A special thank-you to our friends over at FootMate who set us their innovative foot scrubbing product just in time for the New York City Tri-Athlon this past weekend. If you are an athlete or simply like to pamper your feet this is the product to have:



WHO – FootMate

WHAT – The FootMate System is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet.

WHEN – Every time you shower!

WHERE – The FootMate product comes with suction cups that sick to the base of your bathtub or shower.

WHY – To keep your feet callus free and healthy.

How – Suction, Squirt, and Scrub – Just suction the bristles in your shower, squirt the Footmate Rejuvenating Gel, and Scrub those toes.

Have An Honestly Beautiful Day!

super 7 serum


The The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand for May is a new player ultra luxe skincare market: A brand is called IMMUNOCOLOGIE.Imm logo


A leader in the BioCosmeceutical Market, giving brands like Le Mer and Le Prarie a run for their money, Immunocologie works with the biology of the skin and offers medicinal properties pertaining to anti-aging.


Immunocologie is the only skincare line based on the science of the skin’s immune system. “Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and your immune system is the essential driving force in sustaining vibrant, healthy skin. When you are totally healthy and live in a perfectly pure environment, your skin functions at an optimal metabolic rate, protecting and repairing itself as best as humanly possible. But, we don’t live in a bubble,” says Karen Ballou of Lucas Brand Equity, the equity group at the head of Immunocologie.


Every day, internal and external factors affect your skin’s metabolic rate and compromise it’s health. Common skin-hampering internal factors include getting sick, lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, allergies and aging. Top external factors are free radical and negative ion exposure brought on by UV rays, pollution, extreme weather changes and electronic device emissions.


Immunocologie has brought together the world’s leading chemists and research scientists in the field of Biocosmeceutical Technology and human immune health to create a regimen specifically designed to support the natural processes of your skin’s immune system. Immunocologie uses bio- available plant based actives to help skin cells generate the same “positive skin response” that your skin would experience if internal and external conditions were perfect. The regimen was developed in France and is based on an exclusive French Bio-ferm process, which employs active ingredients to stimulate your skin’s natural immune response, preventing and repairing damage on a cellular level, encouraging a healthy metabolic rate and regulating cell turnover. All active ingredients are backed by in vitro clinical studies.


The core ingredient found in all Immunocologie treatments is the brand’s signature Vital Oligo Complex, containing 15 essential elements crucial for the proper functioning of skin cells, and encapsulated in a delivery system that allows it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Plant-derived peptides and oligopeptides, super anti-oxidants, nourishing oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals are all key components of Immunocologie skincare formulations.


Immunocologie emphasizes the importance of positive ion therapy. “Pollution and electronic devices, like cell phones, computers and TVs, proliferate negative ions which bring imbalance to your skin. Your skin needs positive ions to function properly. As an example, positive ions are in water—think about how good your skin looks and feels when you walk along the shoreline or after a rainy day when the air is humid,” says Ballou.


Recent studies indicate skincare emulsifiers, a common skincare additive used to stabilize creams and lotion by breaking down oils, may  also break down natural oils in your skin, negatively impacting skin barrier function.  All Immunocologie products are free of
emulsifiers and heal the skin from within.


Sustainability is paramount to Immunocologie. Since the brand sources natural ingredients from all over the world, Immunocologie operates according to the Nagoya Protocol – a global agreement whose objective is ensuring a fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the use of genetic resources.


The Super 7 Elixir Face is the brands breakout product. Made using Snail Mucin. Also known as Snail Slime, this ingredient  is commercially obtained from the common garden snail species Helix aspersa, which produces a secretion rich in proteins of high and low molecular super 7 serumweight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging. Immunocologie face serum is a daily, strongly effective serum that regenerates skin cells to bring balance to the skin.


Immunocologie already has a cult following of socialites and celebrities. The brand can be found at Clyde’s on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and at Whites in East Hampton. Be sure to visit their website at


Skincare from the Sea


As a recent article in Premium Beauty News details, more and more companies are exploring the sea for the latest in technological innovations and advancements in skincare. The article reads…
The sea is enriched with an infinite variety of actives. It offers products whose performance is now widely recognized, and is steeped in naturalness and imagination. These numerous advantages can obviously seduce beauty product buyers; so of course, the industry is only too willing to ride this wave. However, there is still an ocean of possibilities, and marine cosmetics still seems far from having explored all its potential! Here is the first of a two-part investigation on the prospects of this booming market.

An increasing number of brands now pre-empt this territory, and their origins tend to get more diversified. Similarly to the leading French pioneer brands, most of which come from thalassotherapy (Thalgo, Algotherm, Biotherm, Phytomer…), other signatures are gradually settling in the various segments of the field: among them can be found Algenist, Bio Carnac, O2Mer, or H20+. Even the most premium segments are concerned, as can be seen with Crème de La Mer (Estée Lauder Companies).
“It is a growth-driving trend because it provides a huge potential to be exploited,” declares Laure Courpotin, Marketing Director at Daniel Jouvance, one of the pioneer brands of the sector, which banked everything on the power of microalgae 30 years ago.
An infinity of natural resources
Mathilde Lagarde, Marketing Director at Phytomer, underlines the revival this sector has been experiencing for four or five years: “Marine cosmetics have existed for a very long time, but they were a bit outdated. Now,scientific progress, especially in biotechnologies, has proven so tremendous over the last few years, that we have come to achieve more efficacy thanks to new actives and enhanced performance. We have observed a renewed interest in this field, and both the media and sales outlets are allowing it an increasingly central part.”
Brands rely on the fundamental principle of the similarity between blood plasma and the composition of marine ingredients (seawater, seaweed, microalgae) to claim that cosmetic products based on marine actives exhibit unequalled affinity with the skin. This represents a major asset to stimulate research work on such biodiversity, whose properties and immensity make it exceptional.
Skincare from the Sea
“Marine organisms are subjected to extreme living conditions which compel them to develop unique resistance properties,” explains Isabelle Guichon, Scientific Communication Manager at Thalgo. “It is possible to find sugars derived from particular marine bacteria which are three to four times more effective than hyaluronic acid”. And there is a vast territory still to be explored.
“There are bright prospects in terms of discoveries, if we keep in mind there are from 25 to 30,000 seaweed species around the surface of the globe. Brittany shelters 800 of them, but only about fifty are actually used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food-processing industries,” comments Angélique Labbé, Product Development Manager for Algotherm within the Batteur group.

As a result, while the marine cosmetics sector keeps claiming its naturalness, it is also becoming increasingly more high-tech. “We gradually offer a stronger technical value with more and more high-level benefits,” confirm Stéphanie Leclere and Virginie Rio, of new organic brand Bio Carnac. On the one hand, there is the argument of proven efficacy; on the other hand, there is that of naturalness. Marine beauty thus works in perfect harmony with the market’s core trends. The offer gets richer, and ranges get more diverse and position themselves on anti-aging expertise in particular.

As an example, Crème de la Mer launched their Perennial Brown and Blue Algae-based Lifting Contour Serum (€265) at the beginning of the year. Algotherm also provides their own global anti-aging solution with the Algotime Expert range, a line composed of five products derived from a combination of four types of seaweed (Undaria Pinnatifida, Ulva Lactuca, Dictyopteris Membranacea, Alaria Esculenta). Ultimately, Daniel Jouvance offers a sea treasure with the Isochrysis microalgae, which they nestled within the Océâge Idéal products for a youthful appearance.

New Beauty Publication from Walgreens

According to the CEW – Cosmetic Executive Women – news headlines…. Lebhar-Friedman Publishing, in collaboration with Walgreens, has launched a new health and beauty consumer publication, Discover Beauty Within. The first of its kind for the drug store retailer—and also for the trade publisher—Beauty Within will be issued quarterly, and features Sofia Vergara on its debut cover. The magazine is now available for purchase ($1.99) at all 8,000 Walgreens, excluding Puerto Rico and Duane Reade locations.

The premiere issue of Beauty Within features problem/solution-focused stories designed to help the busy shopper better navigate the beauty aisle. Coupons inside the magazine make buying the book’s product recommendations even more attractive. The first issue includes stories on color trends from the spring runways, the best anti-aging solutions, the newest products on shelves and health and wellness advice from Gabrielle Reece, the magazine’s Health & Wellness Expert.

“Discover Beauty Within further engages our customers by providing credible on trend beauty and wellness tips, which can lead to a more valuable shopping experience,” said Shannon Curtin, Group Vice President of Beauty & Personal Care, Walgreens.

To raise awareness for Discover Beauty Within, the publication will launch a weeklong initiative, Suite on the Street, a mobile beauty studio offering beauty demos for visiting consumers.

“We view our customers as A-list and our Suite on the Street gives us the ability to treat them as such,” said Steve Dixon, Publisher of Discover Beauty Within, Lebhar-Friedman’s first consumer endeavor. “On board, guests will receive manicures, mini-makeovers and more reinforcing our belief that women should feel like a million bucks without having to break their budgets.” Suite on the Street kicks off April 3 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Walgreens store in Union Square, located at 145 4th Avenue. Over the next eight days, Suite on the Street will visit a number of Walgreens and Duane Reade stores, including locations at the Empire State Building, Times Square, in New Jersey and downtown Brooklyn. Stops in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago are planned for later in the year to tie in with future Beauty Within publications. The next issue, focusing on summer, will be on shelves in May. – See more at:


How do celebrities like Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Hudson stay super slender during award season?

According to People magazine, they cleanse. A cleanse is a program of juices and/or whole foods to help remove toxins from the body.

Cleansing replaces regular meals giving the digestive system a chance to rest, allowing the body to heal and restore balance. Some cleansers report modest weight loss and glowing skin.

The most popular juice cleanses among celebrities right now are Organic Avenue, BluePrint, Cooler Cleanse, and Suja.