The Beauty Marketplace’s January Breakout Talent of the Month is Fitness Expert Marc Perry.


Marc Perry first caught The Beauty Marketplace’s eye via his promotional fitness flyers he would distribute in a popular health food restaurant in Manhattan called Natureworks. After doing more research, we discovered Marc and his BuiltLean program have all the elements of a Breakout Fitness Talent: Mass market appeal, an interesting background story, and an effective branded workout regimen.

Marc Perry is a Yale graduate and former finance analyst who ditched Wall Street for a career in Fitness in order to teach people the truth about body transformation and a healthy lifestyle.


The Beauty Marketplace was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask Marc some questions as he was preparing for the New Year and below is what he had to say.

The Beauty Marketplace: Elaborate on what ultimately motivated you to take the entrepreneurial leap and leave finance to become an expert in fitness.

Marc Perry: I had a lot of motivations, but deep down I knew I was not reaching my potential in finance and I never would. I wanted to build something that could positively change the world. Fitness is something I’ve always loved and has been very important to me. I reasoned that helping people achieve their fitness goals and inspiring others to get excited about fitness is a mission to which I can happily dedicate my life.

The Beauty Marketplace: What are both your fitness and career goals heading into 2015?

Marc Perry:

My career goals this year are:
1) To write at least one article per week and produce at least one video per month
2) Hire a full-time employee to help manage the operations and marketing implementation for my company
3) Develop more revenue streams that can scale while refining and creating more products and services

I have several fitness goals, here are a few:
1) Touching my hands behind my back on both sides
2) Pistol squat with both legs
3) 100 snatches in 5 minutes with 24kg kettlebell
4) Become SFG certified
5) Become NASM-CES certified

The Beauty Marketplace: We think you are on to something with workouts for busy professionals! Can you identify any fitness trends you have noticed that you think may increase in popularity heading into 2015?

Marc Perry: One trend that I think is very beneficial to everyone including busy professionals is the functional fitness trend, which will continue to become more important When I say “functional fitness”, I don’t mean doing biceps curls while standing on a bosu ball, but emphasizing quality of movement and exercises that directly translate into improved strength and performance like a kettlebell swing, push-ups, or pull ups. Approaching the body as a bunch of separate muscles to train individually is an inferior approach for longevity and athletic performance than using the body as one piece – in my opinion.

The Beauty Marketplace:  What are some of your favorite Health and Fitness brands?

Marc Perry: Some fitness brands and products I like:
Spartan Race
Mobility WOD
Captains of Crush Grippers

The Beauty Marketplace:  Do you have a grooming routine or any specific products you use or tips to share?

Marc Perry: When I first moved to New York City, I’m not sure I knew what grooming meant. My toiletry bag was pretty empty. But as I’ve gotten older and after some advice from a woman I dated, for cleaning my face I use proactive, a vitamin C serum by Anthony, and a Nivea Q10 moisturizer. The moisturizer in particular makes a significant difference in how my skin looks. Other than that, for dental hygiene I brush my teeth, floss using floss picks, and use Listerine. For my hair I use a hair gel from Dramatics NYC called Drama Putty and shave every morning.

Be certain to head to Marc’s website to check out his BuiltLean program as well as his articles and videos with plenty of fitness tips! Click HERE to view

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D&D Organics


Here’s to an Honestly Beautiful 2015!

The Beauty Marketplace’s January Breakout Brand of the month is D&D Organics.

The Beauty Marketplace chose D&D Organics at January’s Breakout Brand of the Month because this is a wellness nutritional product that supports the increasing trend toward an active lifestyles and a mobile, fast paced, global society.


D&D Organics

D&D Organics is ahead of the fitness curve and one of the only powdered food sources on the market. Comprised in powdered form of Gluten-Free 100% Organic Oat Powder, Egg Whites, Cocoa Powder, and Stevia Extract, this product is not a supplement, but the most cost effective organic meal on the planet. “From the gym to the board room or vice versa, the D&D organic products are able to provide your body with optimal nutrition to enable optimal performance and functionality,” said Brand Founder, Eugene Dinescu.

D&D Organics



Eugene and his twin brother, Vince, founded the D&D Organics brand. The brothers are collectively known to the fitness community as the The Dinescu Twins.
DD Twins Workout

D&D (Dinescu & Dinescu) Organics is the first complete real food powder sourced from 100% USDA organic ingredients that can be mixed with water or your favorite beverage as a meal replacement, pre-workout, post-workout, or a tasty snack. This product is not a supplement, but an actual powdered food source that can be lived off of and used as a meal. Each bag is all food, made with a unique technology, and comes directly from a farm. Arguably, one of the best pre and post workout products on the market.

The Dinescu Twins came to market with D&D Organics in 2014, but the ingestible product has actually been a work in progress for the past ten years. The Vincent Dinescu’s  main objective was to break foodstuff from macro to micro in a powder format so he would ensure he was obtaining optimal nutrition during his workouts, as well as busy days and nights enrolled in Columbia Business School.
D&D Organics can be purchased online as well as in a variety of gyms, fitness centers, CKO kickboxing locations, and in a growing number of specialty organic food stores. View their website HERE

The WHY:
For the person looking for a healthy life style or the fitness enthusiast who wants to maintain optimal fitness and focus levels.

The brand and product is meant to coincide with a fast paced healthy lifestyle. The Dinescu twins are fitness enthusiasts who love training and being healthy. While working toward a business school degree with minimal time to eat, Vince developed this product with brother Eugene as his first case study, and both twins noticed exceptional results.

“Most people who utilize D&D organics will loose weight and get stronger. Nothing will beat D&D after a workout! It will take users to the next level in their goals,” -Eugene Dinescu DD Twins in Suits







A special thank-you to our friends over at FootMate who set us their innovative foot scrubbing product just in time for the New York City Tri-Athlon this past weekend. If you are an athlete or simply like to pamper your feet this is the product to have:



WHO – FootMate

WHAT – The FootMate System is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet.

WHEN – Every time you shower!

WHERE – The FootMate product comes with suction cups that sick to the base of your bathtub or shower.

WHY – To keep your feet callus free and healthy.

How – Suction, Squirt, and Scrub – Just suction the bristles in your shower, squirt the Footmate Rejuvenating Gel, and Scrub those toes.

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MARCH/APRIL Breakout Brand

Although it may not feel like it as of late, the warm weather is a coming! Spring showers, followed by longer days, will ultimately all lead up to beach season, and baring your bod in a bathing suite. Will you be ready this year?

Slim by ProskinsI want to do my part in helping you get there by introducing you to a Breakout Brand that will help you win the war against cellulite. The March/April Breakout Brand – Proskins SLIM

Proskins SLIM can help to reduce cellulite without the use of surgery or creams. An innovative clothing line featuring leggings, capris, shorts and tops have built in elements which help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The slimming apparel is made from a patented micro-encapsulated micro fibre containing active ingredients including caffeine (a proven anti-cellulite treatment), aloe vera, retinol, and vitamin E. These ingredients, combined with the high tech compression improves the overall skin condition, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and firm.

British mogul, Neil French, co-founder of Proskins SLIM, along with his brother Charlie, has a long history in the textile industry. In 2005, after years of working for major brands in the field of performance apparel, French decided to invent his own textile brand. Working with one of the most advanced sport science testing institutes in the UK, Neil and Charlie began to research problems athletes often face post exercise and realized they were the same issue faced by those with sedentary lifestyles – i.e. poor lymphatic drainage, fluid retention, and insufficient circulation – all

factors that often result in increased cellulite. Ultimately, out of these studies, Proskins SLIM, made with the new compression technology, was born.

I used my pair of Proskins SLIM leggings while sleeping, as well as engaging in sports. I noticed Proskins SLIM smoothed and firmed my skin in just about one week. The microencapsulated fabric is guaranteed for at least 100 washes, and also contains silver – an antibacterial treatment for extended and improved life of the garment.

Proskins, currently available internationally, are sold in the US at With prices ranging from just $80 to $120, there is no reason you should not grab a pair and get your butt to the gym! Here’s to warmer weather and firmer skin…

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,

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CHADY DUNMORE The Beauty Marketplace MARCH Breakout Brand

The first two months of 2012 came and went faster than you can say the word swimsuit. Now, as we look toward spring, it is time to get our bikini bodies and diets whipped into gear, and I know just the person/brand that can get you there.

The The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand for the Month of March is Chady Dunmore. What drew me to Chady was her story, in addition to her intrinsic ability to whip any body, no matter the shape or size, into impeccable shape.

Chady Dunmore knows first hand the challenges, women in particular face, and what it takes to motivate them. Chady battled kidney disease her entire life. After having a struggle to get pregnant, she weighed in at 207 lbs. She started training at home, while her baby was asleep, and began to lose the weight. She then took on a new chapter in her life and started competing in the fitness industry, without relying on fad diets and extreme exercise routines.


Chady Dunmore is one of the most well respected fitness experts in the world. Dunmore is a two-time bikini world champion and a top fitness model who has graced covers of Oxygen, Fitness RX, and more. She gives diet and workout advice to some of the largest print and broadcast outlets, and teaches sold-out fitness camps all over the country.

Chady Dunmore 

In preparation for the summer and to maintain that perfect bikini body throughout the season, Chady Dunmore will be hosting a fitness camp in New York City on March 24, designed to whip guests and locals into shape. Click here for more information or the see when Chady will be in a city near you:


Since Chady has developed workouts that can be done in your hotel room while you travel, she is the curator of Fit@Andaz which will offer guests personalized, in-depth workouts focusing on specific areas of muscle development, weight loss, nutrition and circuit training in the Andaz West Hollywood Fitness Center. She has created exclusive in-room fit kits featuring BLK water.


Chady is also the face of Nexercise – a new app which allows people all over the world to compete against Chady, or train with her, and win prizes for keeping up with their fitness goals–fifteen minutes at a time! Want more information? Click here:

The philosophy behind The Beauty Marketplace is highlighting the products, places, and people which make you not only look and FEEL your best. Chady Dunmore is one of those people. Let her story motivate and inspire you to get and stay in shape!


Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,


<33  Mary