The Beauty Marketplace Holiday Gift Guide



The holiday gifting season is upon us! Cue the mad dash to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Rest assured, the experts at The Beauty Marketplace have great options to help. This year, everyone on your list will be left glowing and full of gratitude.






  1. Busy Beauty Kit By Tough Girl Beauty Basics

We always want to look our best, but with busy schedules it may be hard to make that a reality. This amazing kit comes complete with all the essentials to get you on your way. Included in the water resistant cosmetic pouch you will find the Energizing/Setting Spray, Power Lifting Tough Wearing mascara, and the  multi-use Tough Girl Lip/Cheek Tint. Whether you are running to the store, or an important meeting, the Busy Beauty Kit will get you looking and feeling your best.


  1. Joy Chakra Boost by ADORAtherapy, Inc.

As we move further into the holiday season, the more Joy the merrier! Full of uplifting floral notes of rose and jasmine, this scent comes with the added bonus of positive intentions. Joy is a great gift for anyone in your life, particularly those you cherish most. Vegan and USA made, this all natural scent can be applied on chakra centers, wrists, or neck for an elegant addition to any day.



  1. Bath Bomb – Frankincense Myrrh by LEVEL NATURALS

Give the gift of indulgent self-care this year! Perfect for anyone in need of an extra dose of relaxation, these bath bombs combine Frankincense and Myrrh for an aromatic experience. Made in the USA with all-natural essential oils, they turn an ordinary bath into something extraordinary. Available in a package of six, which gives the lucky person who receives them multiple uses. 



  1. Selfie Mask (5 Pz) by Arya Cosmetics

The Selfie Mask is here to remedy a lackluster complexion that may have been influenced by holiday indulgence. Your skin will look brighter, and your complexion more full from ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen. Perfect to gift individually to a group, or as a package of five to one lucky person. This peel-off mask is so effective, you won’t be able to resist taking selfies afterwards.


  1. Rise & Shine Gift Set by Zaman Skincare

Zaman Skincare is well known for quality, and unique ingredients. This set is no exception, and perfect for the woman on the go! The amazing Rise & Shine serum combines anti-oxidants and hydrating properties that keep your skin fresh and moisturized in one simple step. This set also comes with a beautiful white Onyx roller to help the ingredients penetrate further, boost circulation, and get you glowing.



Highlight Your Individuality with LuMesh Cosmetics

In a world where, up until recently, beauty has been seen as one dimensional, LuMesh has been championing inclusivity of all races, skin tones, and complexions from the beginning.


Brand founder, Lu Camarena Meshulam is a veteran of the prestige beauty world, and has worked with illustrious names including Chanel and Frederic Fekkai. She formed her passion for the beauty industry early in life, and set her sights on becoming a makeup artist. However, as she progressed in her career, she noticed a common thread among makeup brands- not every woman, including herself, was represented.

LuMesh products are unique in that they are formulated with a chemist, and get the affirming seal from science. Each lip color is designed to stimulate and highlight individual undertones. Thus creating a shade that is as unique as the audience the brand represents. Have you ever wanted to try new a shade, but hesitate to purchase because you never thought it could work for you? Rest assured LuMesh is your best bet:“If you like pink, and have never been able to wear it, ours are for you.”, says Lu and her product development team.  The brands top sellers are the warm neutral, Taffi, and the light and fresh Min. Lu herself always keeps Donna close by for its hydrating properties and sheer color.

A true renaissance woman with a passion to bring education and quality to a chic and clean luxury brand, Lu knows you need so much more than a great product to be successful. Through many trials and tribulations, Lu has remained a one woman show, taking all of the ups and downs in stride. She continues to create science-backed products, and has been working diligently to expand her line to include a revolutionary complexion product in the near future.

Keeping the everyday woman in mind, the line is not designed to overwhelm or complicate a simplistic routine- but rather, create go-to staples that set you up for success, and get you out the door looking your best. Lu echoes “You have to see the beauty in yourself to shine,” and aims to accentuate the beauty of individuality, not cover it up.

From the website being bilingual, to lip colors doubling as blendable cheek colors, to the ability of every shade being suitable for every skin tone- inclusion of a wider demographic is key. After ten years, integrity and education remain the fueling forces behind the brand, and the goal of “bringing order to the complexity of beauty” remains a constant.







TALENT – Socially Impactful Skincare Specialist

Who: Beauty Becomes You Founder, licensed medical esthetician – Alison O’Neil

Alison O'Neil

What:  Beauty Becomes You  is an effort to provide a positive experience for older adults and their families by fulfilling common everyday grooming needs of seniors with limited means to aesthetic health programs.

Aesthetic healthcare services include: basic hair, skin, and nail care as well as massage therapy 

Why is Alison Great: She was selected out of over 6300 charity founders to be honored as a L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth.

Where: Alison is Atlanta’s best-kept secrets only seeing about 12 patients a week, but you can learn more about her company by clicking HERE

When: Alison has been in the business for over thirty years – twenty-seven years in dermatology and 5 years in plastic surgery she shares her pearls of patient care with professionals nationwide

How: Beauty Becomes You was founded in 2005 by Alison O’Neil in memory and spirit of her kind hearted father who said to her, “Beauty becomes you,” just before he died.

Her Favorite Products:  “Stemulation skincare has a serum that stimulates the natural growth and reproduction of skin cells. My skin feels so soft and has a nice dewy glow after using”. stemulation

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Merlot First Crush

Merlot Skin Care Making Moves

The Beauty Marketplace’s good friend Nicole Beckley of Merlot Skin care tells us Merlot is continuing to launch their First Crush line in the U.S. The line is gaining distribution in Walgreens stores in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas and hoping to expand beyond the southwest in the next few months. First Crush has become a top seller in Japan, and was chosen as the #1 Specialty Cleanser by @Cosme, a Japanese specialty store and is looking to bring this momentum to the US market.

Stay clued into The Beauty Marketplace to keep you posted on what happens with Merlot and more of Beauty’s emerging brands!

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day!


The Beauty Marketplace just received our copy of “Milady: Skincare and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary” from industry veteran and author Joseph Dinardo. Joseph, a 37 year Cosmetic Industry veteran, penned the book along with his colleague, Varinia Michalun. Dinardo told The Beauty Marketplace, “(Milady) was a perfect way of sharing some of the pearls I have learned over the years with others on my way out and their way into the field of skincare”. The guide offers simple straight forward talk that combines common sense with science in a simple to read format.


The “Milady: Skincare and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary” is more than just a dictionary of cosmetic ingredients, but also a guide to understanding skin types and physiology, as well as how cosmetic products interact with the skin. The book is in three parts: Part 1 including a basic explanation of skin anatomy, Part 2 containing an alphabetical listing of more than 2,600 cosmetic ingredients with definitions, and Part 3 offering the Botanical Latin terms for commonly used ingredients.

What The Beauty Marketplace loves about this book is the guide is useful to industry professionals as well as consumers. Beauty industry executives whose goal is to develop innovative skincare lines and improve the efficacy of existing products will find the dictionary of terms useful as a reference and tool for new formulations. If you are a beauty product consumer who would like to be more knowledgeable on how different ingredients interact with the skin, you will also find the dictionary educational.

Milady, the book’s publisher, is the Premier Source for Education Resources in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barbering, Nail Technology, Makeup, Massage Therapy, Salon & Spa Management and Business Training. Serving the Beauty and Wellness Industry since 1927. For more information click HERE

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An ingredient key word trending in the industry is Korean Ginseng. According to an article on Cosmetic Business, Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) is the most commonly used type of ginsengs and utilized  as a natural preventive and restorative remedy.

Korean Ginseng is not only a species different from those of American ginseng or Chinese Sanchi ginseng but grown in an optimal geographical environment and climatic conditions suitable for the growth of ginseng with superior quality. Used for centuries in China, Korean Ginseng was believed to be an anti-aging herb. In addition, Korean Ginseng contains adaptogens that have been known to return the level of our body system back to normal. By equalizing the system levels in the body, Korean Ginseng has been used to lower cholesterol, balance metabolism, increase energy levels, and stimulate the immune system. It has also been used to alleviate fatigue and reduce nervousness and stress on the body. Korean Ginseng also increases oxygenation to the cells and tissues, promoting detoxification as well as stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells. For this reason, Korean Ginseng is the most popular choice these days.

Korean Ginseng Extract can be used as an effective cosmetic ingredient for a wide range of cosmetic applications such as UV protection, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturizing, and skin repair. For clinical studies and more information visit

Skincare from the Sea


As a recent article in Premium Beauty News details, more and more companies are exploring the sea for the latest in technological innovations and advancements in skincare. The article reads…
The sea is enriched with an infinite variety of actives. It offers products whose performance is now widely recognized, and is steeped in naturalness and imagination. These numerous advantages can obviously seduce beauty product buyers; so of course, the industry is only too willing to ride this wave. However, there is still an ocean of possibilities, and marine cosmetics still seems far from having explored all its potential! Here is the first of a two-part investigation on the prospects of this booming market.

An increasing number of brands now pre-empt this territory, and their origins tend to get more diversified. Similarly to the leading French pioneer brands, most of which come from thalassotherapy (Thalgo, Algotherm, Biotherm, Phytomer…), other signatures are gradually settling in the various segments of the field: among them can be found Algenist, Bio Carnac, O2Mer, or H20+. Even the most premium segments are concerned, as can be seen with Crème de La Mer (Estée Lauder Companies).
“It is a growth-driving trend because it provides a huge potential to be exploited,” declares Laure Courpotin, Marketing Director at Daniel Jouvance, one of the pioneer brands of the sector, which banked everything on the power of microalgae 30 years ago.
An infinity of natural resources
Mathilde Lagarde, Marketing Director at Phytomer, underlines the revival this sector has been experiencing for four or five years: “Marine cosmetics have existed for a very long time, but they were a bit outdated. Now,scientific progress, especially in biotechnologies, has proven so tremendous over the last few years, that we have come to achieve more efficacy thanks to new actives and enhanced performance. We have observed a renewed interest in this field, and both the media and sales outlets are allowing it an increasingly central part.”
Brands rely on the fundamental principle of the similarity between blood plasma and the composition of marine ingredients (seawater, seaweed, microalgae) to claim that cosmetic products based on marine actives exhibit unequalled affinity with the skin. This represents a major asset to stimulate research work on such biodiversity, whose properties and immensity make it exceptional.
Skincare from the Sea
“Marine organisms are subjected to extreme living conditions which compel them to develop unique resistance properties,” explains Isabelle Guichon, Scientific Communication Manager at Thalgo. “It is possible to find sugars derived from particular marine bacteria which are three to four times more effective than hyaluronic acid”. And there is a vast territory still to be explored.
“There are bright prospects in terms of discoveries, if we keep in mind there are from 25 to 30,000 seaweed species around the surface of the globe. Brittany shelters 800 of them, but only about fifty are actually used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food-processing industries,” comments Angélique Labbé, Product Development Manager for Algotherm within the Batteur group.

As a result, while the marine cosmetics sector keeps claiming its naturalness, it is also becoming increasingly more high-tech. “We gradually offer a stronger technical value with more and more high-level benefits,” confirm Stéphanie Leclere and Virginie Rio, of new organic brand Bio Carnac. On the one hand, there is the argument of proven efficacy; on the other hand, there is that of naturalness. Marine beauty thus works in perfect harmony with the market’s core trends. The offer gets richer, and ranges get more diverse and position themselves on anti-aging expertise in particular.

As an example, Crème de la Mer launched their Perennial Brown and Blue Algae-based Lifting Contour Serum (€265) at the beginning of the year. Algotherm also provides their own global anti-aging solution with the Algotime Expert range, a line composed of five products derived from a combination of four types of seaweed (Undaria Pinnatifida, Ulva Lactuca, Dictyopteris Membranacea, Alaria Esculenta). Ultimately, Daniel Jouvance offers a sea treasure with the Isochrysis microalgae, which they nestled within the Océâge Idéal products for a youthful appearance.

JANUARY Breakout Brand

At the start of the New Year we all want to put our best face forward. So when 2013 kicked off, I was on a mission to find the most luxurious and effective skincare line available. My search came to an end once I used – the The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Month – Moor Skin & Body Care.MOOR Product Line

Straight from Austria’s renowned Neydharting Moor comes Europe’s most complete line of spa-strength skincare – Moor Skin & Body Care. A new Austrian skincare line, rich in heritage, Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care is a comprehensive line of anti-aging face and body care products designed to rejuvenate and restore the skin with the powerful healing benefits of the Neydharting Moor in Austria.

Over 30,000 years ago, as the Ice Age ended, a lake was formed in the Austrian region of Neydharting from the melting ice and water. A rare mixture of active plant properties, isolated and remote from the outside world, was able to expand and grow undisturbed for hundreds of years, eventually transforming into the world famous Neydharting Moor.

As early as 800 B.C. ancient Europeans believed the Moor contained therapeutic and healing properties and powers. European nobility built villas and spas on the Moor’s shores to enjoy it’s benefits. Louis XIV, Napolean, and Josephine – all become Moor devotees.

Before long, people everywhere were flocking to Austria to experience these magical waters and spas since nothing on Earth could compare to offer the same skin and health benefits. Now, Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care has captured this miracle for you.

Moor Skin & Body Care is the only brand in the world legally allowed to use the proprietary Peat and Peat Water from the Neydharting Moor, world famous landmark. The Peat and Peat Water have proven anti-aging qualities containing over 1,000 naturally sourced botanicals, herbs, and nutrients – 300 of which have proven anti-aging properties.

I began sampling these products a little before the start of the New Year, and today I can honestly say I believe the hype. Do you? Try the line for yourself!

Currently, Moor Skin & Body Care is sold at the Moorbad Neydharting Clinic in Austria, as well as in 30 South African Spas and Hotels – 3 of which are rated the most prestigious in the country. Just launched in the U.S. this fall, products can be ordered at


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