Birchbox – the company responsible for setting the Beauty Box trend into motion, offers a monthly box of personalized beauty samples to their subscBorchbox SoHoribers recently set up brick and mortar retail shops . The Birchbox business model proves advantageous for consumers to find personal care products they love, and for Indie Beauty brands to gain exposure in a saturated marketplace.

The Birchbox Shops are in key global destinations including France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. The Beauty Marketplace paid a visit to the Birchbox New York location yesterday which proved to be the ultimate beauty lovers paradise!

Merchandise was conveniently categorized into sections including Lips, Cheeks, Eyes, Skin, Hair, Men’s, Nails (were even categorized by color), etc… making shopping simple and fun. A station in the back of the store allowed the creation of a BYOB take home Birchbox Box on site, and a downstairs second level offered services encompassing hair, nails, and make-up application.




All in all, the Birchbox store is a destination every beauty junkie in search of new products should visit. Be sure to make a point to pop by to one of the global destinations, or if you cannot make a physical appearance, be certain to get the Birchbox experience online.

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A huge trend in the beauty industry at the moment is long, extravagant eyelashes. Women are willing to invest in eye lash extensions, splurge at the Sephora counter devoted to false and creative drag-queen style adhesives, and medical aesthetic companies, such as Latisse and RapidLash, offer chemical growth substances to facilitate longer lash growth.

As we were following the long lash trend, The Beauty Marketplace discovered a budding start up out of MIT we were so impressed by, we decisded to name them June’s Breakout Brand. The The Beauty Marketplace Breakout Brand of the Month is Wink Natural Cosmetics.


Founded in June 2013, Wink Natural Cosmetics is solving beauty problems, such as short eye lashes, with real science and natural ingredients. Megan Cox, Founder of Wink, developed their first product,  an eyelash and eyebrow enhancer, because she was investing thousands of dollars on eyelash extensions which were only damaging her lashes. Wink Eyelash EnhancerAfter looking into other lash growth serums and options, she was turned off by the scary chemical side effects thus prompting  her to create her own serum that was both safe for use, as well as effective. Wink Natural Cosmetics’ eyelash enhancer offers a natural and hypoallergenic solution to reactivate dormant hair follicles found on your lashes and brows, delivering a more lush and fuller look.

After developing an all-natural formula, the product began testing and produced great results. According to  Wink’s website, “4 out of 5 of the testing participants had lashes that were 10-20% longer, 100% of them really experienced fuller lashes. All in all, a hypoallergenic formula was developed that: a). was made with the finest all natural ingredients, b). could make your eyelashes longer, c). could grow more lashes and d). could regrow your eyebrows.” What’s better than that?!

According to Ms. Cox, a second product is on the way and slated for a 2015 release. The product, a 2-in-1 brightening and anti-aging eye cream with gold peptides, is currently in testing. Keep checking The Beauty Marketplace and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more information on the release.

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Bronzed Look


The Beauty Marketplace wants you to be the trendiest babe on the beach this summer, and in order to do so, we tapped into our network of make-up artists, fashion designers, and in-the-know industry forecasters to discover what they felt will be the most popular looks for 2014. After polling a variety of these trendsetting individuals, we emerged with the top three Summer 2014 Beauty trends and tips to achieve each look:

To achieve this look use a tinted foundation or moisturizer, soft neutral shades for the eyes, soft coral or rose shades for the cheeks, and a soft gloss or tinted lip balm.

Natural Look







To achieve this look, apply bronzing powder or an apricot colored blush to cheeks, a soft bronze shadow to lids avoiding heavy liners, and a neutral lipstick or gloss with a touch of bronze.

Bronzed Look







Brighter shades of lipstick are not only trendy, but also help to brighten one’s face and make your skin appear more flawless. It’s a win win!

Bold Lips



Feel free to share with us some trends in action, via any of our social media platforms, and have a chance to win a prize pack with exactly what you need to set these looks in motion.

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CEW – Cosmetic Executive Woman – is a beauty industry networking organization which develops the leadership potential of members through access, connections, networking and the sharing of knowledge. Every year, the organization hosts an event called the Insiders’ Choice Beauty Awards Demo. At this event, members of the industry sample the latest products and brands being introduced to the market in the current year. In a recent newsletter, CEW put together a list that captured some of the trends. Take a look…

Masks saw a 66% sales jump in prestige outlets in 2013 and helped crave consumers’ need for immediate effects, as did peels.

Exfoliation is taking a back seat to treating skin gently, and what could be more gentle than a cleansing oil? Oils, gentle gels and hydrating cleansers were stars in 2013.

The mass market was inundated with volume-driven mascaras in 2013, showing that thicker lashes are as desirable as long ones.

Beauty companies took an artistic cue in delivering eye formulas in 2013.

TREND #5 CC Creams upped the ante in the alphabet soup of skin care.
Ready To Wear Beauty CC Foundation Color Correcting Stick: Uses an anti-aging, lightweight formula to conceal imperfections, and reduce the look of fine lines.

Fighting the signs of aging moved from skin into hair care with creams, serums and even a color formulated with anti-aging formulas.

We are looking at bold colors and shades that stand the test of time.

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Kenig + Alcone


From the founder of New York City’s most popular Halloween costume and make-up destination, Ricky’s, entrepreneur Ricky Kenig, and Alcone – the professional makeup distributor responsible for supplying cosmetics to nearly all Broadway shows, comes a new beauty boutique titled Kenig + Alcone.

Kenig + Alcone
PureWow did a really nice write up and video presentation on the store noting, “The industry insiders have teamed up to make selecting professional-grade products a breeze. On the store’s first floor, you’ll find hair products (including a penny-candy wall of bobby pins and clips), and up on the second, a makeup wonderland. Open the armoire of eyelashes, choose your favorite (obviously we’ll take the mink) and an artist will apply them for you on the spot. Or create your own custom palette of foundations, blushes and eye shadows from Alcone’s extensive range of colors.
Above all else, there’s nary a Ricky’s bachelorette sash in sight.”
Kenig + Alcone is located at 538 Ave. of the Americas (at 14th St.); 917-261-2640 or

Take a look at the PureWow video HERE


Consumers should anticipate applying their facial make-up, such as foundations and sunscreens, via a product soaked sponge applicator. A trend in the industry known as Air Cushion Make-up.

Air Cushion Make-up is getting press from trend forecasting groups such as Euromonitor as well as industry trade puplications such as GCI – the Global Cosmetic Index. Below is GCI’s write up on this emerging trend…

Air Cushion Makeup: The Next Big Beauty Trend?

In a video post on Euromonitor International’s website, “Air Cushions Taking the Color Cosmetics Market in Korea by Storm,” Euromonitor research analyst Minji Kim discusses what may be the beauty industry’s next big trend.
She begins, “Although it was first launched in 2008, Air Cushion has recently become the biggest trend in facial makeup in South Korea after the huge sensation created by BB creams. Thanks to Air Cushion, the sales value of color cosmetics grew by 11% in 2013. So what is special about Air Cushion? It is basically like a liquid foundation but the product is soaked in a sponge together with sun protection, makeup base and moisturizers. The idea of the Air Cushion comes from a stamp that can be patted and pressed on the users’ face, so its packaging is more like a compact powder case instead of a tube or bottle.

“There are three major reasons why Air Cushion is so popular. First, it is multifunctional. Second, it provides coverage yet still feels light on the skin. That is important, as summer can be very hot and humid in South Korea. Finally, Air Cushion gives a natural makeup look, which is in line with the current trends in the country.

“When Iope launched the first Air Cushion in 2008, it didn’t have much impact on the color cosmetics scene. It was because Iope had a limited distribution channel and brand awareness. Then, the brand expanded to the home shopping channel, which really helped the sales of the Air Cushion. As a result, Iope overtook Sulwahsoo as the number 1 brand in facial makeup in 2013. Based on this success, AmorePacific [which owns the Iope brand] launched Air Cushion products under its other brands such as Hera and Lirikos. So other domestic players such as LG Household and Health Care also jumped onto the Air Cushion bandwagon with their own brands. With the increase of [brands developing] Air Cushion products, this inspired consumers to see it as a must-have item, which further drove the popularity of the Air Cushion.

“Looking ahead, market players are expected to continue to expanding the Air Cushion products. In early 2014, AmorePacific launched a men’s Air Cushion under its Iope brand to tap into the fast-growing men’s market in South Korea. Air Cushion is also expanding to overseas markets, with the product being available in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Product innovations and marketing campaigns to support these beauty trends are becoming more essential for market players to survive in the fast-changing beauty and personal care market. So manufacturers would do well to invest in developing innovative products rather than just simply relying on their brand image,” Kim concludes.

Watch on the Euromonitor video titled “Air Cushions Taking the Color Cosmetics Market in Korea by Storm” – here: