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Feet are the most neglected part of the body. As a former dancer, I personally understand the importance of foot care and taking care of one’s feet for health benefits. Sandal season and Summertime is the moment of the year when we all start paying more attention to our feet, but taking care of this most used portion of our bodies, is something to be considered all year round.

Did you know Eccrine, or Sweat, glands are the most numerous on the soles of the feet? The Eccrine glands are the pores responsible for excreting toxins out of, and cooling our bodies. If we do not take consistent care of our feet, the soles become callused, and our bodies will be unable to regulate our internal temperature, or release toxins properly which can lead to overheating, exhaustion, or breakouts on other parts of the body where internal toxins must find release.

So, in looking out for the health and sustained wellness of our readers into Summertime and beyond, The Beauty Marketplace has compiled a list of our favorite foot care products and treatments:

1. FootMate – a system comprised of a rejuvenating gel foot scrub and an on-the-floor brush which allows you to scrub your feet while standing in the shower. Footmate is one of the most innovative ways we’ve seen to scrub your feet, but what we really love about this product is it is made in America, and a portion of the proceeds support our veterans via the Wounded Warriors Homes Organization


2. Emjoi Micro-Pedi –  a battery operated pedicure device that helps sooth and remove calluses works wonders on smoothing the surface of the feet.


3. Yoga Toes –  after a night in heels nothing eases our feet better than these! A bunion prevention toe separator; these padded foot pain relievers work while you sleep so you can slip back into those toe torturing shoes the next day!

Yoga Toes

4. Kerasal – this company’s Callus Removing Cleansing Pads deliver a sanitary and innovative way to treat calluses. The pads have an abrasive side for softening calluses with a built-in cleanser on the other to disinfect and prevent callus build up.


5. Reflexology – for all you alternative medicine fans out there, the feet offer an important opportunity to improve health through reflexology. The existing belief is areas on the foot correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. By manipulating these areas via massage and pressure, one can experience a balancing of bodily energy and overall wellness. Find a reflexology practitioner near you, by clicking HERE


The above products will take you through sandal season as well as well into the year. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Feel free to write to us to tell us what you think or offer suggestions on other products brands to try.

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day!

MAY Breakout Brand

In need of some good karma lately, I wanted to spotlight a company with positive social impact. A company that, via the sale and use of their products, can create beneficial change. The Breakout Brand of the Month for May is – Cleanup Soap.

Cleanup is a bar soap shaped like a landmine, and sold to raise money to support and increase people’s awareness of the landmine crisis in Cambodia.

The packaging is designed to inform the purchaser of the landmine problem. The metaphor? As the soap disappears, so do the landmines.

The landmine crisis is both humanitarian and economic. Landmines don’t just maim or kill innocent men, women and children. They prevent local populations in some of the poorest countries in the world from farming their own land for food and building basic infrastructure such as schools and hospitals.

The least expensive landmine costs only $3.00. However, removing one landmine costs from $100-1000. It is estimated that there are approximately 100 million landmines littering the earth to date. At the current rate of removal it will take over 1000 years to clear all mines and unexploded ordinance.

Cleanup was conceived and designed by Parsons Graduate Hideaki Matsui, in 2006. His senior thesis project pairs an innovative design with a non-profit organization to promote their mission. Hideaki grew up with exposure to images of landmine devastation through photographs his parents displayed. When he was presented with the opportunity to partner with a nonprofit organization for this thesis project, landmines were his first choice.

Through its use, Cleanup enables people to participate in the campaign against landmines with a simple, everyday occurrence.

Custom formulas, colors and packaging are available. Each Cleanup Soap bar retails at $8 with $2 from each purchase donated to The Cambodia Landmine Museum in Siem Reap. For more information, click here –

Today, clean your karma as well as your body! Be sure to purchase a bar for you and your friends to make an impact:

Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,