October Breakout Brand of the Month

We are back in action in year 2 for the The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Month nominees! Dr. Christine Rodgers was our 1st Annual 2010 The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Year winner and a former October nominee for her brand – En Pointe Skin Solutions. Now let’s see the first monthly brand to be in the running for 2011 as we do it all over again…
Have you been hearing all the rage over satin pillow cases?
Satin pillow cases not only offer extreme comfort allowing you to sleep like royalty, but satin pillow cases are proven to hydrate skin while you sleep, fighting off those dreadful fine lines and wrinkles.
Satin pillow cases are giving a whole new meaning to the term “beauty sleep”, and I would like to introduce to you to the brand that is giving a whole new meaning to the satin pillow case. Ladies and gentleman, without further ado, The Beauty Marketplace’s 2nd Annual October Breakout Brand of the MonthNeero & Ana.
Neero & Ana is the brand behind what is, in my opinion, one of the best satin pillow cases currently on the market. The Neero, of Neero & Ana, is actually Doreen spelled backwards – without the D – after company founder, Doreen Motten. Doreen is a single mother with a 19 year-old-son named Dana, who comprises the Ana, of Neero & Ana (Dana spelled backwards without the D = Ana)
Doreen and I crossed paths at a Pretty City event. Shortly after the event, Doreen called me so filled with passion about the Neero & Ana brand and their lingerie and satin pillowcases.
Already aware of the satin pillow case buzz, I was instantly intrigued with Neero & Ana’s product, but was sold on the product the moment Doreen told me the pillow cases would protect and revive the keratin treatment I had in my hair. Satin pillow cases have been proven to revive Keratin treatments and fight frizzy hair. The satin pillow cases are also beneficial and gentle on processed and color treated hair.  
Shortly after our phones conversation, Doreen and I met in person at the NY Spa & Resort Medical Aesthetics Expo. Doreen was gracious enough to bring me one of Neero & Ana’s satin pillow cases to try. I have not stopped using that satin pillow case since!
In addition to excelling at producing satin pillow cases and intimates, Neero & Ana excels at giving back. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, 15% of your Neero & Ana purchases will be donated to cancer research, education, and awareness.
If you will be near the W Hotel in Hoboken on Saturday, October 30th, Neero & Ana will be at the Bliss Spa from 11am – 5pm participating in a “FunDRaiser” which benefits Gilda’s Club – a network of affiliate clubhouses where men, women and children living with cancer, as well as their friends and families, meet to learn how to live with cancer, whatever the outcome.
The American Cancer Society recommends cancer patients sleep on satin pillow cases to soothe sensitive scalps, keep hair from coming out in clumps, and ease discomfort from chemotherapy. So, this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, fight for a cause by purchasing Neero & Ana’s satin pillow cases for you or someone you love. Available at www.neero-ana.com .
Hats off to Neero & Ana – The The Beauty Marketplace October Breakout Brand of the Month!
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary

Brains and Beauty – November Breakout Brand


Whenever I am indecisive about which Breakout Brand to choose for the month, suddenly – poof! – Out of no where, an indisputable talent falls right in front of my face. The talent I am referring to is a make-up artist who literally was right in front of my face, helping conceal my dark under eye circles, and tired complexion. This artist and his line are The Beatuty Marketplace’s November Breakout Brand of the Month – Christopher Drummond Beauty.


Tired and fatigued from my travels to a recent Spa convention, I decided to pay a visit to the resort salon. After getting my hair done, I needed my face to match. I turned to leave the salon, and there was Christopher Drummond,like a God send, performing free make-up consults to lucky guests in the salon. After five minutes in Chris’ chair, I went from drab to fab using his shimmery and vivacious products.


Christopher Drummond has brains and beauty. In his early days he was a model who managed to earn a Bachelors Degree from the University of Michigan as well as an Esthetician’s License. After experiencing make-up for 15 years both in front of and behind the camera, Chris developed quite an aptitude for the color palette. After working as head make-up artist of Sephora assisting Beauty Icons such as Bobbi Brown, Chris is now venturing into product development himself. New additions to his self titled line – Christopher Drummond Beauty – are getting ready to launch this December – just in time for the holidays!


What is unique about Christopher Drummond Beauty is it is a premium line of natural, organic based, vegan cosmetics following Chris’ basic philosophy to create a company that would both develop products that are revolutionary in texture, ingredients, and application. As he did in my consult, Chris supports his line of cosmetics with practical advice and instruction.


When I sat in Chris’ chair pleading for help on my dark circled and tried eyes, he used some of the following honestly effective flagship products from the Christopher Drummond Beauty line:


– Saúde Pele Radiance Booster – perfect for any skin tone and made to liven up the look of the skin. Saúde Pele is a versatile product that will give all skin types a luminous glow.

– Veludo Velvet Foundation – perfect for sensitive skin types, this hydrating powdered foundation conceals imperfections and offers a healthy finish.
– Finale Finishing Powder– a skin balancing powder that gives you a beautiful airbrushed HD look while moisturizing skin, without setting into fine lines.


Christopher Drummond is a Beauty/Fashion Industry veteran who is obviously a force to be reckoned with, and hisChristopher Drummond Beauty line certainly follows suite. Get your Christopher Drummond Beauty fix at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel or the Relàche Spa at the Gaylord National .To scout out all his fabulous products such as his titanium dioxide free blush, eye creams and lip stains visit – www.christopherdrummond.com .


Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,


<33  Mary



Pretty Is, as Pretty Does – December Breakout Brand

When I think of the holidays I think of being with my favorite folks, all loving and toasty by the fire.
When I think about Love & Toast, I think about an honestly effective natural, and super cute bath and body line I just had to deem The Beauty Marketplace’s December Breakout Brand of the Month.

Brainchild of Margot Elena, Love & Toast joins the family of impossibly stylish fragrance brands Lollia and TokyoMilk. Love & Toast is an adorably whimsical, colorfully packaged, to die for brand that should be on everyone’s wish list. Developed with the belief natural formulas should function and not fail, Love & Toast’s hand cream is created to quench thirsty skin with moisture-rich natural ingredients, that absorb quickly and form invisible protection.

 Love & Toast believes that science and nature are not only compatible, but are inextricably intertwined. It is Love & Toast’s goal to utilize the best of both worlds to create eco-logical hand creams, fragrances, and balms, healthiest to our bodies. I carry a tube of the Love & Toast hand cream around with me wherever I go. The Love & Toast fragrances are also honestly divine, made from thoughtfully selected essential oils and botanical blends.   

Love & Toast creator Margot Elena opened her first bath and body boutique in Lawrence, Kansas in 1993. At her boutique Margot Elena created custom blended perfumes, handmade soaps, and natural facial products. As her business grew, new identities were created. Beginning with Bloom and Lollia, brands were sold nationwide to retailers. As demand increased, it became difficult to supply the batches made by hand. The transition to serve wider demand required intense research and development, and here began Margot’s long term commitment.

Margot has spent the last several years developing Love & Toast’s natural formulas that meet her exceedingly high standards. It is a brand well worth the wait! A return to her roots as well as love of bath and beauty, Love & Toast is Margot Elena’s current brand showcasing her signature style.

For Love & Toast, pretty is as pretty does. Since it is far more important to do good then to look good, a portion of every Love & Toast sale goes directly to Regional Chapters of Girls Inc. – providing vital education and services to millions of American girls, particularly girls in high-risk, underserved areas. Along with Girls Inc., Love & Toast encourages girls everywhere to be “Strong, smart, and bold”.

Have an Honestly Beautiful Holiday,

<33  Mary

April’s Breakout Brand of the Month

Sometimes life can creep up on us in unexpected ways, taking us on all kinds of twists and turns. You never know what new adventure or happening lies around the corner into the future, so it is almost imperative we set aside personal time to take care of ourselves.

If you are longing to create a personal haven to indulge in your ME time, without the expenses associated with a destination getaway, then I recommend to you The Beauty Marketplace’s April Breakout Brand of the Month –Belletaré .
Belletaré means “to beautify” in 16th century Italian. All Belletaré’s productsare inside recyclable packages  with all-natural, cruelty-free, and superior organic ingredients from around the world.
While the economy has forced many to forego spa sessions and expensive salon treatments, many can still afford the luxury of pampering themselves at home with products like Belletaré’s. Consumers can also be assured they are not exposing themselves to harmful fillers, synthetic fragrances, petro-chemicals or toxins. Belletaré carefully selects the antioxidants, botanical extracts, and vitamins used in their products to ensure your skin’s health, as well as counteract the negative effects of aging and environmental stressors.
The Belletaré brand features three organic high-performance lines which I had the pleasure of sampling first hand:
1.       Crescendo – an honestly highly climactic bath and shower gel designed to cleanse and refresh the skin.
2.      Intermezzo – a body polish, and my personal FAV, designed to renew and nourish the skin. My skin was so super smooth after using this body scrub, I hardly needed moisturizer.
3.      Brava – a body lotion that calls for a standing ovation. This third and final phase is designed to hydrate and protect the skin all day/night long.
All Belletaré products are available in two signature oil blends:
1.       Adagio – designed to calm, this blend offers a warm, relaxing blend of scents
2.      Vivace – energizing and invigorating, this is a spirited scent played up by floral and citrus aromas
Belletaré creator, Kim Nolan, like most of us, dreamed of making a living doing something that she loved. Pursuing a legal career, Kim wanted much of her free time far removed from her professional life as a lawyer. Since finding effective products not too harsh or irritating on the skin was difficult for Kim and her loved ones, out of her home in Denver, Colorado, Nolan created customized skincare products for friends and family who had allergies and other skin conditions.
After receiving rave reviews, Kim began full time research and development to build her expertise in subjects ranging from advanced aromatherapy to organic skincare raw materials. In February 2004, a formula was perfected for Nolan’s signature cleansing, renewal, and finishing skincare products, and Belletaré was born!
So now it’s time for you to Belletaré , or “beautify”, your life! Live for today and…
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary


May’s Breakout Brand of the Month

Lately the wear and tear of my busy schedule and the demands of my life have been creeping up on me. As I am sure many of you can relate, I have been feeling worn out and fatigued as my ToDo list just grows longer and longer. During instances like these, I find it really important to retreat, even for just a little while, so I can unplug and regain my focus for what is next on my agenda. The brand I have found most useful during these moments of retreat is The Beauty Marketplace’s May Breakout Brand on the Month – Lisa Hoffman Beauty

Most notably recognized as the wife of Hollywood elite, Dustin Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman is really establishing a name for herself as she takes the beauty world by storm with her high end, worldly products for Skin, Spa, and Scent.

Simplicity is key: Lisa Hoffman is committed to the continuous development of products that simplify the beauty process, making products easier to use and convenient to carry. Lisa provides products that represent the best ingredients science and nature have to offer.

Lisa spent years travelling the world with Dustin and their 6 children becoming well informed on beauty secrets from around the globe. As she travelled, Lisa Hoffman methodically uncovered the most essential skincare ingredients. Lisa was the driving force behind some really unique skin formulations.

After six years in development, Lisa Hoffman launched her very own self titled beauty line dedicated to, none other, then excellence and simplicity. Every product in the Lisa Hoffman line is designed not only able to yield the most exceptional results, but also make the application process as simple as possible.

The Lisa Hoffman beauty regimen comes in regular sizes, or easy-to-travel-with tubes, broken down in numbered order, which you follow step by step. My favourite products through the entire process are Lip Exfoliator and Lip Moisturizer from the Spa Facial Collection. It is not very often you see products focused on the lips. In my opinion lips are one of the most integral features we often do not give enough attention to or take enough care of. Lisa Hoffman tends to the lips with luxurious, nourishing formulas taking skincare to an advanced level.

From the Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Collection, I love the Body Oil. Start to finish this 5 step Shower Collection pampers you from head to toe. The Body Oil is ideal for slicking up your skin and then slipping on a sun dress for a warm Spring or Summer evening. Unique and rare ingredients sourced in Rainforest Regions from around the world, Lisa Hoffman’s shower products identify new scents never before known to the fragrance world.

Lisa Hoffman has also partnered with Givaudan for the creation of her fragrances Japanese Agarwood and Madagascar Orchid. The innovative VARIATIONS concept features pulse point oils specifically formulated to satisfy your shifting olfactive senses throughout the day. DAYTIME and EVENING variants cased in eco-friendly packaging were envisioned by Lisa’s daughter.

Lisa’s passion for purity, sensory experiences, and environmentally responsible practices led her on a scent trek to the forests of Kyoto, Japan where the rare and highly valued Agarwood tree was discovered resulting in her limited edition and newly-released, JAPANESE AGARWOOD fragrance duo
Utilizing advanced headspace technology, Givaudan perfumers were able to capture the scent in its natural habitat by absorbing the molecules emitted from the tree and surrounding environment.  The technology allows for the truest impression of the scent and ensures that neither the tree nor the delicate balance of nature is ever disrupted. 
Lisa Hoffman is so proud to present this new fragrance duo which – just like her skincare – essence, packaging, and development, embody the Lisa Hoffman brand’s passion for sustainability and commitment to quality.

You should be so eager to try Lisa Hoffman’s signature scents and skincare because simplicity really is key! Please visit www.Lisahoffmanbeauty.com for more details.

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary

June’s Breakout Brand of the Month

My younger brother suffers from acne. During his lacrosse season, my brother’s acne tends to worsen. Not very often will my 17 year-old “know it all” little brother turn to me for advice. However, during lacrosse season, my brother will actually look to his beauty product obsessed sister, to find a product that will keep his skin clear on and off the field.

This lacrosse season, I searched far and wide for problem skin solutions, using my brother as a guinea pig. We tried a great deal of products, but one line that really showed consistent and long term results was the line I decided to name The Beauty Marketplace’s June Breakout Brand of the Month – The Somme Institute.
The Somme Institute was founded on a simple premise: “Skin care companies should deliver the claims they promise.” In 1994, a team was assembled including independent leading research and practicing dermatologists. Through the use of Ultra Violet (UV) technology during clinical trials, researchers were able to take advanced photographs showcasing damage beneath the skin that would later appear in the form of dryness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. After 7  years of testing and “tracking” more then 5,000 image participants, Somme Institute discovered and developed a technology called Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5).
MDT5 is a 5-step regimen containing a formulation of 5 highly engineered vitamins (A / B3 / B5 / C & E) at high concentrations. The five vitamins transport deep into the epidermis, encouraging fundamental improvements in skin tone, texture, and clarity. The easily labelled bottles, colored coded according to Step, allow you to easily establish a skin care routine. You will begin with the Nourishing Cleanser, next are the Transport Pads, followed by the Serum, then the A-Bomb Moisturizer, and lastly, the Double Defence SPF 30+ Sunscreen.
When used twice daily, you will be well on your way to rejuvenated, clear skin.
The Somme Institute also works wonders on preventing and diminishing age spots and wrinkles. I always use Sommeafter excessive sun exposure or when my skin is looking and feeling tired or aged. The Somme product I cannot live without is their Tinted Moisturizer. Who needs foundation or bronzer when you have Somme Tinted Moisturizer working double time on your skin adding color as well as healing your skin from the inside out?
Whether you suffer from age spots or acne, The Somme Institute spans generations. The Beauty Marketplace’s June Breakout Brand of the Month is always a practical choice. Somme’s products stand true to what researchers set out to deliver back in 1994 – a skincare line that delivers the claims they promise!
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary

July’s Breakout Brand of the Month

When I first me Noreen Young, I was instantly drawn in to her ineffable energy and charm. Even through e-mail, I could sense her charisma and passion for what she does. This same passion and charisma, is what prompted me to deem Noreen’s product line – Irresistible Beauty – July’s Breakout Brand of the Month.

Noreen Young has a very interesting background story. Noreen was once an aspiring nun who would wear her homemade lip gloss concoctions to chapel. Her Mother Superior would always ask, “Why are your lips so shiny?” To which Noreen would reply, “It’s lip-gloss, Mother Superior!”
By a twist of fate, Noreen ended up meeting the man of her dreams closing the door to convent life, and opening another in sunny Florida. In sunny Florida, Noreen quickly became a local celebrity as a make-up artist to both famous folk, as well as the girl next door – people like you and me! Lucky for us, Noreen finally decided to bring her make-up tricks to the masses. She teamed up with her sisters, and together, they created Irresistible Beauty.
Since Noreen and the Young sisters feel applying make-up should never be hard work, Irresistible Beauty is a line of products that multi-tasks, showing the wearer beauty shortcuts, as well as sun protection factors and ingredients for the health of your skin.
Not You Mother’s Foundation is Irresistible Beauty’s leading product and is a foundation made with real women, not just celebrities or just fashionista, in mind. Packed with anti-oxidant nutrients like Vitamin E, as well as Rose Hip and Macadamia oil, this foundation is light, smooth, and healthy. Irresistible Beauty’s Not You Mother’s Lip Gloss is also packed with anti-oxidant nutrients. The gloss hydrates for softer lips, and is great to use alone or over other lipsticks.
The product that really drew my attention to Irresistible Beauty is Perfect Day Rosewater Kisses – a rosewater mineral toner perfect for these hot summer days and humid summer nights. Spritz some on a cotton ball, or directly on your face, and you are on your way to feeling refreshed and smelling like roses in no time.
The best part about Irresistible Beauty is a portion of the proceeds goes to the Special Olympics to honor the memory of Noreen’s twin brother– Norman Young.
A long way from her convent past, Noreen inspires woman every day to say “Hello to Gorgeous” when looking in the mirror. The Young Sister’s Irresistible Beauty line is, well.. . Irresistible! So log on to www.irresistiblebeautycosmetics.com to see what the fuss is about, and remember what Noreen always says… “A woman without lipstick is like a day without sunshine!”
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary

August Breakout Brand of the Month

My biggest vice, aside from excessive shopping, is excessive junk food eating. As I am sure many of you can relate, if a group existed for Over-Eaters Anonymous or Junk-Food Addicts, I’d be the first to sign up. My addiction to all things sweet, salty and bad for you is my main motivation for cleansing. If I did not take the time to revitalize my insides and cleanse, I would most likely still be harboring candy, gum, and pasta from well prior to my fifth grade adolescence. 
I have tried a slew of cleanses in my lifetime, but only one has proven effective enough to be deemed The Beauty Marketplace’s August Breakout Brand of the Month. The The Beauty Marketplace August Breakout Brand of the Month is The Clean Program.
What I love about The Clean Program is it is designed for the person on the move. Just because you are cleansing, you should not have to give up life all together. Being able to fully function, and have the energy to do so, is one of the unique attributes I enjoy about The Clean Program.
The Clean Program is a 21-day detox program specifically designed for the person on the move. Everyday, you will have a set of supplements coinciding with one solid meal and two drinks or liquid meals. Typically, you should plan to have the liquid meals for breakfast and dinner, allowing for a twelve hour “fast” to occur overnight, freeing up the most energy and time for detoxification while you sleep.
The Clean Program was developed by Dr. Alejandro Junger. Dr. Junger graduated from Medical School in Uruguay. After graduating, he moved to New York City for his post-graduate training. The lifestyle shift, particularly in diet, Dr. Junger experienced from his move to NYC, left him depressed, out of shape, and suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Junger’s health quickly resembled that of his Cardiovascular Disease patients he treated, and he decided it was time for a change.
Searching for an alternative solution to his health problems, Dr. Junger authored Clean – a manual for readers to learn how to turn our detoxification systems on full speed, while supporting our bodies to maximize their effectiveness. Clean is the manual of which The Clean Program was born.
While I myself am still in the beginning stages of The 21-day Clean Program, models and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as an entire social community found here – http://my.cleanprogram.com/   – can attest to The Clean Program’s results.  
Be sure to check out my video blogging coming soon to track my personal progress on the program!
Also coming soon: the chance for all of you to vote on The Beauty Marketplace’s Breakout Brand of the YEAR! Look for more details in the next HBA E-news…
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary


An Honestly Brilliant Affair

From Christie Brinkley to the 1st Annual The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Year, HBA was chock full of action and an Honestly Brilliant Affair for exhibitors and attendees alike.
While putting together an event the magnitude of the HBA Global Expo can at times be stressful, through solid efforts and genuine teamwork, it is truly rewarding to see how everything pulls together so beautifully in the end. In the shows 18th year, HBA 2010 was full of energy, color, and action – all the things a beauty event should be.
Kudos to the entire HBA Global / Spa / UBM Beauty and Wellness teams, who all worked so hard giving their best to produce a fabulous, high energy, highly attended Beauty Week of events.
In HBA Global’s continued efforts to develop a Beauty Week here in NYC, United Business Media (UBM) and HBA introduced the newest addition to the family – The NY Spa & Resort Medical Aesthetics Expo. Adjacent to HBA, on the main floor of the Javits Center, The NY Spa & Resort Medical Aesthetics Event was added to the UBM Beauty & Wellness portfolio in January of this year, and is already making some serious waves with celebrity exhibitors, quality attendees, and showcases on the latest innovations in the Spa and MedSpa communities.
Both HBA and the Spa & Resort Med Aesthetics shows were kicked off with a star studded keynote address Tuesday, the morning of Sep-28th. Pamela Baxter kicked off the ceremony proving a true inspiration, working her way from humble beginnings behind the beauty service counter, all the way to her current role of President and CEO of LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics North America. For those of you who were wondering, LVMH = Louis Vouitton Moet Hennesy. An international group with over 50 luxury brands : Moet & Chandon, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Christian Dior Perfumes,etc…
After Ms. Baxter delivered her Keynote, I had the pleasure of escorting Pamela to her car. As we were walking “behind the scenes” of the Javits Center, I felt like I was escorting a rock star backstage, and took the opportunity to ask Pamela questions about her career. I asked Ms. Baxter if a women in her position and level in the business world, was always so intentional with her career choices. Pamela emphatically responded “No. I was hardly intentional at all with my career choices… you have no idea where life will take you…” and she went on to reinforce the following 3 pieces of advice she touched upon in her keynote. In order to be successful in the business world one must be:
1. Passionate – in order to rise to the top, you need to be passionate about what you do and always give it your all.
2. A Risk Taker – Pamela has learned a lot more from her mistakes then her successes. You never know unless you try, so do not be afraid to take risks.
3. Flexibile – with society and technology moving at the speed of light theses days, it is more important now then ever to be flexible and willing to just roll with whatever situation may come your way.
After Pamela was safely as picked up, I returned backstage where I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to keep Christie Brinkley company before accepted HBA’s 2nd Annual Positively Beautiful Award for all her work with the Smile Train organization.
While chatting it up backstage with one of the world’s most beautiful women, clad in a grey Ralph Lauren frock and super glamorous grey Louboutin pumps; I just had to ask Christie for some The Beauty Marketplace tips for all you The Beauty Marketplace readers out there. The two key tips the glamorous and glowing supermodel offered us all to keep beautiful are:
1.       Smile – there is nothing more beautiful then a woman who is happy and secure and just smiling all the time. When you smile you exude positive energy and people are naturally drawn to your good vibes. We all know Christie is very good at practicing what she preached!
2.      SPF – If there is anything Christie has learned from being a California girl and living in the sun it is we all need to get some UV protection and use sunscreen. This is something Christie is now instilling with her own children and would encourage us all to do the same.
Christie also offers, “Sometimes lotion that provides a little shimmer or glow, as well as SPF, is best like Jergens Natural Glow which offers some subtle shimmer and enhances the skin’s natural color and glow without being streaky.” 
For those of you who watch Access Hollywood or Extra, you may have caught a glimpse of Christie receiving HBA’s 2nd Annual Positively Beautiful Award LIVE because many press and TV crews were there covering the action!
Later that day I was fortunate enough to moderate the 20 Tips on the Beauty Blogosphere Panel with 3 other fabulous beauty blogging ladies. I hope all those who attended the sessin found the information provided useful, if anyone has any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
After the Beauty Blogger panel, it was upstairs to the Social Spot on the HBA show floor, where the 1st Annual The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Year was announced. The winner? Dr. Christine Rogers of  EnPoine Skin Solutions.
Dr. Christine Rodges EnPointe Skin Solutions was inspired by Dr. Rogers’ love affair with dance and battle with breast cancer, and is formulated with natural botanicals, active extracts and a special anti-aging complex to nurture and rejuvenate stressed skin. The result: beautiful, balanced skin with a natural, healthy glow.
Congratulations to all the fabulous Breakout Brands who were nominated. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know your brands!  
I want to encourage all of you to start sending me your products, people, and places who wish to be considered for this season’s The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand 2nd Annual Series. Who knows? Maybe your brand will have what it takes to be considered the The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Year for 2011, voted on by the HBA/Spa communities.
New for 2011? Both HBA Global and the NY Spa & Resort Medical Expo will be moving to June. June 28-30 for HBA. June 28 & 29 for Spa. So make sure to mark you calendars and send me info those Breakout Brands soon!
Congratulations once more and a big heartfelt thank-you to all who exhibited and attended, contributing to both HBA’s and SPA’s successes. I hope all of you had as much fun as I did, and I look forward to your return as UBMLive outdoes ourselves once more for 2011!
Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,
<33 Mary

Start the New Year with Lily B – January Breakout Brand

If you fall into the category of women whose skin type has moved beyond the acne prone years, but are not quite ready for a reparative anti-aging remedy, then I have found a brand for you! The Beauty Marketplace’s January Breakout Brand of the Month – Lily B.

Lily B. is a new, all-natural skincare line developed for young women. Lily B., the first collection from Lily Blue, LLC, launched at an exclusive yacht party on the French Rivera during the Cannes File Festival. Formulated with natural botanicals and sea sourced ingredients, the line features five all-natural skin care products designed for women ages 22 to 38.  

Lily B.  Founder – Liz Bishop – says the philosophy behind Lily B. is to provide natural, effective products designed to balance, nourish and protect your skin, while ensuring your skin looks and feels it’s very best.

I first tried all five products in the Lily B. line when I was vacationing in London over the New Year. I can honestly assure you, despite the harsh and chilly London weather, my skin stayed hydrated and looked supple the entire trip! The Rose Hip Infused Cleanse Facial Wash, Red Tea Defense Booster Hydrating Serum, Multi-Action Rescue Ultra Eye Cream, 24/7 Defense Daily Moisturizer, and Botanical Rich Protection SPF 30 Ultra Defense sun block – all work best when used together.

If you can only afford just one or two items from the Lily B. line, my picks would be the Rose Hip Infused Cleanse Facial Wash and the 24/7 Defense Daily Moisturizer. The Rose Hip Infused Cleanse Facial Wash has moisturizing properties, perfect for harsh weather conditions, like London in the winter. The best part is the cleanse doubles as an honestly efficient make-up remover! The 24/7 Defense Daily Moisturizer is the ideal follow up to the foaming cleanse.

With over 20 years of cosmetic and pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and product development experience, Ms. Bishop is uniquely qualified to bring Lily B. to today’s younger skin care consumer. Liz Bishop founded Lily Blue, LLC and began developing Lily B. in 2009, dedicating research and production to the new line in order to offer skincare products to younger woman with “in between” skin.

All in all, I honestly loved Lily B.’s line so much, I have adopted the Lily B. skincare system into my New Year’s beauty routine and, if this product applies to you, I feel you should too!

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

<33  Mary