded with her husdand, Dr. Endre A. Balazs. Janet and her husband had one of the first patents on hyaluronic acid, an ingredient they sold to a “little” cosmetics company called Estee Lauder back in the day, for their Estee Lauder’s famed wrinkle reducing serum, still presently on the market. Janet is currently chief scientific officer and cofounder of Hylaco LLC , an ingredient and product-development company specializing in marketing the HylaSpongeSystem.

Morgan Hare is president and co-founder of the Dallas-based Hylaco LLC, the parent company of eraclea. Hare brings with her more than 30 years of experience in the cosmetics and skin care industries, and has held executive marketing and product development positions at numerous national, blue-chip consumer product and retail companies such as Revlon, Avon, QVC, and HSN. Prior to her marketing career, Hare conducted research at Harvard Medical School and held senior sales positions in the biomedical industry for several companies, including Technicon Instruments Corporation and American Optical Corporation.

I have had the honest pleasure of trying all the products in eraclea’s line. I can whole heartedly assure you; every single item is absolutely fabulous and produces honest results. In my gym bag every morning, to hydrate my face when I get out of the steam room and shower, is my 4-step daily eraclearegimen which includes: EraClea Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/ Vitamin C, EraClea Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc, EraClea Eye Surround Cream, and EraClea Hydrating Day Lotion. Since using these products my skin has never looked so dewy and fresh! The moisture retention from eraclea’s products really does last all day.
For nighttime, EraClea 5 Night Perfecting Peel truly works in 5 days – a noticeable difference – honest! After 5 days, I use EraClea Restorative Hydrating Night Cream which leaves me looking fresh and unafraid of the mirror in the morning.

With the weather growing warmer and summer just around the corner, you know you want to put your best face forward. You can do just that with eraclea. Find more information online at –  – and start looking for eraclea in Spas and MedSpas near you!


Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

<33  Mary

Just When I Thought Wine Couldn’t Get Better

Just when I thought wine couldn’t get any better, I discovered the same grapes used in my favorite Merlot, have tremendous healing properties when used on your skin. The same discovery led Wayne Beckley to make millions on his skincare line, The Beauty Marketplace’s March Breakout Brand of the Month – Merlot Skin Care.
More than 10 years ago, while watching 60 Minutes, Wayne Beckley first learned about the “French Paradox” – a report on the people of France who consumed diets rich in saturated fat, but who suffer virtually no heart disease. The report linked findings to the drinking of red wine. Intrigued by this Paradox, Wayne chronicled over 70 studies each indicating a glass of red wine each day could be beneficial to one’s health, warding off cancers and lowering cholesterol. Through the studies, Wayne eventually discovered the grapes true power is their seeds. Grape seed antioxidants are 50x more powerful than Vitamin E and 25x more powerful then Vitamin C. So, in 2001 Mr. Beckley launched Merlot Skin Care utilizing the power of the grape seed.
Merlot Skin Care products work to fight free radicals and protect skin against the signs of aging. Known for high quality formulations and tremendous value, all Merlot Skin Care Products are made in the USA and are never tested on animals.
Since 2011 marks the 10 year anniversary for Merlot, the brand is celebrating with brand new packaging and three new product launches:
1.        3-in-1 Blemish/Acne Treatment
2.        Merlot Body Butter
3.        Chin Up Neck Firming Cream.
My honest favorite happens to be Merlot’s debut product from 10 years ago – Merlot Natural Grape Seed Moisturizer. Never have I used a moisturizer more cooling and immediately effective! This product will be ideal for the summer months. You can keep in your fridge for extra facial soothing and firming, particularly when you experience sunburn.
Whether ingesting Merlot or putting Merlot on my skin, grapes and their seeds clearly have their benefits. Now Merlot not only has a permanent place in my wine cellar, but Merlot Skincare now has a permanent place in my beauty line up – and should hold a place in beauty line up too! Merlot Skin Care products are available at Walgreens and Ulta, and online at .
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33  Mary

Show More Skin

We are all just counting down the days for springtime to arrive, bringing with the season, longer days and higher temperatures. Warmer weather typically means dressing in fashions that may show more skin.
So, start preparing your skin now, all you males and females, for the Spring and Summer months ahead! In order to make our dry winter skin springtime ready, we are going to need a hand and body moisturizer that is honestly capable of reviving flaky, dehydrated skin.
If you are looking for a product to do the trick, replenishing moisture and suppleness to your skin, I strongly suggest you run to the store and by yourself a tube of Columbia Healing Cream. Tested by dermatologists, Columbia Healing Cream is a restorative formula rich in vitamins, minerals, and botanicals guaranteed to pull your skin out of the arid winter doldrums.
So, lets all think spring as we hydrate our skin and pick up a tube of Columbia Healing Cream!
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary