The Beauty Marketplace had an enlightening call with Suk Chan Candle and Scent Developer, Founder of Soukenberi – a personal fragrance line for you and your space. From clean, refreshing, and invigorating Eucalyptus Tea, to light and lifting Lemon Sandalwood; Soukenberi fragrances captivate your senses.

Suk Chan has an interesting career path which began in R&D for International Fashion where she spent many years at Donna Karan sourcing production overseas. Looking to do something else, and always having a nose for scent and mixing different things, Suk decided to look into candle making. She played with scents first for a year to a year and half, and that was when she encountered the nirvana moment of finding her passion.

The Harmon Hotel in Las Vegas commissioned her to create a scent for the hotel which the company was to use in different variations, however, the hotel encountered infrastructure issues and required demolition.  Out of this twist in fate, Suk found joy because she knew this was something she could do for the rest of her life moving forward.


Suk developed her own line, self-titled according to her nickname, Soukenberi, and her company’s mission is to bring joy via their products. The Soukenberi line is presently distributed in luxury spas and retailers in Brooklyn, Chicago, Seattle, Oklahoma, and Cape Cod. Read more about each product on the Soukenberi website HERE

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Industry Executive, Sue Phillips, founder of Scenterprise and SCENTSORIUM, New York’s premier custom perfumery will testify customization is making its way into the fine fragrance arena. An article published by HAPPI magazine, backs up her claim. Read and find a link to the article here….

“Is this the future of fine fragrance? Customized scents are developed at The Scentsorium, the latest concept from Sue Phillips.

Have it your way. The idea has worked for that hamburger chain for 70 years and what works for fast food can work for fragrance too, acc

ording to Sue Phillips, an industry veteran who has created fragrances for Tiffany, Burberry and others. Now, Phillips is creating fragrances for individual consumers as the founder of The Scentsorium, a custom perfume house. The Scentsorium, located in New York City’s TriBeCa section, had an opening reception in February.

“More people want to express themselves with customization; it’s happening in totebags, sneakers, even M&Ms,” observed Phillips. “Consumers want the same with fragrance.”

The Scentsorium delivers that customization in a warm, intimate setting. Guests step off a sidestreet in TriBeCa and enter a world far removed from Manhattan. The space is filled with images and mementos that are near and dear to Phillips—especially her mother’s paintings which adorn the walls of The Scentsorium. Within this comfortable environment, guests fill out a questionnaire to determine their preference for woody, fresh, floral or oriental notes. After a brief discourse of fragrance composition and construction, guests sample fragrance notes, select a few they like best and Phillips blends them all while-you-wait, decants the scents, labels it and even stores the unique concoction for future purchase.

All in all, it’s something entirely different than what a shopper experiences at a department store fragrance counter, which, during the past decade, has become more like Hollywood Boulevard where people step on and over long-forgotten stars in the hopes of finding a new one.

“The celebrity fragrance business is in a downturn, people are tired of it,” insisted Phillips. “People don’t want to wear the same fragrances as everybody else, and so many of them cause headaches for consumers because the quality is so bad.”

Quality is key for Phillips, who maintains that creating and wearing a bespoke fragrance, created from the world’s finest perfume blends, is more than just an affordable luxury; she calls it an “experi-sense” that lasts a lifetime.

“Today, people want an experience and they want a fragrance that reflects their personality.”

They can find both at The Scentsorium.
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The Beauty Marketplace recently had the opportunity to step inside Sue’s welcoming sensory curating den and we loved every minute! Why not celebrate your own individuality and customize your own scent?












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