ECOARMOUR The Beauty Marketpalce APRIL MAY Breakout Brand

Can you honestly believe this weekend is Memorial Day? The kickoff to summer is upon us and as we all scramble to get beach season ready, I know one brand that can aid in checking shaving off your summer maintenance regimen. The The Beauty Marketplace APRIL/MAY Breakout Brand – ECO-ARMOUR.


ECO-ARMOUR is a luxurious botanical shave foam that allows you to shave with benefits. Available in three botanical combinations: Mint + Eucalyptus / Pomegranate + Mango / Bergamot + Pink Grapefruit, the patented ECO-ARMOUR formula helps to eliminate nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burn and red bumps. ECO-ARMOUR’s shave formula even helps prolong blade life dramatically.


My honestly favourite product is EA Outdoor – ECO-ARMOUR’s mosquito repelling body spray and moisturizer. In a refreshing scent, EA OUTDOOR is a must have for every male’s or female’s weekend bag.


ECO-ARMOUR was borne of necessity. ECO-ARMOUR’s founder Robert Benzingerused to cut himself whenever he shaved and suffered from ingrown hairs. Robert was also annoyed to see how expensive replacement blades had become, lasting for only a week. All these factors led him to take up botanical shaving solutions as a hobby.


Over the years he obtained patents that prove ECO-ARMOUR’s shaving system makes the razors perform better and last much longer. Most importantly, he succeeded in defeating all my personal shaving demons. Robert’s wife, Zoe, a licensed esthetician got on board with ECO-ARMOUR because her legs have never looked better or felt smoother than they have since using shave with benefits.


Currently, ECO-ARMOUR is growing on a grass roots basis doing local farmers markets and festivals and selling to local salons and health food stores. ECO-ARMOUR was also recently selected as part QVC’s Sprouts Program.


So, after heading to ECO-ARMOUR’s website – – to order enough shave foam and mosquito repellent to supply your entire beach house, remember to be safe this Memorial Day Weekend. Load on the SPF and let’s all look forward to an honestly awesome summer!!



Have an Honestly Beautiful Day,


<33  Mary