The Beauty Marketplace Holiday Gift Guide



The holiday gifting season is upon us! Cue the mad dash to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Rest assured, the experts at The Beauty Marketplace have great options to help. This year, everyone on your list will be left glowing and full of gratitude.






  1. Busy Beauty Kit By Tough Girl Beauty Basics

We always want to look our best, but with busy schedules it may be hard to make that a reality. This amazing kit comes complete with all the essentials to get you on your way. Included in the water resistant cosmetic pouch you will find the Energizing/Setting Spray, Power Lifting Tough Wearing mascara, and the  multi-use Tough Girl Lip/Cheek Tint. Whether you are running to the store, or an important meeting, the Busy Beauty Kit will get you looking and feeling your best.


  1. Joy Chakra Boost by ADORAtherapy, Inc.

As we move further into the holiday season, the more Joy the merrier! Full of uplifting floral notes of rose and jasmine, this scent comes with the added bonus of positive intentions. Joy is a great gift for anyone in your life, particularly those you cherish most. Vegan and USA made, this all natural scent can be applied on chakra centers, wrists, or neck for an elegant addition to any day.



  1. Bath Bomb – Frankincense Myrrh by LEVEL NATURALS

Give the gift of indulgent self-care this year! Perfect for anyone in need of an extra dose of relaxation, these bath bombs combine Frankincense and Myrrh for an aromatic experience. Made in the USA with all-natural essential oils, they turn an ordinary bath into something extraordinary. Available in a package of six, which gives the lucky person who receives them multiple uses. 



  1. Selfie Mask (5 Pz) by Arya Cosmetics

The Selfie Mask is here to remedy a lackluster complexion that may have been influenced by holiday indulgence. Your skin will look brighter, and your complexion more full from ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen. Perfect to gift individually to a group, or as a package of five to one lucky person. This peel-off mask is so effective, you won’t be able to resist taking selfies afterwards.


  1. Rise & Shine Gift Set by Zaman Skincare

Zaman Skincare is well known for quality, and unique ingredients. This set is no exception, and perfect for the woman on the go! The amazing Rise & Shine serum combines anti-oxidants and hydrating properties that keep your skin fresh and moisturized in one simple step. This set also comes with a beautiful white Onyx roller to help the ingredients penetrate further, boost circulation, and get you glowing.




What is beauty? Art of Beauty Live Interview with Mary Palmieri

In a world that obsesses over beauty and image, it’s so important to have a healthy relationship with your own body and to really connect with your authentic self. It’s easy to get lost in the game of comparison and be very disconnected with who you are.

What is beauty?

Beauty is not one size fits all.

Beauty is not a mold you have to fit into.

Beauty is not how skinny you are or the brand you are wearing.

Beauty it not your size, shape, or color.

Beauty is knowing who you are and loving her.

Beauty is accepting all of you.

Beauty is feeling good in your own skin.

Beauty is being confident to be your authentic self inside and out.

It’s time to change the way the world defines beauty.

If you are interested in learning how to truly embrace your own beauty, and start feeling confident in your own body then you’re going to want to join The Beauty Marketplace’s Founder, Mary Palmieri, at:

Mary has joined Kate Cady in spreading the message about what beauty really means, and how we as women can start building our confidence and loving who we are, unapologetically.

When you are disconnected with yourself you lose sight of your own desires and dreams in life, you stop thriving and start surviving. It’s time to get your confidence back, and start reconnecting with your own beauty and desires.

To see Mary’s interview, Click HERE to sign up


Merlot First Crush

Merlot Skin Care Making Moves

The Beauty Marketplace’s good friend Nicole Beckley of Merlot Skin care tells us Merlot is continuing to launch their First Crush line in the U.S. The line is gaining distribution in Walgreens stores in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas and hoping to expand beyond the southwest in the next few months. First Crush has become a top seller in Japan, and was chosen as the #1 Specialty Cleanser by @Cosme, a Japanese specialty store and is looking to bring this momentum to the US market.

Stay clued into The Beauty Marketplace to keep you posted on what happens with Merlot and more of Beauty’s emerging brands!

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day!


Birchbox – the company responsible for setting the Beauty Box trend into motion, offers a monthly box of personalized beauty samples to their subscBorchbox SoHoribers recently set up brick and mortar retail shops . The Birchbox business model proves advantageous for consumers to find personal care products they love, and for Indie Beauty brands to gain exposure in a saturated marketplace.

The Birchbox Shops are in key global destinations including France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. The Beauty Marketplace paid a visit to the Birchbox New York location yesterday which proved to be the ultimate beauty lovers paradise!

Merchandise was conveniently categorized into sections including Lips, Cheeks, Eyes, Skin, Hair, Men’s, Nails (were even categorized by color), etc… making shopping simple and fun. A station in the back of the store allowed the creation of a BYOB take home Birchbox Box on site, and a downstairs second level offered services encompassing hair, nails, and make-up application.




All in all, the Birchbox store is a destination every beauty junkie in search of new products should visit. Be sure to make a point to pop by to one of the global destinations, or if you cannot make a physical appearance, be certain to get the Birchbox experience online.

Have An Honestly Beautiful Day!



A special thank-you to our friends over at FootMate who set us their innovative foot scrubbing product just in time for the New York City Tri-Athlon this past weekend. If you are an athlete or simply like to pamper your feet this is the product to have:



WHO – FootMate

WHAT – The FootMate System is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet.

WHEN – Every time you shower!

WHERE – The FootMate product comes with suction cups that sick to the base of your bathtub or shower.

WHY – To keep your feet callus free and healthy.

How – Suction, Squirt, and Scrub – Just suction the bristles in your shower, squirt the Footmate Rejuvenating Gel, and Scrub those toes.

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Electric Hair Masque


For our July Breakout Brand, The Beauty Marketplace selected a hair care line we have had our eye on ever since first being introduced at the international beauty exhibition, Cosmoprof Bologna, in April 2013. The brand we are referring to is called Electric – an independent and exciting British hair care brand offering a luxurious salon professional product range.

The Beauty Marketplace knows Electric has the winning combination of  marketable attributes which make a brand a success: eye-catching packing, an effective product line, and keen company direction. Electric was founded and is steered by Creative Director powerhouse and salon industry veteran – Mark Wooley. Mark and the Electric International Art-team are highly sought after by global brand leaders such as L’Oreal Professionnel, The Fellowship for British Hairdressing and Denman International, among many others.


Mark’s passion for hairdressing is at the very heart of Electric. The brand’s mission is to create superb hairdressing in striking settings within key cities. Mark and his Art Team travel educating and demonstrating ground breaking trends and Techniques all over the globe. The Beauty Marketplace reached out to Electric’s Mark Wooley asking him to share with our reader’s some Summer Hair Trends/Styles. Here are his top three:

1. The Technical cut – Broken weight line
Created by Mark Woolley last year, the broken weight line cut has featured heavily this year as a style of cutting. The look is reminiscent of Natalie Portman’s iconic hairstyle in Leon but with an edgier yet feminine aspect to it where texture is the key to finishing the look. Natalie-Portman-LeonCelebrities such as Jessie J and Miley Cyrus debuted the look very recently and have featured heavily in the media.







2. Technical Pony Tail
The pony tail is perfect for keeping long hair off the face and out of the way when the weather is warmer. There are many variations of the low ponytail which is so versatile and easy to create. Here are our favorite ways to wear:

  • Experimenting With Height – A perfect low ponytail should be below the ears and bump-free! Try layering the ponytails and fastening at the nape of the neck, like above. This is a more modern take on this style staple.


  • Experimenting With Partings – Whether you prefer a middle, side or an EXTREME side parting, the low ponytail looks amazing with any of them (maybe recreate the 90′s and do a zigzag if you can’t decide??).


  • Experimenting With Movement – A ponytail slightly to the side is a great way of showcasing your long locks without having your hair down and is great for those ‘couldn’t be bothered with my hair’ days. The slicked-back ponytail could be the answer if you don’t enjoy hair in your face, perfect for holidays as well as a hot and sticky office!Part and Pony

3. The Faux Bob
One of the key trends for the summer will be the faux bob. This style will give your hair a summary edge without you having to change it drastically. It works for any length hair, with just a small amount of product and a few pins. If your hair is thick and long, you may need to make a ‘foundation’ for your hair with a low bun using the underneath of your hair, then letting the rest down to drape over the bun, tuck under and secure with pins. Those with thinner or shorter hair, you can just simply backcomb the underneath section to create the base, then tuck and pin the rest under.


Electric’s latest product launch is Volume Liquid Mist which is fortified with moisturizing wheat proteins and hydrating meadowfoam to deliver strength and structure to the hair while creating long lasting volume and support with no hint of residue. This product is excellent at refreshing volume on non-shampoo days by simply spraying on to dry hair, combing, and re-styling.






With 2,341 likes on Facebook and 2,862 followers on Twitter at the time this post was written, it is easy to see why Electric is the UK’s most exciting and rapidly expanding Hairdressing brand.

Electric Hair Masque

Drawing on two decades of experience in the industry and years of intense research and development, Electric is very proud of the Electric Hair care range. For more information head to Electric’s Website


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Birchbox Box


A beauty box craze is sweeping the industry! A multitude of distribution companies are pooling together samples from the latest products and brands to deliver a subscription based continuity box distribution model for consumers to determine which products they would like to buy. Most of us are familiar with the originators of the product sampling model known as Birchbox.

Birchbox BoxMany niche Birchbox clones are popping up in our industry, replicating the continuity model and catering to a more focused demographic set. Some of the BirchBox competitors include: Cocotique for the Ethnic Market, Just Bloom Box for the over 40 crowd, Glossy Box for the high end consumer, Beauty Army offers a great service, etc…

Fast Company recently profiled Birchbox in an interesting article that offers some valuable insight for entrepreneurs. Take a look…



Birchbox, the wildly successful beauty subscription service, didn’t start in a dorm room, but it wasn’t far off.

Katia Beauchamp was visiting Hayley Barna’s apartment and brainstorming possible businesses to start together after they completed their MBAs at Harvard Business School.

Beauchamp noted that there were always upscale, interesting beauty products in the apartment’s bathroom. Barna explained that her roommate, a beauty editor, brought home the samples and helped Barna, a self-described “tomboy,” find products she loved.

“We thought, okay, there’s a huge opportunity here to create a new kind of shopping experience for beauty that was about more than replenishment and really inspired consumers in a way that would make them buy beauty products they hadn’t bought before as a first-time purchase,” Beauchamp says.

As beauty product consumers themselves, they knew that women typically wanted to try products before they spent much money on buying them. The idea clicked: Their business would be the equivalent of Barna’s knowledgeable roommate culling through the onslaught of new beauty products on the market each year and recommending the right ones for each customer, based on her profile and preferences.

In September 2010, they launched Birchbox, which ships individualized boxes of samples and products to customers a subscription fee of $10 per month. (The fee is $20 per month for the men’s service because it includes more full-size and lifestyle products.) In addition, the website offers a comprehensive beauty product shop where consumers can buy more of the products they receive and in-depth editorial featuring beauty products and related content.

Growth came fast and they hit their five-year sales projections in seven months, turning their $1.4 million round of seed funding into a Series A investment of $10.5 million more. But with that success came the copycats. In roughly six months, they began to see other subscription services cropping up, first in the food sector.

While imitation might be sincerest form of flattery, it can be a problem in the business world. The newbies were well-funded spin-offs of the concept. Beauchamp and Barna wondered what it meant for their company. But they were working long hours on their fast-growing company had little time to fret too much.

“We always say, now, to each other and to our employees, it’s really important to pay attention, it’s always important to learn, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to focus on what we are, who we are, and what we can deliver uniquely to both our consumers and to our brand partners,” Beauchamp says.

As they examined the copycats, they found most had “a watered-down, simplified box,” Barna says. Subscription box services were emerging with products for men, pets, craft enthusiasts, people with special dietary needs, and those who like to get new shipments of socks each month. It became a distraction Beauchamp says the first wave of copycats was confusing for both investors and customers.

But, soon, the duo realized that they had some distinct advantages. While the wannabes were using the subscription box model, few were putting in the time and attention necessary to customize selections according to individual preferences and tastes. In addition, they weren’t devoting resources to high editorial quality or offering an enjoyable online shopping experience.

One thing the copycats did do was accelerate the company’s expansion internationally. While similar services were cropping up in Europe–an important beauty market–and the Birchbox team wanted its foothold there before others were too established. They moved their plan from “someday” to go-time and made their entry by acquiring Paris-based JolieBox in 2012.

Within a year of launching a relatively new business model, Beauchamp and Barna saw “hundreds of millions of dollars” being poured into copycat services. But instead of panicking, the founders let their imitators be their motivators.

They doubled-down on their customer service and quality content, while expanding more quickly than planned into new geographic markets and market sectors, such as products for men. The company landed a Series B funding round in April 2014, bringing total investment in the company to nearly $72 million. Birchbox is also unveiling its first television commercial in late May 2014 and is working on further expansion and adding new employees, especially on the editorial side.

Bottom Line: “It can be really healthy to have competition, but most importantly, keep your head down and focus on your brand and your service or your product and what makes it unique and special. Don’t take too much time obsessing over what somebody else is, versus what you really saw and started, because nobody can copy your vision,” Beauchamp says.”

Read the article HERE or take a look at the sample shop here

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Kenig + Alcone


From the founder of New York City’s most popular Halloween costume and make-up destination, Ricky’s, entrepreneur Ricky Kenig, and Alcone – the professional makeup distributor responsible for supplying cosmetics to nearly all Broadway shows, comes a new beauty boutique titled Kenig + Alcone.

Kenig + Alcone
PureWow did a really nice write up and video presentation on the store noting, “The industry insiders have teamed up to make selecting professional-grade products a breeze. On the store’s first floor, you’ll find hair products (including a penny-candy wall of bobby pins and clips), and up on the second, a makeup wonderland. Open the armoire of eyelashes, choose your favorite (obviously we’ll take the mink) and an artist will apply them for you on the spot. Or create your own custom palette of foundations, blushes and eye shadows from Alcone’s extensive range of colors.
Above all else, there’s nary a Ricky’s bachelorette sash in sight.”
Kenig + Alcone is located at 538 Ave. of the Americas (at 14th St.); 917-261-2640 or

Take a look at the PureWow video HERE


An ingredient key word trending in the industry is Korean Ginseng. According to an article on Cosmetic Business, Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) is the most commonly used type of ginsengs and utilized  as a natural preventive and restorative remedy.

Korean Ginseng is not only a species different from those of American ginseng or Chinese Sanchi ginseng but grown in an optimal geographical environment and climatic conditions suitable for the growth of ginseng with superior quality. Used for centuries in China, Korean Ginseng was believed to be an anti-aging herb. In addition, Korean Ginseng contains adaptogens that have been known to return the level of our body system back to normal. By equalizing the system levels in the body, Korean Ginseng has been used to lower cholesterol, balance metabolism, increase energy levels, and stimulate the immune system. It has also been used to alleviate fatigue and reduce nervousness and stress on the body. Korean Ginseng also increases oxygenation to the cells and tissues, promoting detoxification as well as stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells. For this reason, Korean Ginseng is the most popular choice these days.

Korean Ginseng Extract can be used as an effective cosmetic ingredient for a wide range of cosmetic applications such as UV protection, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturizing, and skin repair. For clinical studies and more information visit


In order to maximize their beauty content and advertising, the consumer publication Glamour, owned by Condé Nast, will be launched on online beauty website called Lipstick. An article posted on Women’s Wear Daily gives us the inside information and why behind the website….

NEW SHADE OF LIPSTICK: Glamour is throwing its hat into the crowded beauty Webosphere with its own digital site called Lipstick.

Launching today at 10 a.m., is essentially a separate entity from and counts as Condé Nast’s first digital spin-off, according to a spokeswoman.

Lipstick.comVisitors of who are looking to peruse beauty content will be directed to Lipstick, which will also have a link on its site that will take readers back to Glamour. Content will be similar to what readers would find on Glamour’s current beauty site, but there will be more of it. Lipstick will also feature stories from contributors such as Vanessa Bayer of “Saturday Night Live”; models Coco Rocha and Chanel Iman, and Bee Shapiro, beauty writer for The New York Times.

According to Michael Hofman, Glamour’s executive digital director, the decision to create a new site was twofold. Glamour drives roughly 7.5 million unique visitors a month, with a large, undisclosed portion going to the beauty section of the site, he said. A separate site would not only maximize how beauty content will be displayed — for example, Glamour can right-size beauty images and utilize special zoom-in tools for viewers to see makeup — but it also opens a larger revenue stream for the brand.

“The newest thing is that we have a whole array of native [advertising] placements,” Hofman said. “We have those on as well, but we have them more elegantly integrated on Lipstick.”

Additionally, there will be an e-commerce space for editors to link their favorite products to Glamour’s third-party vendor, Shop Glamour.

While there will be “clearly labeled” sponsored posts as well, Hofman noted that the staff would be made up of Glamour’s print and digital teams. The title’s executive online editor Lindsey Unterberger will also serve as Lipstick’s executive editor.

The second reason Glamour decided to launch Lipstick is that Condé Nast has owned the domain name since 1999. “They’ve been sitting on this name,” offered Glamour beauty director Ying Chu. “When we found out we could potentially grab, we were all like ‘Yes!’”

Name aside, when asked if Glamour’s new site could pose a threat to sister publication Allure, among others, Chu said, rather democratically, “I think that anyone who does beauty content is a friendly competitor.”

Noting that the Glamour reader differs from the Allure reader, Chu said of Lipstick: “It’s a friendly sister site.”

For the article, head to