MARCH/APRIL Breakout Brand

Although it may not feel like it as of late, the warm weather is a coming! Spring showers, followed by longer days, will ultimately all lead up to beach season, and baring your bod in a bathing suite. Will you be ready this year?

Slim by ProskinsI want to do my part in helping you get there by introducing you to a Breakout Brand that will help you win the war against cellulite. The March/April Breakout Brand – Proskins SLIM

Proskins SLIM can help to reduce cellulite without the use of surgery or creams. An innovative clothing line featuring leggings, capris, shorts and tops have built in elements which help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The slimming apparel is made from a patented micro-encapsulated micro fibre containing active ingredients including caffeine (a proven anti-cellulite treatment), aloe vera, retinol, and vitamin E. These ingredients, combined with the high tech compression improves the overall skin condition, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and firm.

British mogul, Neil French, co-founder of Proskins SLIM, along with his brother Charlie, has a long history in the textile industry. In 2005, after years of working for major brands in the field of performance apparel, French decided to invent his own textile brand. Working with one of the most advanced sport science testing institutes in the UK, Neil and Charlie began to research problems athletes often face post exercise and realized they were the same issue faced by those with sedentary lifestyles – i.e. poor lymphatic drainage, fluid retention, and insufficient circulation – all

factors that often result in increased cellulite. Ultimately, out of these studies, Proskins SLIM, made with the new compression technology, was born.

I used my pair of Proskins SLIM leggings while sleeping, as well as engaging in sports. I noticed Proskins SLIM smoothed and firmed my skin in just about one week. The microencapsulated fabric is guaranteed for at least 100 washes, and also contains silver – an antibacterial treatment for extended and improved life of the garment.

Proskins, currently available internationally, are sold in the US at With prices ranging from just $80 to $120, there is no reason you should not grab a pair and get your butt to the gym! Here’s to warmer weather and firmer skin…

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

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